Nikon 18-300mm VR Lens Review Click Here for FULL RES samples.

When Nikon announced a new super telephoto DX Lens in the 18-300 VR I did not give much thought to it. As a full time pro this is not a lens that I would carry in my bag. However, this lens is not billed as a pro lens nor should any of us try and compare it to a pro lens.

I know a lot of you may be expecting me to say this smells like “don’t buy it” but the truth is this lens is pretty good for what it offers. We will get to image quality and price in a few paragraphs but for now I want to remind you guys to look at this lens for who its geared towards.

This really is one lens that could replace three other lenses in your bag. This DX lens offers a huge zoom range from 18-300mm or the equivalent of 27-450mm. That is just an INSANE amount of reach. You can do everything form wide angle group shots to long distance sports captures all the way to shoot a building a long ways away.

With such a large range there are bound to be some issues. At 18mm you will notice the bowing of straight lines. These liens should be straight but instead take on an extreme bend which can be corrected in lightroom with the lens correction tool. It actually is a very effective tool when you want to get rid of those imperfections.

Another issue I saw with the lens was in the edge detail. You can see some major abbreviation going on from purples to other interesting colors. You will also notice some vignetting around the edges of the frame when you are shooting at the wider angles.

Now onto the positives about this lens. One its built extremely well with a metal mount and very nice VR mode with both active and standard. Two the range is just insane, to be able to go from an ultra wide to a full on detail shot at a distance makes this a winning lens.

There was one feature that surprised me more than anything. That was the ability to focus while zoomed out to 300mm from around 8 inches from the subject. To be able to close focus from that short of a distance is just incredible.

In the end you have to look at who this lens is for. Its for that person who does not want to take 2 or 3 kit lenses with them but once one lens. Sure that lens may be $1,000 but some people would rather pay that than have to not only change lenses but carry around multiple lenes.

Remember this is not a lens that a PRO would use on a photo shoot they were getting paid for. Its for anyone who just wants to capture the moment that was in front of them and not knit pick every single issue in the images.

If you are interested in picking up this or any other Nikon Lens please check out 215.547.2841.

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Tai Mai Collection says:

Are you Fellaini’s Cousin ? Do you also play Football ?

mono lym says:

18-300 vs 35 mm 1.8 vs 18-140 mm … What is the best choice for the Nikon D5200 ?
” I love to shoot a portrait , street photography and Wedding ” what is the best choice for me

Fawad Ahmed says:

Best review for this particular lens …. thx mate

Mike Furtek says:

Hey Jared,How does the image quality compare to the 18-300 sigma makes. Going to buy one or the other for convenience sake but still want sharp images.Thank you – thank you for all of the great reviews and information..

Memet Sabir says:

Thank you for all yours great review and information, your videos are really helpful for a beginner photographer like i, i have a nikon camera D3200 which coming with 18-55mm kit Lens but i’m not a happy with the image quality and sharpness, i decided to upgrade my lens.
I’m looking for something between 18-300  or 18-200mm  max 800€ which lens your recommend for me? Thankyou

Chomiciak says:

1:56 killed me 😀

alex ochoa says:

Help im being offerd 2 kits which one is bEtter for d7200…. AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm 3.5 -5.6 g VR II and. AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm 4.5-56 ED VR Len’s. or AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3G ED VR Telephoto..

20stevieray says:

Is the 6.3 better?

Greg H says:

Hi all! Happy New Year. I don’t normally comment on product reviews. I own a Nikon 18-300mm f3.5-5.6 lens (newer and less expensive Nikor) and I have used it on a D60, D3300, and on a D7200. Unlike Jared, who does own professional equipment, all my stuff is non-professional. That said, I have never had anyone, including pros trash my photos because of the lenses I own or use. Why should they? Many use smartphone cameras and any other camera available to capture the shot. Sure, if you are selling a photo to some huge corporation, like McDonald’s, it is better to get the absolute sharpest image quality you can. That doesn’t mean those companies haven’t purchased some really great shots taken with less than professional equipment because the photographer knew how to compose a great shot. It would have been nice if this review sold the experience of shooting great shots with a great lens. Sometimes professionals forget about composition, emotion, color, exposure, and just plain having fun. Get the lens. It’s very good. Better, yet, get the newer, lighter, less expensive 18-300mm f3.5. Certainly not good enough for “the pros”, although they own one. More than good enough for AllensCamera, B&H, and Adorama to sell to the rest of us. Now, get out there and take some photos. They will be great because YOU will make them great. Say hi on FB. Cheers!

