Tamron 150-600 f/5-f/6.3 Review: The ultimate wildlife lens for $1,000?

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7desiredheat says:

Seagulls are great, lady. They fly across the Horizon, into the misty morning sun. Ospreys are uh….ok I guess.

Eric Lozaga says:

Just curious… is there any money in being a wildlife photographer? Or would it be more for a hobby?

Halim N says:

Do you have review of Thamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2. I heard it’s much better than the first Generation.

SaorScotland says:

+VistaClues Can we expect a comparison between this model and the updated G2?, also you recommend the Canon 400mm for new wildlife photographers, Would that still be a better option than the G2 version of this lens?

Fish Ed says:

Is it just me or do they look like a very generic rich villain duo. Perhaps something out of a Bond movie.

max factor says:

so u say canon 400 +1.4 converter is sharper than tamron?

2010pinmaster says:

I have that lens with a Canon 70D and I’m having problems with focusing. Especially when I select all focus point, it will not focus at all. I’m not sure if it’s the camera or the lens. And sometimes it takes a few minutes before it can focus even on a single point focus or center points focus. Any Ideas?

John Pham says:

how about the new Tamron 150-600 G2 lens ?

MrTacticalinuit says:

This lens had horrible back focusing with my 7d.
My 7d focused fine with the 500mm f4 and I got a 5dmk3 and it focuses accurately with both lenses.

Jordan K. Films says:

Hi guys! I’ve been looking for a good telephoto lens for birds for my t6i. I’ve been going crazy trying to find something that is cheap but good. Any suggestions?

Todd Grivetti says:

Hey guys… I just purchased my Tamron 150-600 and replaced my Sigman 160-500 and WOW what a difference. I am so glad I purchased this lens and it was less than $1000. Another great video. Thank you.

Michael Bowen says:

Hello Tony & Chelsea, your video was very informative. I am currently in the market for a zoom, but I am a Nikon shooter. As of yesterday, Nikon has announced an upgrade on the Nikon 70-300MM VR zoom and I was curious to know if that would be a viable wildlife zoom. I currently shoot with a Nikon d750 and have been primarily a landscape photographer, but I’ve always wanted to expand my range to wildlife. I have watched a number of videos on both the Tamron & Sigma 150-600MM zoom and have gotten mixed data. Any feedback or recommendations would be much appreciated – Thanks and great videos!

Donald Ouellette says:

I have a question on focal points for wildlife what is the best focal point, 1 point or all focal points. Thanks for your responses.

ПЕРВЫЙ says:

заелись работает с открытом байонетом

Kluk Ztopolovky says:

thanks for the review I know so much more about the Tamron lense

limpat luhung says:

you sound like garrus vakarian tony

DEVUNK88 says:

I think its very pertinent to say that the tamron is soft, and that the prime is sharper even when cropped….. that new 100-400 l usm ii may be sharp enough to be the clear alternative to the tamron

tzurlis says:

hi. loved the way u did this. i use to own a canon70d with 400 5.6. unfornetuly it had fell and the official survice lab in my country made a mess trying to fix it. so i moved to nikon 810 and got the 150-600 g2 as soon as it went out here. having it over a year, its defently not as sharp as the canon . actually in “real world” terms the canon 400 5.6 is much better. i miss it. the 150-600 g2 had been a pre known compromise, very soft. also fixed lenses uaslly much better then zoom and the nikon 200-500 have its issues. waiting for nikon to make there own version of it but the current 300 400 are not maching and pricy.

HappyGo Lucky says:

Totally off topic but Tony looks a bit like Matt Damon

Jim Navickas says:

Tony, are you planning to review the new G2 Tamron 150-600 soon. I’d like to get but would like to see a review from you. Or maybe in the meantime you could look at the specs any reply if this new version is a good buy.

vincent vadachino says:

is the tameron compatable with the nikon d3400?

Dezső Nagy says:

thanks guys.I WAS from Hungary

nk says:

Hi, Is that compatible with Sony Alfa A7r or A7rII or A9?

Michael Miller says:

I’m just coming in on this, being in the market now for a 500 or 600mm zoom. I’m comparing Nikon 200-500, Sigma C 150-600, and the Tamron 150-600. I enjoyed your comparison, but I find that most of the images you showed for the Tamron, were soft.
I don’t know if that’s your video or the lens. I am using an HD computer monitor.

LuEightySix says:

All that gear and technical knowledge, but zero talent.

Peter Wong says:

Tony are you going to review the new Tamron SP 150-600 mm G2 anytime soon?

BC 07135 says:

I was just today photographing ospreys in swamp which I found in island. And longest lens I have is 105mm 😛 I still got pretty good photo thougth. But im planning to buy that lens. Or would canon 70-200mm f/2.8 with 2x extender be better????

Amit Patil says:

i think sigma has a very good result but seeing your video i am confused so can you please make a video on tamron vs sigma.

Johnathan Carman says:

you just spent 10 grand to take a picture of a bird??? Am I missing something here? Please get some more interesting photos

Alistair Bell says:

I have a Pentax K3ii which has image stabilizer on the body.
What are your thoughts on the Sigma 120-400 mm lens for wildlife & what teleconverter would suite.
The lack of available Pentax fit lenses is getting to be an issue.

pranavan prana says:

i see fungus in the lens at 2.40

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