SW-Box Optical 8x Zoom Lens Camera Telescope iPhone 4 Review

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Or I can get it on wish for 2 dollars

Michael T Panetta says:

Great job bro!! I am testing mine out as well.. Video coming soon

angtindinonah says:

He said TWO THUMBS UP.. lol

Shaw Reviews says:

I thumbsed up! 😀

wckdZ says:

Nope only 8x zoom. The only adjustable feature is for focus

laboriontech says:

Footages ????

Minhty Nguyen says:

So it can zooms on how much you want right? like, it twists around until on how much you wanted to zoom,right? for an example 4x zoom or 6x zoom?

Doug Drummond says:

It’s actually pretty cool item and works!

technopple says:

@FenderGuy616 Yeah I know, I’m sorry. Haha.

Daryl Kaira says:

he said two thumbs up retard

Yura Moshnin says:

Без стабилизации безполезная игрушка на один раз

travis smyth says:

i want a small fisheye lens that screws into a case like that does 🙁

RiseAndShineBP says:

how about video?

CalenderJuiceSheena says:

Great review Doug!

TheAzurinboyz2012 says:

Also mine is 10x and made by sharper image.

murgul morgul says:

can you shoot videos with this thing? I want to make some home videos but in good quality can I use this lens for zoom in?

James DeRuvo says:

Just because it’s an 8x lens, doesn’t mean it actually “zooms.”

Doug Drummond says:

Sorry, yea I give it more than 2 stars, more like 5/5! 2 thumbs up!

MrGanninu93 says:

do the glasses come with the lens?? 😛

Coleman gilchrist says:

its alright but it does not focus

Lila Levana says:

Telescope for Beginner: Omegon Telescope N 152/750 EQ-300 — This telescope is a complete instrument – with optics, mount, tripod and basic accessories. This is everything you need for getting started. For Product Description & Specifications Visit: http://goo.gl/YUverl

paulzag says:

No it’s a fixed lens. He said so in the video 8x magnification.

Bfyobrian12 says:

Spread the legs. Lol

ChesterRxs says:

can you zoom in and out?

mikelovestattoos says:

how long did it take for it to ship bc im goin to a concert in 2 weeks and i dont want to order something that comes in after the show

Jess Harte says:

@technopple we are all a tech family! it is an actual disgrace to see one of our own treat a fellow tech reviewer this poorly! Dougs videos are wayyyy better then yours! dont watch if ur a hater!

carlosinglos says:

I’ve got this ^_^ it’s awesome!

technopple says:

@Techyjess Yep, I realized my harshness and apologized on twitter.

John Smith says:

anybody notice that he put the phone in the holder the wrong way around.. what a terd..

Nico P says:

But it doesn’t do Landscape mode!

PimpYouriPhone5 says:

SW-Box Rock’s when it come’s to value for money,I love their products so far,Great Review Doug,Thank’s.

Doug Drummond says:

NO, it’s specifically for iphone.

Error404 says:

Wow dont have to be rude about it

Salamander says:

What a beast.

Omar Correa says:

Love the intro, nice Fu Manchu

LogicallyTechnology says:

This Zoome lens looks really cool! How does focusing work and the tripod compatibility is a really nice bonus? Also, LOL, awesome intro to the vid 😀

TheAzurinboyz2012 says:

Just bought one @ Ross for $3.99 retail price was @ $20.00

StopmoNick says:

Not actually a zoom lens, just a mild 8x telephoto.

Johnny Montana says:

2 stars really!!! So is a bad product am guessing

RMD23 says:



Eeyore Features says:

would this fit a samsung galaxy s2?

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