Opteka 650-1300mm lens review

A review of the Opteka 650-1300mm lens – check it out: http://amzn.to/29TW8OT

This is an inexpensive telephoto lens that can be great for amature photographers looking to experiment with long-range photography. It’s priced somewhere from $200-$300, needs an adapter to mount to your DSLR camera, and comes with a 2x converter which doubles the focal length to 2600mm.

I’ve included some photos I’ve taken with the lens to give you an idea of the zoom capabilities.

The lens: http://amzn.to/29TW8OT
(Affiliate link – if you decide to buy through the links to the lens in the description I get a little sumthin’ sumthin’ at no cost to you, thanks!)

Full written review: http://www.curiouswriter.com/opteka-650mm-1300mm-lens-review/

What you need with this lens:
A sturdy tripod
A remote

Minimum shooting distance: 16ft
Aperture: f/8-f/16 (doubles with the 2x converter)
Zoom: 650-1300mm (doubles with the converter)
Weight: 4.4lbs
Filter size: 95mm
Zoom type: Push/pull
Focus type: Manual

I really enjoyed experimenting with the Opteka 650-1300 and will be using it in the future, but it does take a little time and practice to get used to.

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Jack Paylor says:

Sigma 700mm are $25K. This is a great video though. I am planning on buying this.

TheClosedpalm says:

the moon shot with the 2X converter seemed a lot darker. is the amount of light a big problem with this lens at long distance?

The Minnow Bucket says:

does it come with the adaptor? if not, do you have a link for it?

SewInspiredLLC says:

Thanks for the video! It was very informational and I love taking photos of the moon but have never had a lens that got close enough. Is this the same lens as the Bower 650-1300mm f/8-16 Manual Focus T-Mount Lens?

xn67 says:

Make more videos.

Alazar razalA says:


My Urban Exploration says:

Hey, I recently gotten my self a Cannon EOS 700D fairly cheap. This model is also known as EOS Rebel T5i/EOS Kiss X7i for anyone out side of Australia. As much as I love the zoom lens that came with it. However I am itching to learn how to use a lens that have a longer focal length. Do you know if the lens mount is compatible with the EF/EF-S lens mount?

DirtyDovi says:

Is this lens compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cellphone? =P

Seriously though, great review! *Liked* I’ll probably end up getting one to use on my Sony Alpha SLT-A77.
That model has in-camera-stabilization, so I’m curious if that would help smooth out the dreaded shake/vibrations..
Either way, I’m sure these lenses could be a lot of fun. Especially for people who are familiar with manual focusing.

BTW, killer moon shots! I’ve been taking those for years, and it never gets old..
I have a Nikon P900 [bridge camera] specifically for shots like that – requiring ridiculous amounts of zoom.
If you enjoy moon zooms, check out people’s P900 uploads.. Some of them are amazing!
The zoom is “24-2,000mm” so, the viewable range is outa’ hand.. Almost unbelievable..

نيازي مونتيرو says:

very nice…thanks hannah

Jackson Perduyn says:

Very helpful thank you very much!!

Peter Taylor says:

Some reviews say it’s front-heavy, others that it’s back-heavy. How do you think it balances on its tripod mount with a camera to counterbalance the front element?

185transformer says:

will this work on Nikon D5500 ?
Plz answer

costmo69 says:

What is the difference between the White and the Black lens. I see on Amazon both models but cannot see the difference in the specs between them. I one newer than the other ?

JoaomsTech says:

do you think this is good for surf photography in case i have a nice tripod?

Idias prod says:

available for nikon d60 or no ?

Aaron Luney says:

Thanks Hannah! On my way to Hilo and will be using this lens for the volcano shots. Your info was the best!

LineoLemon says:

the only time i use auto focus is when i take a selfie. XD
but awesome price man!!!
fuck all that overpriced crap.

Alan Mc Crum says:

Great review……. definitely got me interested in purchasing…..

Fernando David says:

Beauty!!! Un hermoso Teleobjetivo!!

JoaomsTech says:

Does this work on the canon 700d or rebel t5i?

Ann Treger says:

You did a great job in this review, thank you.

Akash Tank says:

Very Informative, got all the information that is actually required to make a decision.. whether to buy or not..

Orelius says:

Thank you for the lens review, it was very interesting and you’re very pretty. I also promise to stay away from the animal. Thanks again.

IMDEBESable says:

Thanks for this Hannah!

Abhishek saha says:

need more info about that lens, plz help me

Vs Mohanrajan says:

many thanks for quick review

George Jetson says:

You are awesome, keep up the great demoing work!

vincent vadachino says:

will it fit on the nikon d3400?

TheClosedpalm says:

also could you recommend a sturdy tripod suitable for this lens?

Mathias Kp says:

Thanks for the review

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