Ludicrous Telephoto Zoom! Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR Review

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This lens is big and heavy but definitely worth it for capturing things that are far away!
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bansheebug says:

Hi Brittany,
Nice review. As ‘ooltimu’ suggested, I also use the Lowepro 13x32cm case. I put the case (with the lens and the hood mounted) into a kind of hicking backpack (about 30L) and that’s it. I often bring a clothe so this stall the case a bit.
Keep shooting.

Gary Fallowes says:

Great review…waiting for the lens to arrive Thursday. One great feature about the D850 is being able to switch to DX mode on the fly and get that extra reach. I hope it works well with the D850…I’ve heard mix reviews.

David Lewis says:

I have a D500 with the same lens, I love this combination! I shoot mostly wide life and some landscape.

dilithium72 says:

I use it a lot for vehicle track-days. Easily hold-able for burst shots, but you probably need a monopod for any prolonged stints. As for carrying it… I use a dual shoulder-strap. Makes me look like a modern-day gun-slinger, but the weight is manageable and makes it easy to switch from my 70-200, as long as both lenses are attached to the straps and the camera is free to move between the two.

Trevor Lloyd says:

Apologies meant to post this a while ago, here’s what I bought to carry the lens –

Cesar Abraham says:

I got this lens 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR , also got Tamron 150-600mm , Yes its a lot sharper than the tamron

Manuel Rabelo says:

Can you use it with DX body?

Jack Atsitso says:

Please can I no the price of the lens? Thank

rmr046 says:


Marius Bogdan says:

Secret solution for the combo: Lowepro Scope Porter 200 AW Dark Olive 🙂

Bath gnostic says:

Beautiful imagery, might be willing to pay a little bit more if they could correct that “football” bokeh. Still an A+ product and value though, and in all honesty thats not really what this lens is for anyway.

bruce pool says:

In case no one asked this (can’t be bothered checking). How does this different compared to a 70-200 f2.8 VR with teleconverter like 2.0?

Jason B says:

ur so cute.

tectorama says:

It certainly is an amazing lens, especially when paird with the 1.4 TC.
I also made a slight modification, after having the lens hood fall off.
I made a couple of tiny holes in the back of the hood using a hot needle.
Then attached it to the lens body with a short piece of fishing line.
Lens hood is expensive to replace.
I carry mine using the tripod collar, with a wrist strap for security.

Arthur A says:

My experience using the 200-500 f5.6 in combination with D7100 has been very good and I am very happy with the lens. Again I thank SnapChick for her video which guided me through the decision process. However, the only issue I have had so far is taking photos of the moon. I have tried it multiple times with clear skies above and it just doesn’t come out sharp enough (with max zoom). I have tried various S, A and ISO combinations but to no avail. What am I doing wrong? Any recommendations? Many thanks!

J M says:

I have this lens paired with my D500 = PERFECT MATCH! To new wildlife photographers, this is what you need.

Gerard Ferry says:

you can buy a flat roll up hood

Meagain921 says:

Very good review. Thank you.

สิทธิพร พุ่มเกิด says:

Please review this item with v1

jolly fresh says:

if i have a p900 nikon do i require thsi lens

Mark Chandler says:

Hi there , did you find a ‘bag’ solution for the 200-500 lens and kit? I am having the same issue

Sean Chiem says:

i want dis.

Tom Jones says:

Having to take it OFF the camera body when packed is an advantage. It’s never a good idea to pack a camera body and big & heavy lens together. If you drop the bag there is a good chance it will bend the lens mount on the camera.

ooltimu says:

I recommend the Lowepro 13x32cm padded case for carrying. I use it with my Tamron 150-600 G2 which is roughly the same size and it’s great for protection. A little bit expensive, but it’s worth it.

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