Tac Zoom Review – Testing As Seen On TV Products

Tac Zoom Review – Testing As Seen On TV Products
Here’s my review of the Bell + Howell Tac Zoom. About the Tac Zoom: Tac Zoom lets you do things you can’t do with an ordinary phone! Inspired by the high-tech surveillance technology used by military drones. The fast, easy way to turn your phone into a telephoto camera. Can zoom far enough to see the surface of the moon. Transforming the quality of your sports photography. Take Tac Zoom with you the next time you go to the woods.

What the Tac Zoom Claim:
– Inspired by high tech surveillance technology used by military drones
– Capture sharp, hi-definition images from far away
– Boosts your phone’s zoom up to 8 times
– It’s like having binoculars that can take high resolution pictures
– Can even capture video
– Easily attaches to any size or type of phone or tablet

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Bell + Howell Tac Zoom Len
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Vivian Tries is the as seen on vt show. I review as seen on tv products, and put kitchen gadgets and other as seen on tv gadgets to the test. I make honest, comedy review videos – – testing, unboxing and trying crazy kitchen gadgets, as seen on tv products from television, online, dollar tree hauls and much more all around home and kitchen.
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danish8669 says:

WTF what was that, I just saw a squatch on Pluto. Dont you know putting TAC in the item name raises the price by $10 to $15 bucks. Oh well . Be safe


Wow….funny ass chick…when you called that lady “bitch”…I was fukn rolling….gracias….Peace n Puff.

Sanjuanita Bravo says:

Omg 19.99 .. i got my for like %10 at Wal-Mart

Dianne Palmer says:

I love your channel I am a gaget girl I have bought half of that shit I wish I knew about you before

Philo Beddoe says:

oh  that family rubber necked you so hard on their way back and forth.  LOL

Al Capone says:

That iPad has two cameras best one is on outside cheaper one inside the one ur using change cameras for best review silly Willy

Pamela Salazar says:

“See, I’m friendly. Hi bitch.” You’re so funny Vivian! Love watching you from here in San Antonio!

Diane Tobin says:

Just curious as to why you didn’t just film at your house, like in your backyard?? Ohhhh that’s right, you’re a MOFO Professional!!

Stephenie McCaulley says:

Hey girl love your show. I want you to try thr spray on foundation. I’ve already bought and tried it, I love it and use it every day. I just want to laugh with you as you demonstrate it.okay okay….see ya soon, Stephenie

Lëslie Avighna says:

I’ve seen these on the Wish app for FREE +shipping (2$).

jennifer launders says:

Got mine on wish and its crap

Danny D says:

Boom! Thanks for your reviews. Keep being a muddafucking professional! You a BOSS!

Ken Stephens says:

Your should come to Australia and take close up photos of critters. I reckon we have a few spiders with your name written all over them!
Love that actually used the term “Plumbers Crack” Such a legend!

Aaron Young says:

Vivian you think people looked at you funny !? You should have seen people looking at me when you said “act like your not here “ and I was trying to hide !

loriparker666 says:

r.i.p. lady bug

Kristy Macknowski says:

Love ur channel , did any one ever tell u that you look like Olivia munn ? Cause u do lol

Nicole Johnson says:

Vivian do you ever return theses thing after you review them? Also you can bu those lenses on Wish.

Eleana Toletti says:

Can you make a new shirt? “I’m a MF professional…and a lunatic”

Cliff Smith says:

How many times did you have to stop filming because people recognized your t-shirt?

Zefult f says:

“plumbers crack” ..lol wishing i was a passers by at the botanical garden …

Laura Wrona EVPEACE says:

I agree about the price comparison that is ridiculous. I also agree about not getting what you see in the commercial. I thank you for the review and know that now I will get mine on wish instead of paying for the taczoom. lol Thanks Viv.

Dionna Duncan says:

I love you Vivian!!! I really love that you are a professional.

Jared Gonzalez says:

*Botanical Garden Security* How may we help you?
*Concerned Pedestrian* There’s this crazy women talking and laughing at herself.
*Botanical Garden Security* Oh, thats just Vivian, our residential Mother Fucking Professional. You leave her be ma’am.

Rigo Valdez says:

Lol g vivian i fucking love you!!! Lmao “that lady bug is fucking pissed now because theres a lens on its back” lol your a fucking queen and a muthafucking professional!!!

Denise Molina says:

Omg Vivian I’m so glad I found you! Going through a divorce crying all the time! And whenever I watch you I’m laughing like a crazy person!! Thank you for your amazing personality getting through my days

Yara Acevedo says:

Your to funny!!!

*Queen OGreen says:

Lmfao… The way the first people were looking at you.. like they were watching you from afar and had to get a closer look!!
Hi… Hey bitch!

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