Sony 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 Hands-on Review

There aren’t too many lenses to choose from for the Sony a7 series of cameras, so why not get a lens that covers all the focal lengths you will probably ever need? Kai takes a look at this super zoom from Sony.

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Lárus Baldursson says:

Canon PowerShot SX60 ….

quasarsphere says:

Does Kai ever use a zoom lens without pretending to masturbate with it? I’m sure this is at least the third video in which I’ve seen him do that.

Terrence J Allison says:

This is my main lens at the moment, I’m pretty happy with it. Good Review!


What!!! I live about 20mins from Hunstanton…

raredreamfootage says:

Did your show move out of Hong Kong?

Jude Williamson says:

What’s up. You Should Be Proud. wrench wind What’s your opinion about it, guys 11

Neil Dearnley-Davison says:

there are NO Sea Gulls … 🙂

Apostoler Hair says:

What alternatives would you suggest for an A7 II system ,in use as general street photography and some landscape photography?

Sebastian Gudmand-Høyer says:

Do the SEL28F20!

redtails says:

5:35 of course you had to do this

pomm films says:

cant believe you guys filmed in my hometown…hunstanton ! …awesome 🙂

bjjbebo says:

Nice, watch your videos often, hilarious, and informative…

BoxxyFan says:

its dull? its a FF superzoom starting at 24mm. thats impressive!

Jason Thompson says:

Would have been nice to have a review instead of a attempt at a comedy show

Tatti Okhlopkova says:

DigitalRev TV, will you do a review of the new lens canon 50mm 1.8 stm???

Altex lan says:

this chinese doing the review?. the chinese are born stupid, they are great copy king.
the chop stick is copy from monkey.

BoxxyFan says:

Another terrible review. Look elsewhere if you want excitement? This is a superzoom lens, Kai. It’s actually pretty exciting that it is sharp at the center, wide open, considering the zoom range and the fact that it’s for full frame. Another huge thing you forgot to mention is that this starts at a very useful 24mm, instead of the normal 28mm. 24-240mm is an incredibly useful range, and the fact that it holds up well and is sharp even on the high demanding full frame sensors is actually impressive. You have totally missed the point of this lens.

Kandi Klover says:

Do the Sony 70-200 f2.8

Ben Soumokil says:

Dingle berry sheep!!

Ctrèsbeau Claude says:

About using in low light, what about the quality of manual focus? Is the vibration free OSS is efficient?

AainaA-Ridtz A R says:

HAHAAAAHA … abs. love the ‘show’ 😉

Robert Smith says:

Guys help me, Firstly can i congratulate you in making me laugh with comments about farting and poo stuck to wool, 10/10. Ok so i get my A7RII next week and I’m stuck in LENS world. i was going 24/70 but i see mixed bag reviews, so I’m now looking at the 16/35 or batis 25 or LOXIA 35. any pointers. I shoot mainly landscapes, street and walk about like you…. thanks

João Maria Vasconcelos Fontes de Barros Taveira says:

Sheep are not wild life!

Barry Spiers says:

It was good to meet the 3 of you on the sea front at Hunstanton, keep up the good work guys!!

Jorn Idema says:

why are there no chinese people in the video and what are they doing in the uk?

Alex1993 says:

5:34 heum…

NatureLove says:

What would be the best telephoto lens that auto focus quickly for moving objects?

Vardynator Vlogs and Games says:

Omg this was in Hunstaton!!! I only just got back from there.

choon wah yee says:

Sony lens are nice ,colourful! Powerful!

Richard Mumford says:

Well you should’ve shot girls butts instead of sheeps… that’s why these lenses were invented… I think… Yup.

Huy Nguyen says:

What’s the song that starts at 2:48?

Ajay Rawat says:

can you suggest me zoom lens for SONY A58Y camera ??? from INDIA

mark palmos says:

Dude, ALL zoom lenses can focus closer on wide than on tele, that is perfectly normal and to be expected.

XSquibX says:

soo… what is this footage from 4:22 to 4:25 ? huh? huh? HUH?!

perv lol

Kuskdk says:

I think an appropriate amount of attention was given to the issue of having poo stuck on your bum when wearing wool. Sheep or not.

Nafiz Haq says:


martynwatkins says:

The seaside where you filmed is my local (ish) beach, hope you decontaminated your shoes on the way out. I dont know if you went there but about a 10 minute drive away are some spectacular beaches. That said I still wouldnt drink the water….

Dj Dyno says:

Thanks for the videos helped me make purchasing decisions.

jobanski says:

Where was this filmed?

Gaber Hanafy says:

can you review some of vivtar lenses such as 35MM F/1.4?? thanks alot

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