REVIEW: Nikon Nikkor 55-300mm AF-S DX Telephoto Zoom Lens

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RV camping gear:
*Counter Assault Bear Spray
*Oxygenics shower head
*Antisway bar
*Inverter generator
*LED spotlight
*Sean’s Tilley hat
Merrell Jungle Moc shoes
*Walkie talkies
*Boeshield T-9 lubricant
*Weber portable grill
*OBDII code reader
*Water “jerry can”
*Eye masks

Airstream essentials:
*Trailer Aid tire changing ramp
*Pink flamingos
*Sanyo Eneloop batteries
*RV water filter
*Dry shampoo
*”The Next Exit”
*Britta “Bella” water pitcher


Matthieu Cramers says:

I am considering getting myself into fotography, especially landscapes and wildlife I guess, how does the combo of Nikon D3200 and the VR 55-300 mm apply to that? I guess I would take my camera along on treks, so if you know lighter combo’s please let me know (same capabilities though). Thanks

Bence Orosz says:

Hello, im really curious about buying it for my d3300, is it worth is?

Mark Zoricos says:

Hi going buy a lens for my d5100..which one will i choose? Thanks

colt kwilkerson says:

i have this lens and it is great for the money you spend on it. i got mine for 240.00 new. so really worth it. i got some great shots of the Moon. very clear Using the Nikon D300

Dirt Farmer says:

Great job on this video. You showed exactly what I wanted to see in a short amount of time.

Michel Madaire says:

thank you, great video, keep up the gooood work.long long honeymoon, cool name btw lol.

Luis Cannon says:

I have this lens and agree with everything you said, great for zooming in on flowers from 3 meters, and blurring out the background whilst concentrating on the subject.

itsjust me says:

hello. I just found your video while searching for the difference in lens. I just bought a Nikon d5200 to take pictures mostly of my children. It comes with the 18-55mm lens which is perfect but at sporting events and plays i’m not able to zoom in enough on video. Could you recommend which one would be suitable for me, 55-200mm or 55-300mm? thank you so much!!

nikon d3200 says:

come on any true artist knows dx is not full frame even though the f stop on this lens is 4 to 5 get close and work the 300 mm zoom will get bokeh I know I love this lens the d3200 is a good camera

Bobby Losin says:

Can somebody help me what does international version lens means? What is the difference between the original version? Please refer to link

Gustavo leon says:

Does it work well with the D3200

Eric Bartolo says:

It’s a pity Nikon don’t have the 55-250mm like Canon. I’m confused which one I should buy for my travels to capture wildlife.

Henny Kools says:

the best -nikon vr dx 

Hej Jansen says:

does this lens go good with a nikon D5200?

Rudy Effendy says:

Which one the God one 55-200 or 55-300 mm? It’s compatible for d 800? Thank you

dfg297lpopdirk says:

yeah but is the 200 mm plastic

Mukunda Dahal says:

can I use this booth lence on Nikon d 3400

Taposh Roy says:

This review is awesome and informative that I was looking on youtube. However, I have a question, as you have mentioned 55-300 mm is little bit slow lens but can get great details in like wild life photograph. I would like to take picture like flying birds or running animal. Which one would be suitable for me, 55-200 or 55-300 mm. Please suggest. Thanks 🙂

xBread says:

a great video, keep it up

Rocky Tot says:

I used this lens to my nikon d5500. Tried this when i attend to my nikon portrait training, results are awesome.

rock johnson says:

can I use it with Nikon d-5500 ??

Sarang More says:

Well explained and informative review, good job!

Hisao Yatsuhashi says:

Great review. Thanks!
 Vannillia, it is compatible with D3200.

Digmen1 says:

Great review and great photos.
I has confirmed my decison to buy the 55-300 fro my D5500.

Sheikh Hassan says:


does this work with a Nikon D5200 ?


kulotako1982 says:

nice video…..this lens compatable with nikon D3200? thanks

The Technician says:

At 2:50 lol 🙂 You can’t remove cover in counterclockwise, yoy have to go clockwise!

Cashburner says:

just awesome!

gharqad says:

Thank you for this – had all the information I wanted, it was clear, concise, no waffling, no nonsense. Thank you.

Michael Renardson says:

Will an fx 70-300 give a further reach than the dx 55-300 on my d5500?

creeperexplodes _45 says:

Nice review gonna be getting this as it seems great for aviation Photography and afforable for a tight budget like me for 300AUD. nice review Btw but will it work with the nikon D3000

ClawMachineUK says:

Awesome, this was just the review I needed, I have decided, thanks!! 🙂

Mildred Dsouza says:

Is the 55-300mm compatible with the D5300?

intercooler2 says:

For birding Hawks up in the air 150 yards is this the best choice? Better lens or more zoom? Is their a somewhat compact 500-600mm alternative?

Akshay Bakshi says:

i m going to buy nikon zoom lens 70-300 af not vr lens its around 6000 indian rupees. so its good to buy i check it at Amazon . com

山田弘明 says:


Sigma Tech says:

Hi guys, this video is 7 years old. You most likely want to be using a VR lens. I recommend the Tamron 70-300, but right now I’m tied between that and the Nikon 55-300.

Kaustav Deb says:

do i shoot potrait with this lense??

Taufik Hidayat says:

i don’t know whether this is a stupid question or not, but will this fit to nikon d80? thanks

Saud Abdulsalam says:

Hi Is This Lens [55-300]mm Compatable with nikon d5200 and nikon d5300

Gelo Rebosa says:

Should I get the 55-200mm or the 55-300mm for my D3300?

John James says:

Mind didn’t come with it’s own sock.

Anoop kumar cv says:

Hi, I would like to purchase this lens..this video is very helpful..but one thing, one of my friend said pictures become hazy when focal length is over 200?
so which one i have to choose…nikkor 200mm or 300mm??

aquhoil says:

Dali može ovaj objektiv na Nikon D3200

Kamal Rai says:

is it good for d7000

Akshat says:

Hi, is this compatible with D5300? Excellent review though.

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