TAMRON 100-400 LENS REVIEW | GREAT for Sports, Wildlife, Nature & Photographers On A Budget

This is a REVIEW of the Tamron 100-400mm zoom lens.

Download sample RAW files
Zoo Photos http://bit.ly/2HsymcZ
Brick Photos http://bit.ly/2qANcmW

TAMRON 70-200 2.8 G2 Real World Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0Pb37PGa2E

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Fotografia e cia says:

Between this Tamron and Sigma you already tested? Draw or is there any winner?

x10thGearx says:

This or the 150-600?

fsmelo87 says:

I wanna get this or the 70-200 2.8 g2 tamron with a 2x tele, what do you guys think

Dodtbdm says:

The bigger shirt bothers me Jared. Love the color though.

Stephane Leblanc says:

I was about to get the Nikon 200-500 but I bought this lens instead and I don’t regret it. Sharp as hell, lighter and more compact which makes it a lot more fun to carry around.

VincentHannon says:

I don’t see this selling. It needs to be 500 less. The truth is the glass it’s up against is the 70-300mm. Nothing in the f2.8 range. And when you start crunching the numbers f8 will be tack sharp on the cheap glass and good enough to crop the extra at f5.6.

Meister Oki says:

Hi Jared, I bought the Tamron 100-400 for my Nikon D7500 and tested it at the zoo over the weekend. And I was very pleasantly surprised. The autofocus was almost always on and the pictures were sharp and rich in contrast. I actually wanted to wait for a comparison with the Sigma 100-400, but that is now unnecessary. And my own comparison with the cheaper Sigma 18-300 showed me that the Tamron is just great. And in low light situations helps me the good ISO behavior of the Nikon.
Greetings from Germany

co10boy says:

Which would you recommend more, this Tamron 100-400 or Nikon 300 AF-S F4? Looking for sharp images on birds and wildlife on my Nikon D7200. Thanks in advance.

Xavier Minguella Minguella says:

I bought that lens two months ago and is a great lens for my Canon EOS 1Ds Mk II, using one shot AF, but when I used ai servo AF it was good for storks in the day but it was not really reactive in a soccer match in a sunny day in full focus (1,50 m to infinite), the first part I was working with that lens, the second part of the match (cloudy) I used the old Sigma 120-400 OS and it worked better, even if optically is worst, in short distances focused very well. I did no used the limit focus on the Tamron, maybe in that circumstances it works better, I didn’t make any adjust via “tap in console” and I don’t know if I can get better results. What I know about Ai-servo focus is that it works better in standard mode than fast one.

In a hall of an small city, it was hard to focus well in Ai Servo (too slow) for rolling skate, the Sigma won that match. So the difference between f5.6 and f6.3 is bigger than you can spect (even using a 5d Mk IV).

Check results here https://www.flickr.com/photos/xaviplateria/albums/72157694204723474

In my flickr page you may see some other tests of that lens.

adamaj says:

No. Any lens that’s f/6.3 is a no.

Herman Yiu says:

How do you rate this VS Sigma 100-400mm for bird photography?

Dread Pirate Tom says:

Why is your shirt so big? Took me a minute to figure out what was different.

Sergio Pappalardo says:

I think I’m gonna buy a Nikkor 200-500 f/5.6. Great video as usual, though.

Duilio Pintagro says:

Hello Jared, looks very good. Is there is anything similar for the Sony alpha 77 A mount?

Jared Polin says:

Thumbs up for the STORE SET at the factory!!!

John Ferrante says:

Is it me or are the photos of the brick wall at 100 mm not sharp at all, compared to 400 mm 6.3.

Fitz Michael says:

Fro can you please test the 100-400 GM and the 100-400 C Sigma with the MC-11?


DrunkMeteor says:

would you recommend buying a lens designed for an aps-c sensor and save a bit of money or buy the good lens that is more expensive but for full frame sensors that way i can still use it when I upgrade to a full frame camera?

Tyler Lindsay says:

Can you make a free 11 day free videography/Cinematography course?

David Gill says:

Your long hair is becoming tired

sanjin jakupovic says:

I was thinking of getting the Tamron 100-400 or the Sigma 100-400 for my nikon d5300 so i got the Sigma 150-600 C, i love the extra reach for small birds.
Now i want the Tamron 70-200mm their first lens without VC, its cost 550€ and the other would be the sigma 70-200mm with OS but it costs 850€.
I really would love to get a version with VS/OS/VR but its costs too much, what would you say should i get the Tamron 70-200SP without VC or buckle up and get the sigma wit OS, the 300€ difference i would but aside to upgrade my cam from D5300 to D500.

Donald Lang says:

Jarod, when you review Sony camera body’s…don’t you think it would be valid to mention that Sony does not repair there own camera’s…little or no customer support…that’s a deal breaker.

Creative J says:

Considering i spent $1000 on an excellent shape USA model Nikkor 200-500mm it wont be replaced anytime soon.

George Coleman says:

I think this might be a great motorsports lens.

Grey Hair says:

I like your videos and tutorials. Having said that, you just come off as a mega douche.

Stuart Crowther says:

2:59 say no to drugs kids…

Martin Lévesque says:

It’s still cheaper than a Canon 100-400 L serie lens.

Ishaan Singh says:

Tam100-400 + Sigma MC-11 + Sony A7-3/Sony A6000 ?

Sam Lucas says:

Jared, your shirt’s not looking quite as tight. What’s going on bro? Lol

Guillermo Fuentes says:

no full review?

AlwaysLearning60 says:

Would you suggest this over the sigma?

Franklin Joseph Ambo says:

How would you compare this lens against Sigma 100 – 400mm Image quality wise?

Blut Mystery says:

4:46 nice one

TheEditingShop says:

Oh my word, is Jared wearing a shirt in his size!?

NavalNation says:

160-640mm for $800 in aps-c Camera. What a deal.
and it has VC. if it didn’t have the Variable aperture it would be perfect. but it’s not a huge deal.

DON LAI says:

Whoah! The first thing I noticed is the shirt size…

BobMerlinx says:

Could you do a comparison to see just how much (quality) you’d lose against Nikon’s 200-500? Would be an interesting comparison to see which is more priceworthy.

WETSU76 says:

Saw your review of the sigma 100-400 and now this one.
So the FroNation wants to know which one do we get? Sig or Tam…I’ve got both of them in my Adorama wish list waiting for an answer to move either one into the cart & hit the buy button.

Jeet Singha Roy says:

Nice lense should i buy for my 77d??

vilas1512 says:

How well will this lens work on a sony camera with the Mc11 or metabones adapters??

eJacob Cornelius says:

Pro video tip: Using an orange background will make the talent’s skin look very pasty and washed out. That’s why TV stations use blue.

Marcos Kruger says:

Would have love to see how it does in portraits. I know some 200mm+ is usually unnecessary with shooting people but it just would have been nice to see some image samples of people.

phil750123 says:

Would love to see this vs the sigma 100-400.

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