Tamron 18-400 Lens – Field Test and Review (great zoom for both Nikon and Canon)

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After releasing my review on the Nikon 18-300, I received many questions regarding the Tamron 18-400. I was fortunate to get my hands on this lens thanks to the good folks at Robert’s Camera!

Super zoom lenses are very convenient but tend to exhibit warping and vignetting at wide angles to some extent. Warping at wide angles is more noticeable when shooting straight line landscapes. Nonetheless, this is easy to fix in post processing.

=== LINKS ===
Tamron 18-400 for Nikon: https://amzn.to/2EieUNn
Tamron 18-400 for Canon: https://amzn.to/2Xcg3xt

Enjoy the video!:)


Nigel Parkes says:

Great video! What is the aperture range on the lens?

Anthony says:

Hey what’s the difference between that an the L version

Iulian Nikon d3400 says:

What do you think about the YONGNUO YN50mm F1.8 AF for a Nikon D3400?

Stephen Hunt says:

I have been watching all your videos and they are very well done. This one caught my eye as I have been thinking about this lens.The question I have is the lens is for a DX body. It is 18 – 400. So is there a crop factor in this. Do you times this by 1.5 so it would be 27 – 600 equivalent? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Enrique says:

I like your “be safe” at the end of your videos, not common in the photography world, in my line of work we always say that to each other before we go out on the road.

yang liengheng says:

New music, sound nice.

Pablo Pérez says:

Best lens if you are only to buy ONE lens apart from the kit lens. Nice vid as usually!

officialMainspring says:

Tamron makes great lenses. quality parts, awesome coatings, and probably the best optical stabilization system in the business right now. I own their SP45 prime and it’s a lens I love and cherish. build quality is really impressive. But really though, it’s the man(or woman) behind the equipment. you are an awesome photographer. Amazing looking shots. Lately I’ve been frustrated with my aps-c sensor camera because I can’t get shot that look that good and thought about moving into full frame then I see your video and am reminded that it’s not my equipment. I’ll keep learning and practice, practice, practice… always enjoy your vids. thanks.

Tom Pajak says:

Keep up the great job!

Ansuman Majumder says:

I really loved this lens

Michael Kemper says:

I have that exact setup! I love the lens. Most of my best shots are on that lens. Great video!

Bryan Bahling says:

Love your videos and work. Very clean and concise, you have helped me a lot with photography over the course of the past year or so. Thank you! I think I am going to rent this lens, it looks like it would be great for a walk around lens on my travels.

Bryant Lavalley says:

I love shooting at Crown Hill, You and I both have a shot of the same headstone, I use a Cannon 70D but with the shot I took I used a 50mm. I love your videos, they have helped me go from not having a clue how to take pictures to half way decent. I live in Westfield and I learned to do light trails after watching your video, even going to the same overpass as what you used. Thank you again!!

Monirul Hassan says:

I would like to know about Sigma 17-50.. f2.8 OS and Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 VC and which one is better among the two.

bassangler73 says:

Looks like a good option to consider, most could buy this lens and it would replace everything in their bag

yang liengheng says:

I heard you mention about segma, i has owned one for my d3400.it is segma 30mm f1.4 DC HSM. It is a good lens. However, it auto focus doesn’t work when i shoot with electrical view finder. Would you mind making a video about how to solve this problem. Especially, with nikon d3400. Thank you.

Roy Argaez says:

I like the work you do. Keep it up!!

Mike Capell says:

I have that 18/400mm lens from Tamron and I got to say that the best lens I ever had just when I do long exposure or shooting the Moon or landscape photography but I haven’t tried portrait yet but I will say I recommend that lends to anybody

Srijit All Topics says:

Amazing Video as usual..Thank you so much for this…Having used to shoot wih my Nikon P500 (24-810mm 35mm equiv) I am sometime feeling the lack of flexibility with my D3400 with the 3 different lenses i got…Hopefully I will get this sometine in the near future.

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