Tac Zoom Review: vs Amazon Best Seller | As Seen on TV

A review and comparison of Tac Zoom, an As Seen on TV smartphone lens attachment, with a similar Amazon Best Seller by Apexel.

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Jax says:

That is so weird that there is ligit no one around in the middle of the day..and in Las Vegas. Creepy

That Sodding Gamer says:

While neither was great, the Tac Zoom actually seemed to have a better lens for distance, the Apexel waas better for the fisheye. The Wide Angle was similar with both, and the Apexel’s macro was slightly better I think.
Did I miss it, or did you not cover how the bluetooth tool performed? TBH, that would probably be the best part of the whole thing, if it worked reliably and at a decent distance. Though it would be even better if it could also start and stop video capture as well as take photos. I’m sure you can pick up a dongle like that standalone, but it doesn’t seem too bad for the price. Again, assuming it works reliably.

Richard Mika says:

not sure how often id use a external zoom on a phone

adven001 says:

As seen on tv vs. Amazon best seller? You sir are on to something.

Jaime Flores says:

These are generic products to fit as much phones as possible. I would recommend specific lenses that are made for your phone, which will only be available for the most popular phones like iPhones and galaxys.

Magnus Andersson says:

apexel had way better colours tac had a yellow tint in them

Tlough YourBro says:

if you want wide angle you could try to use like an lg g6 or v30 they got a second lense that extra wide its good way bettwr than these

1enopot says:

or maybe when you zoom in the shaking becomes more noticeable. Come on man.

RainbowTea says:

For an amazon product review. Ive been seeing mini portable spin washers. I was wondering if you would ever test one out.

Blu3ManiC says:

The problem with these is that the new iPhone X and the iPhones that are plus sized with dual lenses all have stabilization built in to the second cameras so these are useless unless you just want macro or fisheye. I wish you tried them on the front facing camera since it would have been a better test for these lenses since they’re meant for the non plus iPhones and older androids without dual lenses and the front facing camera doesn’t have the fancy stabilization.

Robert Share says:

Both of these products look like a good way to easily make your photos blurry. Is anyone looking for that? 🙂


I got all of them from Walmart and they work for me, I really don’t care for the zoom lens.

erin wolff says:

Why didn’t he tell us the Cheeky Truth? LOL! I love him

Ami Brink says:

Great video, but I love Baily!

ken ezzell says:

Congrats…..a ASOTV rewiew video…..under 13 mins…..good job

Amy Sandhu says:

The editing of this video is insane… Love the review, thanks!

hothamandfauri says:

Great review James.
I haven’t seen your videos in a little while, because I’m on vacation right now. I’m currently in Arizona visiting The Grand Canyon. I finally had some time to myself so i got on youtube and watched ur review

Derek Smith says:

one thing i see is the tack zoom compared to the apexel in the wide angle shot is the tack zoom a bit grainy

TheTexasOOF Gamer says:

If you high quality pictures
Buy your self a Canon AE-1 SLR 35mm film camera with kodsk porta or Kodak ultramax film


I think Bailey was giving YOU the “fish eye”.

ken strampe says:

it might be something to get and play with before you spend a higher price for a better lens. i would like to see how it works with different phones, old ones verses new.

Arrietty Ni says:

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We have home and kitchen accessories. Feel free to let me know your idea, your message means a lot for me! Thank you very much, wish you have a nice day!

Sherry Workman says:

Thank you for taking your time money to do these reviews. Sometimes I wonder which item is better and which would work better for my needs. By you doing these really helps us out!!

John Doe says:

can you review puffy mattress?

iCanHasCoolUsername says:

I have a cheap kit I got around Christmastime that was only $5 at the dollar store.
I’m happy with it, although it could be better.

I just wonder how my kit would compare to one of these?
These you can zoom, mine can’t, but with the way they look, it seems pretty similar?

Voivod 1966 says:

My biggest issue with these lenses is dust. To much opportunity for intrusion with them.

Ruthlessnoodle says:

They are both pieces of crap and a waste of money.

calvin0416ny says:

I thought the images produced by the Amazon lens was way clearer and it’s great that it provided remote and tripod

Dee Jimenez says:

Love your channel. While no fault of your own, these products seem pretty crappy. The image quality is suspect. If you have money to burn, the Moment lenses are much better.

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