Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 OS HSM lens review (with samples)

Everyone loves an image stabilized, fast standard zoom lens. They’re incredibly useful for just about anything. This is one which promises as much as the mighty Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM, but for half the price. Can it measure up?

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All pictures and footage taken by me with my trusty Canon 60D.

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Uanderson Brittes says:

hi, Chris, any possibility of comparing the sigma 17-50 2.8 and 17-70 2.8-4 C with newer entry levels cameras, such as t7i or 77d? another question: can you please tell me if the 77d 5axis video stabilization has any issues with lenses with IS/os ? someone pointed out that it will be similar to using a camera on a tripod, where we should turn off the IS on the lens.

Yervand Papazyan says:

Hello Christopher, i have a question about this lens. a couple of people on youtube complaining about lens hood that it is not locking and it comes out very easy, is it true or not?

Willian Kaway says:

i would like to know about photos at night how this lens performe?

BluezCinema says:

this lens or Rokinon 14mm f2.8?

Schatten-Tammikuu aka. DerFuFu says:

I’m still unsure this lens. I’m looking for a lens with lower range than my 50mm 1,8 and my 55-250 EF-S wich has good wide angle and the normal zoom range. I was thinking about the 10_18 or this one. A friend told me that the 10_18 not good but your review from this and the 10 18 lens Confusing me… Actually I’m thinking about this lens but if the wide angle is not near the same like on the 10_18 than I dunno. And I read a lot of back or front focusing problems. Is that still possible to get a Copy with this problem? This lens should be used on an 750d for some buildings nature and fairys and the portrait things.

Murka Maxim says:

How is the Autofocus in The video. Does it works as well as in Photo mode?

Hi How are ya says:

Is this lens good on a Canon T6?

Tung Luu says:

Hello Mr.Chris
Does this lens work well on your Canon M3 (with adapter)?
How is AF speed in comparision with 50mm STM on M3?
Thank you!

Jeremy Galloway says:

Autofocus issues on most Canon bodies, especially at the wide end. From 30mm and onward I found it reliable, but anything 20mm or wider, it failed to focus about 50% of the time. I was using a Canon 70D

Resinds .P says:

Is it recommend to buy this lense for shooting Landscapes ?

Robert RMB says:

a great review would love to see F8 F11

BaddaBigBoom says:

This has been my “walkabout lens” for a few years now 🙂 I LOVE that it keeps that F2.8 through the whole zoom range.

Simon Walter says:

Hi Chris,
I really appreciate the work that goes into your reviews.
All the best


Great overview

Joe Wall says:

After watching this review, I decided to buy this lens and now it is my favorite lens! Thanks so much for the detailed review.

Shaw H. says:

Hi Chris! I’m thinking of getting a versatile zoom lens for my D7200 (which I recently upgraded to). I mostly shoot streets/cityscape/landscape, and already have the Tokina 11-16mm for ultra wide angle shots. Would you recommend the Sigma 17-50mm or a third party 24-70mm (like the Tamron)? There’s obviously a huge gap in price!

Miloš Grujić says:

Does this lens works fine on nikon D3300?

Joy Chakraborty says:

Hi Chris,
Great review and love your videos. Can you please help me with a comparison between Sigma 17-50 & 17-70. Both are almost of same price in in India. Which one will be better in terms of image quality. I do not do videos.

ritesh thahryani says:

Is it sharper than 50mm prime lens ?
I shoot portraits

KJ Soul says:

Just got a sigma 17-50 international version for my canon 80d. When shooting in shutter or aputure priority I noticed it isn’t setting proper exposure even though I set the iso to auto. Have you or anyone run into that issue? I just got the 80d recently, might be a setting I need to change? thanks and all your videos are very informative and have been very helpful.

Ed Waggoner Sr. says:

Christopher, thanks for all the great reviews.  I’ve purchased three lenses based on your reviews, two of them Canons: 10-18mm and the 55-250mm.  Today I ordered the Sigma 17-50 from Amazon for $369.00, I look forward to its arrival.  Cheers.  I was in a dilemma, buy the Sony a6000 with the kit lens or buy the Sigma, the Sigma won out.  I may buy the Sony a6000 next time I come into a bit of money.  Any thoughts on the a6000?  God bless.

Blaine Mansell says:

So surreal to be watching a review video with Cardiff Museum in it!

Rozely Lindim says:

I wish sigma will release the ART version..this will canon 17-55mm killer

Tashvin Jonathan says:

Can you help me, will it fit on a Nikon D5200 ?

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