Sony 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 G Master Lens Review | John Sison

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In this video I talk about Sony’s longest telephoto zoom lens to date, the 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 G Master lens. Sporting the G Master label, it promises to deliver the best in Sony optics and build. Targeted towards the pro and enthusiast photographer, this lens will be great for anyone who shoots sports and wildlife. With the added compatibility of using Sony’s 1.4x and 2x teleconverters, it will allow you to get even closer to the action.

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rubingeorge says:

Just purchased, great help in understanding lens.

Alan Joseph Productions says:

Useful video, I bought the lens recently and so far, love it!

V PR says:

i am wondering for corporate teambuildings and weddings should i get this or the 70-200 f2.8, hm, owning a a7riii.

Michael Mystro Pierce says:

Nice Review John like always

John van den Broek says:

Great review John … I find you don’t lose any quality with the 1.4 teleconverter. I can’t comment on the 2X because I don’t have one.

Michael Rose says:

How big difference in the quality of photos is between Sony 70-400 G SSM II and Sony 100-400 G Master?

babyleon says:

I would like to see a more in-depth review of the optical stabilization of this lens.  I shoot mostly wildlife video and a tripod is essential.  From my experience with this lens so far I have to say the OSS really sucks.  I have had a lot of contact with Sony about it.  There is nothing wrong with the lens as I have tried several different lenses with the same result.  In short, the OSS does not activate without a lot of camera movement.  When taking photos, the OSS activates when you press the shutter release.  There is no similar activation when shooting video.  I have heard many times that stabilization should not be used on a tripod.  That usually comes from people who do not shoot video, especially video in the field.  Image movement is image movement, regardless of handheld or tripod mounted.  So far Sony has not expressed any interest in addressing this which renders the OSS useless for video.  I do not have the same issue with the Sigma 50-500 lens which I used previously.  The Sigma OSS could be turned on and it was always rock steady.  Also works fine with Sony 18-200 crop lens OSS.  I use both a Sony a7S and a7Sii bodies with the same OSS results. Would appreciate it if you could check this out. Thanks!

Jess Demant Aggeboe says:

Great review

Chaturanga Manchanayake says:

Man BTS is always the best haha, BTW where’s my 16-35GM review? I’ve been waiting on that!!

Michiel Vanhoudt says:

Comparison to Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 + MC11 would be awesome 😀

Cro nus says:

Honest review the fanboy crap.

Dave Katz says:

Solid review !!

Mike Pulido says:

how will this lens work withe the A7R lll

McKay Pett says:

I’m looking for a lens to shoot American football… would you recommend this or the 70-200 2.8? thanks

Chichochicc says:

Hi John, can you upload a couple of shot showing how the teleconverter degrades the iq?

Gail Yager says:

Hi John. I have hired this lens to try it out. I have paired it with my Sony a6300. My interest is bird photography and, so far, I have been unable to acheive the sharpness I desire. I know of other bird photographers whouse this camera/lens combination and get great shots. I have played with aperture and shutter settings. Tried manual focus and tripods. I am beginning to wonder if tge lens us faulty? I would value your thoughts. Thank you

LindemannFilmFotoDrohne says:

Helpful review. Thank you.

Ryan Heldoorn says:

Well well well………about time JOHN hahaha. Good review mate. Video in APC mode on the a7r3 should be amazing!

Emmanuel Mbala says:

I see you’re using the Leofoto Legs & Ball-head for your tripod needs. I actually had to look it up because I’ve never heard of it. From what I see, they look like a clone of the RRS BH-55 (on the head) and the Gitzo systematic series (on the legs). Can you comment as to their performance?

John Harvey says:

I have been watching several reviews of this lens and yours is the only one to say serious IQ issues with the 1.4x extender. The one stop drop on a relatively slow lens was noted as an issue but not IQ. Did you actually test this combination and if so how bad did you find it.

Daven One says:

No relevant info…….

John Walsh says:

I’m sorry but a £1700 lens that isn’t atleast constant f4 is ridiculous

Virag Mahorkar says:

What is the f no With 2x teleconverter at around 700 mm focal length?

Michael Stokes says:

John, thanks for an excellent overview of this lens. What technique are you using with this lens? Do you turn off SteadyShot on the tripod? I have been shooting static shots incl birds with mixed results on my A7R2. While I have noticed an improvement with my new A7R3 it still seems a little soft at the 400 mm end even at 1/500th(& steady shot on). Before I send it off to Sony, I am wondering whether I should be using a monopod. It’s quite long at the 400 mm and if there is any wind there is a bit of movement of the lens. Thanks

Glyn Heskins says:

So that’s a £4300 camera and a £2500 lens = £6800. That’s not a very useful review !

Kketansa Art says:

Hello John Sison,
1) Do you think this lens performs equally, or better than Canon Nikon lenses of same category?
Someone said the image of this lens has no details when zoomed.
2) Will this lens perform perfectly using a6500? (Appart from the changes in focal length)
Thank you, see you.

Rad Yes says:

Great vid only wish to see some night sky or moon shots, but still awesome thank You

Mahar Agung says:

great review, bay the way yesterday i buy sony GM 100-400 attach on my camera sony a7r2..I have a problem with the mount camera or lens, no idea by the way.., every time I attach there is a slight shake on the mount. Do you experience also on A9 or A7 series cameras?
but not affecting the results of the photo is just a little annoying.

Raymond Lowe says:

Great review. Very informative and helpful. I wondered if you can get your hands on a Sigma 100-400mm and compare it with the Sony 100-400mm. That would be really interesting.

Mighty Mike Midget Murga says:

How close can you shoot with this 100-400mm lense with 2x converter and with out?

Everything Watercraft says:

John would you recommend the 100-400 or the 70-200 2.8 with a 2x Teleconvertor ? I just can’t afford both

ayman1035 says:

Hi John, is the image sharpness and quality are as good when the lens is used with A7rii ?!

Young Tang says:

can you post a comparison using the 2x converter vs not using it? really interested in this lens because of the 2x converter.

lazerman121 says:

Can be used for other applications INDEED! I rented this back in August for the eclipse And paired with my a6300 Giving me 600mm zoom. as well as Some awesome Horizon Panoramas. I did have one issue that I noticed. When This lens was on my camera in Single shot AF mode it would continuously AF.

Jeremy Garretson says:

I see your using Leofoto. I’ve googled and YouTubed info about the tripod and ball head and couldn’t find much. I’d love it if you did a review. Especially compared to RRS. Thanks for putting in the hard work.

John Knowles a Cyclist says:

Great video. I just started using it on my A6500. I just wanted something for birding in place of all my BIG Nikon stuff. Really love it so far! Great video!

Jonathan Stewart says:

I used this baby on a recent trip to Ethiopia. Great focus, probably not as quick as the 70-200 2.8, but certainly good enough. Doesn’t work too well with the 2x TC, with f/11 being the minimum, and the results aren’t that sharp, making it better to crop. This is better optically than the A-mount 70-400 V2 as far as bokeh, particularly the way it renders foliage behind your subject, but it’s still not as good as a telephoto prime (I’m still using my A-mount Sigma 500 4.5). It’s worth the price, but it’ll be nice to get some cheaper native options eventually from Sigma and Tamron.

Stephen Chandra says:

john, i have this lens but everytime i switch to manual focus it magnification by itself, do you know why?

Gango Farid says:

why this lens so expensive

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