Sony PZ 18-105mm f/4 OSS ‘G’ lens review with samples

Here we have yet another zoom lens option for Sony’s APS-C cameras, this time, with some special features for video makers. With its nice zoom range and constant maximum aperture of f/4, will it be attractive enough for stills photographers, too? It’s for Sony’s E-Mount mirrorless cameras, and it covers and APS-C image circle.

All pictures taken by me on Sony a7r ii and Sony a5100 cameras.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
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Kazik Furmanczyk says:

Yay!!! I was waiting for this review for some time!! you’re awesome as always and also…. FIRST!!!! 😛

Digital Ninja® says:

I keep this on my A6500 all the time, despite having Canon &Sigma lenses. It’s a great walk around lens and awesome for video. It goes well with my Sony 10-18 and Sony 35 1.4 as I am a hybrid shooter. I These 3 lenses without the lens hoods fit (sweet) in a small camera bag like the Peak Design 5l bag. So glad I left DSLR’s and didn’t invest (yet) in full-frame. It also comes in really handy for gimbal work. It suffers in low light but if you are running around town or on vacation, it has a sleek design and is lightweight. It is a great (better than average) kit lens, but not remarkable.

wingebag says:


葉如豪 says:

I’ve had this lens for about 2 years and mainly use it for stills. It has lot going for it and is far better than than the 16-50mm kit lens. It’s very versatile and ridiculously light, it really is the perfect travel lens in my opinion. However, it’s not my favourite lens. That pin-cushioning is crazy bad though.

EightNineOne says:

It is parfocal 🙂

Mata Hari says:

Great review Christopher. For Video on APS-C just great for the price. I own it together with the a6000. I like it also for travelling.

Free Ride says:

The best apsc all around zoom lens.. I have it along with sel 35 and FE 85

Sam D'Cruz says:

Just bought this for some video and stills projects in africa. Overall it performed fairly well. The biggest challenge of it is its not wide enough at 18mm (im used to a 24 to 105 on full frame) so the extra 3mm sounds small but is huge in real world use… So i eas constantly switching to a wider lens. I have owned the zeiss 16-70 before which does give a 24mm equivalent and i found that lens much more useful for general use. (Although the long end of the 18-105 is also nice). I sold the lens after the project as i still have the canon 24-105 with a speed booster and works great apart from no eye focus. I really dont see myself using this sony 18-105 much again so its gone!

Travel Minds says:

18-105 vs 18-135? I want a zoom lens for my a6000 to replace the kit lens.

Camil Iamandescu says:

Beautiful and very thorough review, as usual!
I might add, though, that, in spite Christopher pointed out, that the bokeh is only OK, and that the stills are “Workable”, that the bokeh is very beautiful for the lens’ class, and the fact that at 105mm the corners are marginally soft – that’s not a bad issue, because you mainly shoot portraits at 105mm, f/4. Forarchitecture, landscapes at 105mm, tou can use f/8. I did not find that limiting. At dusk landscape I managed to find a foreground to suit the corners nicely, or, simply, didn’t noticed the soft corners at all (shoot with Sony A6300 at 24MPx). Beware of AF locking on the background, sometimes (zone AF or even Felxible spot) or blurry images (stills) in fast paced action on bright sunshine with POL filter. I
t is a very good lens, mostly for video, but the price is a little steep.
I even shoot event video with it on Sony A7 3 and works great, especially if you invert rotation for zoom ring (…) Don’t use the side zoom button for slow zoom, it won’t work right.

Chryseas S. says:

I love mine on my a6500 and find that I can do close ups with some nice blurred backgrounds.

Needles Balloon says:

that was some spoooky distortion, shame it’s only September

Cezary Lopacinski says:

Thank you for the review.
I’m thinking about 18-105…
After this video, I’m not sure if this lens is suited for my video works…
Once again, *thank you* for the review.

Ben Cruz says:

This lens is only good if one shoots 4k in video. For stills, must be raw. I find it a lacklustre / mediocre lens for its price and size. Sold mine and bought sigma primes instead.

Daniel's Loose Ends says:

This lens has completely replaced my 16-50. The 18-105 is on my a6300 all the time. It’s a great value. My brother has the 16-70 Ziess, which is much more money – I think I prefer the extra range though.

Benoit Levesque says:

This lens is so beautiful, minimalist industrial design, I love it <3 and its small too
It's not the best performer but the price is excellent, thanks god for in body correction tho 😛

Lin Eric says:

The music @7:09 is just priceless lol

Pascal Michiels says:

Still my favorite APS-C lens for my a6300, good for casual photography and video.

muhammad rohimi says:

can i used on my a6300 for landscape photography for compression ??

John H. Maw says:

As you say, it isn’t a great lens for close focusing. However, there is a big improvement in close focusing by reducing the focal length from 105mm to 104mm, which I find a bit strange, but useful to know.

Achilleas Labrou says:

Something very very important about this lens that wasn’t mentioned very much is that it has internal zoom and focusing.
Many zoom lenses during zoom are extended and eventually attract dust particles inside the lens. Also many lenses during autofocus extend the front element and that can also attract dust inside.
With the 18-105mm f/4 nothing is moving externally and that is a great protection against dust and maybe moisture.
This lens probably has rear focusing. The rear elements is moving during autofocus. But this element is much more protected by the mount than the front element.

Rakesh Lokegaonkar says:

Is it as sharp as the 24-105 f4 G OSS?

Gino Foto says:

Fisheye like telephoto. 🙂

Finch says:

Did you tested the 24-105mm F4 for A7 Cameras?
Would be Amazing if you have or can do any time =)

eggaweb says:

…And probably over 900 dollarydoos in Australia. Strewth!

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