Nikon 70-300 Zoom Lens – Review w/ Sample Shots

Many have asked my opinion on the Nikon 70-300 zoom lens, so I decided to make a video!:) This lens came with my D3400 kit, and I never pulled it out of the box until now:). This is the DX, non VR, f/4.5-6.3, AF-P lens.

ALL shots were taken by hand (no tripod, steady surface, etc.):). This is important to note since the lens does not have VR. If you are considering a lens with VR, your results should only be better:). I was pleasantly surprised by this lens and will most likely considering using it more:).

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After conducting extensive research on Amazon to find the 70-300, I made an interesting discovery:). While you can purchase the 70-300 AF-P lens separately, I suspect Nikon created a special variant for the 3400 kit. I found the following options (if you purchase the 70-300, simply ensure the auto focus will work with your model):

just like the one I used in this video (note: this is certified refurbished which is not a problem in my opinion and will save you money):

same lens as before except it is new and has VR:

you might also seriously consider the 55-300 which appears to be more widely purchased outside of the 70-300:

if you want to save more money, consider the Nikon 55-200 (not the same reach but should yield similar quality):

one more consideration is the Tamron 70-300 found here: (this uses the XLD glass which is nice but expensive) or (which uses the non-XLD glass and more affordable)

if you are interested in the D3400 bundled with the 70-300:

NOTE: there is a popular 70-300 model ( but it will not auto focus on any camera body that does not have an auto focus built into the body (like the D3400)

If you have any questions, post below and I will do my best to help!:)

About the music – really like this artist/music!:) Visit his site below for more information/listens/etc. …

Music: “Breakup Breakdown” and “A Cry at Sea” appearing on “Cullahmity” by Cullah
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John Price says:

Thanks for sharing!

luke chapman says:

Hey RealWorld, I have recently purchased a Nikon D3400 and am looking to upgrade from the kit lens (18-55mm). Do you have any suggestions on what ones to consider? Possible video idea…..

Alex Usoski says:

Omg, I just wanted to send a message, asking you to make video about this lens. Thank you so much for the video!

bassangler73 says:

If you want even better, try the full frame version of the Nikkor 70-300, it has a true ring motor for af so there are no gears to break and the af is quicker than the dx version. Also you will notice a fair amount of improvement in iq and it works grest on a dx body, I bought mine when I had a D3300 and I use it on a D7200 now…

Mohammad Danish Salam says:

In landscape photography where should we focus? And what Focus option should we use single Servo or continuous? Thank you

snaht1 says:

brother i need a simple but yet still quite misunderstood by many help could make a video. Detailed one at that , Full frame vs aps vs 1″ vs all others and samples …

20107PM says:

Happy New Year! I love your channel

Green Dragon says:

Great video.  Big fan of your channel.

Antoine Schemkes says:

thnx, i’m planning to buy one

Alonzo Farmer says:

Waiting for a Canon kit lens review 18 -55…75-300

Paulo Barboza says:

Very good man. I’m learning how to use a camera and your videos are helping a lot.

Luigiz28 says:

Great video! When I purchased my Nikon D5500, it came with both the AF-P 18-55 and 70-300. I didn’t use the 70-300 for months because I thought it felt cheap. But after shooting with it during a trip to Yosemite, I was pleasantly surprised how amazing this lens is. It’s sharp with great color and contrast plus it’s silent! I loved it so much that I upgraded to the VR version and is now my go to lens for shooting anything action or that needs reach. And for the price, this is a steal for anyone with a camera that is compatible with the AF-P lenses.

Rozy says:

Thank you for your efforts on your day off! The place looks nice with all the snow (non snow place here).

XD Gaming says:

How about the 55-200mm

Steve Outdoors says:

You look cold!! LOL My wife loves the 70-300mm. Matter of fact that is all she uses at times. I keep telling her that it won’t take that great of pictures and she keeps proving me wrong!!

Paul met Debbie says:

Great shots, you have a steady hand and a good eye! Seems like a very sharp lense. I prefer the vr version though.

Rahul Sai says:

Hi bro ……i have a small dought ……how do u get that sort of shiny look to u r images,like the one at 6:18 ……plz say the the lightroom adjustment that u made to get that shiny look brooo…

Wernher von Braun says:

Non VR is a deal breaker… It is very hard to take a sharp photos without VR on this lens, f6.3 with 300mm is very slow… On 6:33 min. is f6.3, 200mm iso 6400….

Steve Loudon says:

You are my “go to” YouTuber. So I hate to criticize, but please ditch that music. Major distraction. Had to turn the sound off. Good video though

Ezequiel Hee says:

Awsome videos, those shoots are sooo sharp

Thomas Cahill says:


Epic Shows HD says:

another silly question just tell me better iso mark at night which will give a little noise in pictures ?

Patricia Terranova says:

Nice overview. I’d love to see more in depth features please. Maybe a discussion of adjustments.

Jason Majka says:

Great, informative video as always. Thank you.

jcrodz428 says:

That kit lens isn’t bad at all…at 300mm my imagines come out real sharp but a tri pod is a plus

Matthew Johnson says:

thanks for the great video! got this but the variant with the VR (f/4.5 – 5.6) on it and have been using it conjunction with a 35mm prime and its been awesome! infact, the whole reason i even got into photography was cos of this channel and i ended up getting a d3400 too! could i please request you review the 35mm 1.8G? it is cheap and does amazing shots!

G.K. klips says:

Great Video. Thanks

Otokichi786 says:

I’ve had to add lenses from eBay for the D7000 (and D40) system. The unheralded 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G was the first addition. I looked around for a bit, then selected the “old” 70-300mm f.4.5-5.6 FX VR lens. Both work just fine, since I prefer faster-than-kit lenses for best results. The new lens may be smaller/lighter, but since it is a DX lens, I couldn’t use it with, say a D600, if I could afford one. (The Macro/closeup gap is handled by a 90mm f/2.5 SP AF Tamron #272E, which allows me to use the D40, also. I made the mistake of not buying a VR version of Ye Olde 55-200mm f/4-5.6 “kit lens,” so I ended up with pronounced camera shake “peering into the shadows.” Anything over 100mm should be VR, if possible; “short zooms” in the 18-70mm range don’t need VR.

Tushar Anand says:

Nice video sir….Please make a video on low key portrait using D3400 please …

American Patriot says:

Just a thought but- anyone interested in sharing thoughts, ideas on like Facebook Messenger, maybe even start a closed community? I am Randal R. Reed Sr. On facebook from Coolidge, Arizona. I also have a page there called RRR Photography.

karl malibiran says:

I always watch your video and it helps me a lot. I’m using nikon d3400 and I’m planning to buy af-p dx 70-300mm and af-s 35mm. Please make a video on d3400 using a 35mm prime lens.


Great video as always. I had been toying with the idea of buying a d3400 (first dslr) and your review video with the kit lens swayed me. Coincidentally I also bought a 70-300mm Nikkor lens and tried it for the first time yesterday, only had a few minutes but I’m impressed. Also took tour advice on the neweer speedlite and have been able to recreate some great shots. Thanks for publishing these videos! Are you on Flickr?

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