Playing with Canon 75-300mm Zoom Lens

Sample shots and videos with Canon 75-300m 1:4-5.6 III USM telephoto Lens compared with Canon 18-55 Kit lens the camera used was Canon 550D (T2i)


rjun ri says:

does this lens have image stabilization ?

Kiran Kumar says:

Still watching it in 2018

Pennington Productions says:

How tf does this guy have 1m subs? And please say millimeter! Not mm! It annoyed me so much. Lord jesus help us all.

qwerty says:

Coool lens how much is it?

Keith Johnson says:

Very helpful, thank you.

Moataz Emam says:

Thank you for this video. It has helped me make a final decision to purchase the 75-300 lens. I plan to buy it refurbished from Canon themselves, as it would be less than half price. Do you think this is a good idea?

Kay U. says:

thank you for taking the time to do this. helped me alot.

Paranormal Massachusetts says:

That was a great demonstration! Thank you so much!

Igor Finyakin says:

Русский блеать.

sulaco1975 says:

very good video mr bembas keep doing so

convict says:

next time do not talk a lot please . just show us the zoom test
thank you very much

Javier Cárdenas says:

So, to put it in simpler terms, how much zoom (in X number) can I get from those lenses? If you’re not quite sure, an approximate?

Gr33nPixelz says:

Ranjit ! (HIMYM reference) 🙂

angela g says:

was helpful, thank you 🙂

Harshal Hatkar says:

Can you tell me the names of these sound clips that you used in iMovie and Final cut pro ?

Dinesh S says:

zoom wise – sx50 is the best . even at 50x the object remains stable , but with 300mm lens i get bad results. too blurry. i have both sx50 and canon 70 300mm lens . but the depth of field is good in my eos 600d. still 50x zoom is like using a lens more than 400mm, and this stupid lens will cost u some 8000inr or more.

Mit Bhatt says:

i have read some reviews that instead of going for 75-300 go for 55-250 mm telephoto because of the image stabilizer..and its costlier too..but the zooming function is less !
so whats your comment on that ?

Vijay Rathi says:

first fix your recording camera 😛

Praveen B says:

thanks man

Abdulrahman Aladawi says:

كااااك يا البنقالي

Leighanna Murray says:

i’m trying to use these for shooting concerts. Are they good for that? If not then what is?

Shane Mannas says:

Hi Geekyranjit, couple of questions I have to ask you.
1. I own a Nikon D5100 and it comes with a 18/55 lens kit. 
my family r planning a trip to Switzerland and I want a nice lens to capture the scenery over there. I have come across the Tamron AF 70 – 300 mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Macro for Nikon Digital SLR Lens. is it a nice 1. it cost’s abt 8500/-. wat do u think. Should I go in for it. ? so confused pls help.
Thanks and Regards

Adam N says:

I’m going to India for a trip and am looking for another lens to go with my kit lens (the smaller one you mentioned in this video). I only have a 500D, so at this price point with my current gear it’s probably suitable. Thanks for the upload.


Is This Blur Background 75-300mm?

charlie nelhams says:

Fish lips

King Jabri says:


Ravinder Benipal says:

can we use this lens on canon g7x mark ii .?? reply please

HorseMaskPranks says:

Thats what this is supposed to show you. You cannot determine how many “x” zoom in a DSLR.

Eli P says:

300 “M M” zoom lol

Mirza Haqul M says:

M M or millimeter?



Theknowabout says:

I came across some bridge camera that have 60x zoom (Nikon p600)  that cost almost the same price of DSLR. So i wonder if i could buy a DLSR + lens that offer’s me a greater zoom that. how much optical zoom can a lens with 50-300mm offer

ketan chavan says:

Please do a video of 55-250 lens zoom test… Canon

Yolo Dawg says:

In Point and Shoot terms, How much X’s we can zoom using 75-300mm lens?

Great Indian Photography Mohammad says:

Hy Sir Mer 1200D Canon He
To uske Liye sabse acha lens konsa Rahega…

Canon Ultraaonic

Konsa acha rahega

samw jhon says:

hahaha Goodlaaa

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