IT HAS A 3000MM ZOOM 😱Nikon P1000 Review by Georges Cameras

Yep, you read that title correctly. Nikon Australia dropped by and gave us a Nikon P1000 to test out. Oh and did we mention it has a 28-3000mm zoom lens?
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Rui Aurélio says:

‘Nice’ pop-up flash !! Btw, how does the flash perform at 3000mm really ?? 🙂 (yes, nevermind)

William Pichardo says:

Now this is the ultimate overcompensator’s camera.

Gerard Ferry says:

its not 3000, certainly not a 3000 f8


Birding… Wildlife photography in general 🙂

joy adams says:

I have pre-ordered mine, I currently have the P900, anxious to get my upgrade, thanks for the share Mate!

Udiyaman Shukla says:

A review for newbies. And seriously, you think 1.4kg is too heavy? You must be a wimp

richard holt says:

Great video. What does the P1000 have in the timelapse settings, any more than the 5 settings on the 900? Also, does it have a bulb setting?

thearith chuor says:

Why you have it? It sell on 06/09/2018

Pj Chanel says:


GosumassB says:

Why is this not in 4k?!?!?! nevertheless, great video mate 🙂

Felix Chong says:

Perfect for birds of all kinds

Viktorian3d says:

Hi, thanks for the good vid. What is the shutter lag on this camera? And maybe You could upload some full resolution photos You’ve taken to inspect the quality.

NallePu83 says:

Stalker cam!

moon man says:

Cool video but have you got tiny hands or is it really that big

Yousef Alabdullah says:

Is it available in the market now ???

Jon Kentucky says:

Single card slot ?…………………….hahaha

张佐 says:

At what focal length will the aperture changes to f4, f5.6, f8?

Andy Li says:

Just talking, no photo or video shown !

Ansie Martin says:

Hi can you please inform on what’s the largest aperture we cud use on p1000 with each zoom range. Thank you

Klod Been says:

You should better show the camera and image quality but not yourself!

ronald ferreira says:

dont use zoom while its on screen use the eyepieace to save battery

Chiyo Late says:

no moon shots?

bolhabelo1 says:

I have an old d3000 and I am looking for an upgrade. For someone that is looking good travel camara , shooting wildlife and surf do you think I should buy a D7200 with a Tamron 18-400mm or the p1000? (Price range similar)

Edwin Dekkers says:

On 3:31 you say “touch” screen. I understood the P1000 has no touch-screen.

Boaty Mc Boatface says:

Is the HDMI out put “live”? Can it be connected to a monitor whilst filming?

Michael Miller says:

I am awaiting for shutter lag and af lag.

Mark James says:

Great video , I have P900 , love that , possibly update when price drops

薄熙来 says:

Paparazzi’s dream come true…

Dhaya Nidhi says:

Is p1000 all weather proof

The Missing Link's Younger Brother says:

I love the P900, very versatile and the image quality is remarkable for what it is, I saw that the P1000 is on pre order at the local camera shop at £1000, the P900 is only £550.

Gary Tashjian says:

P1000 or Sony RX10 IV??

Abhishek Kumar says:

the camera is bigger than his face

FairDinkumAussie says:

Thanks for the insight. Can you tell me if the P1000 has clean HDMI output for monitoring and external recording?

666ufoMr says:

Should take 2 pics, both P1000 versus P900 see difference

Lz Ortin says:

Hi Georges CamerasTV, Congratulations on the channel! What can you say about whether, on the P1000, NIKON has improved the ability for night shots and night-time video capability to evolve to HD quality? because in P900 these features are of poor quality … Thanks in advance by attention and reply

greggers says:

You reccomend it for wildlife yet the burst mode is poor.

Roman Empire says:

Superb review

E says:

That continual autofocus looks abysmal

Shawn Turnbull says:

holy crap.. that is a beast! oh and you forgot to mention the manual focus ring.. and the optional remote

ronald ferreira says:

how much stronger the lens from the p900

Soma Sekhar says:


Elodia Gals says:

I have Nikon P900 and planning to get a this new one.

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