I recently sold my Canon 70-200mm L series lens to make way for a new photographic workflow. But I thought it might be good to talk about my experiences with this lens before I actually hand it over to the next lucky owner. This video looks at the pros and cons of this lens but mostly the pros of how this lens can fit in anyone’s photography workflow. It is, in my humble opinion, the desert island lens to have because it covers so many different aspects of photography. It is an excellent portrait lens, an excellent sports lens, and na excellent event lens. It is truly a gem and truly the one lens anyone should have whether they own a aps-c sensor camera or a full frame camera.

I also do a little pros and cons assessment on this lens as well

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timzanation says:

Last year I sold my 7D and 70-200mm f/4. This year after looking a lot I got an 80D and 70-200mm f/2.8 non IS and love this setup. I looked at the 7D Mark II and 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II but like the lighter weight of the 80D and don’t need the IS for what I do.

Longrider says:

The subtleties of your videos are really great, you always take us on a little journey as opposed to some other reviews where they sound like carnival barkers lol

3stan says:

D850 with 70-200

Michael Dande says:

WAS it the mark 1 or mark 2 that u sold

Angrier Photographer says:

Nice story,
But I have to disagree with you about Sony Lenses, they has almost same size (pretty big in size) but lighter.

Overall Sony Mirrorless system far lighter than traditional DSLR like Canikon.

Eric Rossi says:

Amazing lens, but yeah I sold my 70-200 a little back and its mainly because I just dont use it unless I’m shooting a wedding. Renting has been a huge money saver

Abdul Boss7 says:

Give me

Minolta4Life says:

Image stabilization I think is well worth the extra money for one time events that you can not do over like weddings. Other then that I don’t think its worth it. What if you are a manual shutter and you forgot to jack up your shutter speed? Better to have a safety net.

Michael Ma says:

I thought you were gonna say you sold it to challenge yourself to expand your portfolio.

TheMobileMan says:

Hello Jacques, is it a version 2 of the lens?

Eliot Drake says:

You seem to blow out your highlights in the examples you show. You might try using film. Seriously.

Blane Biondolillo says:

don’t think i’ll be getting rid of mine any time soon! brings me alot of joy with my photos,accept for its badge/white color witch i dislike and weight its probably one of canons best with out IS(not needed),i would trade for a all black version though in a hart beat,thank you,nice photos you have taken .

Mikhail Campbell says:

The canon 85 1.4L IS just been released

samiebuka says:

how are you doing with the Fuji?

TJ Manou says:

can you give credits to the models too pls?

David B Cossini says:

Nice video, but you need to pick up the IS MKll of this lens, it is with out a doubt amazing, and although it does not get used all the time, I will never get rid of it (unless a better one come along).

Chuck Norris says:

7D Mk II and a 100-400 II, simple, so what’s the problem?

Natalie DesRoches says:

Hi, What is it you’re using as your camera body at the moment? I’m struggling with a decision. I shoot with a 7d mark 1, I own a 70-200 f4, an 85 1.8, a 50 1.8, a 105 sigma and a 17-50 2.8 sigma. I’m trying to decide if I should buy anymore glass or a new camera boy. I’d like to shoot weddings and have considered the sigma 70-200 2.8….. but also primes. Can you help ?

Forrest Mobley says:

Your business must be really bad. Hope the money you get for the lens will keep you going for a few more days. Sorry to see you go.

Manish Bhalla says:

I am a Pediatrician with interest in photography and I must say that there are many big photography channels on YouTube but your channel is best as your reviews are best and contents are original.

Andy Midside says:

That’s the reason why I’m shooting on Panasonic MFT camera’s.
The 35-100mm f2.8 (70-200mm) is so light and compact (Approx. 360g / 12.7oz).
I use it for almost everything!! 🙂 Though I would like to add the Olympus 75mm f1.8 to my kit, the images you can take with this lens are amazing! Lovely bokeh and crisp sharp

dontuseitmuch says:

Hey Jacques, as u r using a Canon 80d so can u pls recommend wide angle, portrait and telephoto lenses each below $1000

Vaughn Felix says:

was it the 2.8 or 4.0 IS or no?

Lyndon Smith says:

Have you tried the Fujinon 50-140 2.8? I’ve seen it for as little as $1350 CDN used.

Capt Eric Bergeron says:

Awesome, thanks for sharing.

Lee Ahegg says:

This lens is in my wish list! Is it the focusing speed is slower than 85mm f/1.2?

Castiel Diallo says:

prefer using primes myself. however, you need to own at least one zoom in the arsenal.

Tomislav Miletić says:

I still use that exact lens for my daily work. And it’s a great sharp lens. Made for sports and events. But every day after I’m done with my work I hate this lens so much I could toss it in the river. Course if you walk the whole day with that lens in your bag on you shoulder you’ll hate it for sure… 
Solutions? 135/2 maybe…

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