Vietnam Vet says:

I shot wedding. School sports photos and Portrait’s for years from the film days up to the digital days . From a from a cannon A1 ,Mamiya RB67 pros to a d7000. the only 2.8 lens was a 50mm 1.8 that was the only prime lens I ever had. When I used to shoot wedding  all the so called “pros ” told me I need to get a Hasselblad . if  I ever wanted to be a Pro. The joke was on them you don’t need hi dollar cameras and lens to take professional looking photos. You don’t need a 2.8 lens to do pro work. You need to learn how to take photos and you can do great. This is not point at Jared Polin He is a great guy to watch .

Ron Thompson says:

i need advise for a studio lens for my d7000 what do you suggest ?

Matt Barra says:

I have a nikon d3200. Will this fit?

Jacob Bartel says:

Oh you retard. You hated the 55-300mm just because of the aperture limitation and you didn’t even take sample photos with it. Unsub.

Pallab Das says:

Is it a good replacement of 18 140 ? considering sharpness and zoom together.

BK studio live says:

What about auto focus on this lens? I mean would I be able to set up for auto focus like I do on regular standard lenses ??

MairuFrost says:

is there a 2.8 version? also what about taking video?

Fernando Opoka says:

I beed help, The Nikon VR 70-300 4.5 5.6 ED (for FX cameras) This lents works fine in a Nikon D5500 wich is a DX camera? without problems? because i dont have much money and the dx lents (70 300) are f6.3 HELP

Rituraj Baruah says:

Thank-you very much so well explained

P.Bar 5454 says:

not understand anything from traslations in italian ,the only major the new and’ weight,do not understand whi’ uses it as a macro ! a great goa like few . mount on nikon D 7200 but  weights 1680,00 grams ! I have noticed a serious loss of sensivity about the light a te maximum aperture

Luke Westwood says:

Are the corners an issue when shooting video with this lens?

Stefano Costa says:

Worth to upgrade from a 18-200?

Onica Popescu says:

can you use this lens for portrait aswell ?

Phillip Vastopoulos says:

Is it good for video for the Nikon d 7200?

Desi Bravo says:

Im looking for a lens that will take outstanding pictures from a distance.
I currently have 24-120mm AF-S kit lens with D750. Shooting at a distance has alot of distortion out of focus pictures.
What would you recommend the best lens for distance? Thanks froknowsphoto

Nathaniel Scerri says:

can the lens be used for basic wildlife photography.? My camera has a crop sensor.

Sibananda Dora says:

Which is the best lens for outdoor photography…?

My camera is nikon d3300..

fireme347 says:

I was looking for a 70-300mm however, what’s the comparatives with 18- 200 over a 18-300? can I crop a 200 with the same results of a 300?

Ravindra Kumar says:

can i use this lens for nikon d5200

Jacqueline Johnson says:

can it fits nikon d90?

syousef says:

Pixel peeped at a guy’s airshow shots using this lens once on dpreview. Nothing wrong with his settings or technique but lack of pixel level sharpness made me want to tear my eyes out. I hang an 18-70dx on one body and a 70-300VR on another around my neck and I’m much happier with that despite the discomfort after a long day of shooting.

ncdougherty says:

What would you recommend for a new professional photographer?

Jilly Pyah says:

Somebody answer the god damn phone lmao

robertbdesmond says:

This guy loves to hear himself repeat the same things over and over and over and…..

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