Moment 60mm 2x Zoom Tele Lens for Smartphones & Tablets – [Review]

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The moment 60mm 2x zoom lens lets you get much better photos at a distance. The high quality lenses have 0 distortion or vignetting making them great for professionals and beginners.

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Many companies have released lenses for smartphones. Olloclip is the leader in this market segment, and recently, glass giant Carl Zeiss has promised some new lenses. For right now however, the best glass for your smartphone comes from Moment Lens Co. They are very high quality metal and glass 4-5 element lenses that feel more like something from a DSLR and not your smartphone.

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Joseph Bickerton says:

Thanks for showing you can use this with a case, I was considering buying this lens but wasn’t sure if you could use with a case

Chris Junk Food says:

Two questions just to make sure. I have an iPhone 6S with the Apple leather case, will it fit? Wasn’t it too tight round the lens since the cutout for the camera is exactly so that the camera fits and nothing else.
Also does the extra thing bump out of the case or is isn’t big enough? Because I want the phone to lay flat on the table which the case provides right now.

tylrtvn says:

You could be Chris from Family Guy.

federer0 says:

Review is very well made but this zoom lens is crap. You can get the same results doing 2 steps forward without spending $99 on this. I think that the lens cap should be included, like 100% of the lenses on the market. They are fancier than practical. I reckon the macro and wide are more usable than this. Thanks for the review though!

Ijas Kalla says:

only for selected devices?? I have a Moto X Play and I don’t see the option in the list for any Moto devices in their website

Badhon Ebrahim says:

skip bs 6:03 {no video test.}

Kirk McCoy says:

Nice but the Zeiss is such better quality both in build and photos… they are amazing… but you pay for it.

Veronica Vu says:

Hi i’m new to this and am no way any sort of professional. If I brought this and brought it to like a concert event, would this is be appropriate buy? Also with the 2x zoom, does that mean the image or video will be altered if I continue to zoom in with the iPhone standard magnification?

Cynthia RatherNotSay says:

Is this compatible with an S3 ?

kipling1957 says:

Seeing is believing and I would have like to have seen some blown-up shots taken, with the tele lens especially.

RyanShakesTech says:

Great video! You remind me of DetroitBORG

jeeneward revelo says:

he’s iphone is fake LMAO..

Al Rawandi says:

Thanks for the good review.
I didn’t like the self adhesive mount though and the fact that it has to stick permanently on my phone.

Lego Play Time says:

What is the zoom range (in mm)

Luckytama4L says:

Better than olloclip!
olloclip’s active lens and telephoto lens has barrel distortion and blurry edge.
Moment lens doesn’t.

Harry HarryL says:

Nice vid …btw $ 100 lens no cap 🙂

Phonegraphy Tech says:

Great video!

Mehdi Lebowski says:

can i run it on Samsung S4 or S5?

Christine Truitt says:

Will it work on iphone 5S?

Dylan Robertson says:

$99 and metal doesn’t automatically make it premium. Also moment lenses have a ton of distortion compared to most phone lenses. And that back plate easily damages the phone.

Mamiya645 says:

Think it can be coaxed into using the clamps from one of those typical 3in1 smartphone lens kits, with or without glue and work? I love the monochrome sensor of my Huawei P9 for street photography more than any other digital camera I’ve had, but it is too wide at 27mm. A 1.5-2 boost would bring it closer to the 35mm rangefinders that I used to work with in the past.

Lixinbiz says:

Thank you for the video! Was wondering which lens I should buy if I want to (a) photograph sceneries when I travel, (b) take pictures of my family when I travel. Thanks!

Gino Lomeli says:

Do you know what the aperture equivalent would be on this bad boy?

Triumph Vision Productions says:

did you ever make a review about the macro lens?

Naked Nutrition says:

Hey buddy! Awesome video. I am looking to get a lens for doing portrait style interview videos and require a decent depth of field (I don’t want to carry my DSLR around when travelling). Which lens would you suggest? A nice clean image of the subject with a smooth blurred background is the look I am after. Thanks in advanced!

Super SniperDad says:

Hey can u make a video recording with this lens please!

Shyam Chandran says:

Nice Video Bro!!! But I have one doubt,This lens is comfortable for every phone?? plz reply

nchris41 says:

you mumble when speaking…..

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