Sigma 100-400 “Real World Review”: The BEST “Affordable” Wildlife / Sports lens for under $700

Is the Sigma 100-400 the BEST Sports / Wildlife lens for under $700? Check out the video above to see for yourself.

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Kano Daily - The Philippines and More says:

Jared “The Sniper” Polin–he can wait all day for that one perfect shot.

Exodus fivesixfivesix says:

I got stellar shots of some spider monkeys at the zoo but I can’t figure out how to get the fence out of the image.

Bill Ray says:

hi just watched your great video im looking to get a 100-400mm lens what would you buy the sigma or the tamron or a used cannon ????

nerd Mike says:

What about new Nikon af-p 70-300 4.5-5.6E VR for FX? Reviews say it’s sharper, and it coast almost the same, but it has stepper motor nearly silent, useful on videos and much precise on live view focus. Which to choose between this two? I have d610 and want to pair d7200 as crop body. Shooting wide open seems to be similar in performance, but 1/3 on Sigma is a problem?
I say this because sometimes it useless to have VR to reduce shutter time if subject move to fast, you need shorter time and higher iso. What do you think? Thanks
I think also I lose some af points because of minimum aperture over F5.6 with Sigma.

aris giannako says:

Hi my name is Aris I would like to ask you a few questions.i bought a Nikon D7000 camera 1st is good? And 2ond I bought also a Vitacon 100-400mm F4.5-6.7 it is good or not? Thanks

Winston Zhang says:


still not affordable. too poor

Abhishek Lall says:

First time on this channel, is he the guy from LMFAO?

Christian Howell says:

Had the same bird problem in the zoo… Got some great shots though… Been following you… Learned a lot…

Dan Schmidt says:

Great review!

Utpal Kumar Borah says:

Thanks for sharing…

poop p says:

cans this lens work on d5500?

fluffizilla says:

i just love your style of reviews, so refreshing to see!

Michael Stevens says:

Was the Ken Rockwell compound not built when you visited?

Yute Yang says:

awesome video , just looking for lens like this!

Tony Bologna says:

I bought this lens because of this video thank you very much

Tom Piel says:

Looks like a really good lens, however, Tamron has the 100-400 f4.5-6.3 VC USD (type A035) out. I’m leaning towards the Tamron. I’m a bit Tamron biased since I allways had good luck with the Tamron lenses. And the price is very good aswell. I might need to rent them and see which one I want 🙂

Mr.TortenwasserTV 332 says:

like my drunken oncle… 18:57

rialbb says:

when you’re shooting at 400 at f/6.3, does it actually stop the blades down or is it just saying it is at 6.3 to compensate the loss of light?  same with a teleconverter.. shooting with an f/4 lens and using a 2x, does it really stop the lens down to f/8?

Sukanta Besra says:

nice 1 love your all vid man 😀

My Shared Images says:

Yes – I really enjoyed this video. Entertaining – funny and informative. Just went out today and purchased one. Just taken my first couple of shots on it right now and about to check them out on the computer.

ozkan Yıldız says:

ISO is not sensitivity 🙂 it is the amplification of the signal on the digital image sensors:) so stop teaching false knowledge to goats please! 🙂

Don Morgan says:

i like that hes not a lens snob any more, nice to see him coming around.

Ken Kravetz says:

Great Review, Jared. Definitely a good price for a zoom lens. I am a fan of Tamron. I have an 18-270 Tamron. The 100-400 would give me that extra “reach” for those nature shots. Thanks again.

mike burns says:

Great video thanks Jared.

adamaj says:

f/6.3 at 400? That should be 5.6.

Jim Agro says:

are you ok? you don’t look too good

Colin Gill says:

I wonder if you can help I have a nikon d7100 and changing ISO means you have to take your eye off the shot in order to make adjustments which means one losses the shot. Is it possible assign iso to a button to allow speedy adjustment, please.

Jj Sands says:

shame the sigma sucks when shooting fast action autofocus. that where canon/nikon lenses really shine….

Joe says:

Hate sigma lenses

Lankey Bastard says:

“A woman with an absurd hat”.
Said the man with a 29 inch afro.

Christian Howell says:

The Sigma does push/pull for zoom so you can keep your hand on the end of the lens…

Ali Alali says:

Great review, i’m thinking to add zoom lens for my nikon d750, i’m betwen this sigma and 70-200 tamron g2 , what u think? I want it for land scape,cityscape or even birds any time i want, is the 70-200 enough for all types and it gives more image quality than this sigma ?

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