Mavic 2 Zoom – The Big Picture (Hands-On Review)

DJI Mavic 2 Pricing & Purchase:
The DJI Mavic 2 series builds on the success of the Mavic Pro and and takes aerial photography and video to the next level. The Mavic 2 Pro features a Hasselblad camera with a 1″ sensor. And the Mavic 2 Zoom features a 24mm – 48mm optical zoom lens to move you closer to the action. I’ve had an opportunity to fly and shoot with the Mavic 2 Zoom for several weeks now and have really enjoyed the upgraded flight experience that it offers and the amazing things you can do with the camera. The optical zoom is a feature you have to see to believe. And the new quick shots, hyperlapse and dolly-zoom are every bit as innovative and interesting as you would expect from a new DJI drone with a major software update. To me, this looks to be my new go-to drone for travel and any kind of non-professional shooting I plan to do in the future. Check out the video and see what you think. Please be sure to comment below and I will try to answer as many questions about the Mavic 2 Zoom as I can.

If you want to see the greatest review of the Mavic 2 Pro on YouTube, check out iPhonedo’s video!


Mark Pearson says:

I bought the zoom. I could not wait for the Mavic 2 to come out. I bought the zoom only because of the zoom. I am a little on the fence now only because the camera on the pro is better. We love to travel and drone in different countries. I do more video than pictures. That was another reason for getting the Zoom. But I am getting more interested in taking higher quality pictures. Is the zoom really worth it?

Ferrari458 says:

great overview. also you’re making me miss Austin. I grew up there (even went to Canyon Vista Middle school) 😛

Freddy Rozen says:

Do you know when the remote with the screen is coming out? This was my biggest disappointment today. I was sure it would have been one of the surprises of the announcement

Greg Matas says:

Great Review as always, it seems the Mavic 2 Zoom version is not that much of an upgrade compare to the Mavic Pro (except for the optical zoom). I saw IPhonedo review of the Mavic 2 Pro, even though it’s a 1 inch sensor it can’t do an optical zoom. I understand it’s difficult to pack 1 inch sensor and optical zoom because weight would be an issue. I don’t know why DJI didn’t make the camera/gimbal interchangeable between the two new Mavic 2’s and sale just the gimbal to give people a chance to upgrade down the line instead of making customer choice between the two versions.


Hi! I enjoyed your excellent review! I am making a video to reflect on upon opinions of other YouTuber’s feedback on the new Mavic 2’s and would like to use 7 seconds of your video, from 13:58 until 14:05. If you’re cool with this, please heart this comment 🙂  Thanks!

Stephan Winter says:

it´s only the same sensor size … the sensor is for sure improved..

Sterling says:

I like the idea of using the transmitter with all the new features without the need of a phone.

A Viking says:

Do you still have the original mavic?

Seth Byas says:

ReadySetDrone how did you get the Mavic Pro 2 so fast

Mark Velasco says:

Any ETA on the new controller with video screen?

Nick Stubbs says:

Do you have to still touch the screen to focus?

3 Putt says:

Any idea on how long it’ll be for the new controller?

Keith G says:

Kelly – Did you get one of the package deals with extra batteries and case?  Enjoyed your description on the MP2.

Will Pfau says:

Thank you for your reviews. How can I find more information about the upcoming controller with enlarged screen that doesnt require using my phone. Release date?

Clinton Blunt says:

Does the Gimbal protector come with the drone?

methods20 says:

Is the zoom RC or WiFi ?

Michael Mountford says:

Good solid review, thank you

D Hansel says:

You answered my question about coming out with a controller that will have a built in monitor.
I was hoping that since my LG Stylo2 phone doesn’t see very well in bright sunlight.

Luke Maximo Bell says:

Great video! Try out putting a really dark ND filter on the drone for the hyperlapses and you’ll get really nice motion blur.

Ron Fleck says:

In your opinion…which of these two new Mavic’s would be a better option for shooting real estate? I’m leaning towards the zoom because of the unique options the zoom lens offers. Do you think those unique shots out weigh the better camera sensor the pro version offers? Thanks

MJE says:

Is the sensor on the M2P the same quality as the one on the Phantom 4 Pro?
Is the electronic shutter total or rolling?

Sam Avella says:

Great review Kelly.

WRT the DJI Goggles, if I’m not mistaken I read somewhere that the Mavic 2 series will also support the DJI Standard White Goggles. The only limitation is that the Standard Goggles will work on only one frequency (2.4 GHz) and not both like the Black VR Version.

Doug McPheters says:

For DJI to deny compatibility between the original Mavic Goggles throughout the Mavic line of drones is ridiculous. Bullshit actually. If I owned racing quads at the time I purchased the Mavic goggles, I would have bought the RE edition. Just another way to suck in a buck. At least offer a trade in!

And how can you not have time to check the goggle compatibility in this video? That’s pertinent info in a 15 minute review.

DroneDJ says:

Great review! Was nice to see those bottom LED lights during daylight. That does come in useful.

Originaldobo says:

Looking good Kelly! Super glad they got this into your hands early. Digging the B-Roll

Don Karsin says:

Nice work! Did you let the cat out about a controller with a screen? I never heard them say anything about that! That would be awesome. Any timeframe? Also you mentioned they used the same ESC motors but I though he said beefed up motors and props? Maybe I was goggly eyed watching I heard wrong. Question- if a budget wasn’t an issue would you prefer the Pro or stay with the Zoom and why? Thanks and keep flying!!

Roosevelt Langford says:

Great review Kel. You always do great reviews for DJI PRODUCTS. Will you be doing a comparison of the Mavic 2 zoom to the Phantom 4 pro?

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