HD360X Zoom product review

My review of the HD360X Zoom smartphone lens


powerman5000ca says:

8x’s – what does that equate to mm wise – Is it like a 50mm lens , a 75 mm lens ?

Mayur Panghaal says:

stip fooling people

Mushoniful Hanif says:

Go the he**! What the fuck*ng review!

Eileen Klecka says:

Thanks and ignore all those naysayers…You saved me from buying it.

Anthea Ng says:

what kind of review is this ?
we are “listening” to what you see , what’s the point ?

Steven Lee says:

most boring review

riffitup says:

very bad review. we can’t even see what you’re doing during the review.

StopmoNick says:

You could mention that it is not actually a zoom lens, just a mild telephoto – It has a focus ring on it, but no zoom ring. It is promoted with a video showing an incredible zoom shot of the moon, which was actually taken with a Nikon P900, so it’s fraud, not just a bit of hype. And maybe show the viewer the phone screen when you are looking through it, so we can actually see what you are talking about.

Juan Leiva says:

I like your enthusiasm but I suggest you learn how to do a lens review….specially you do not start with a terrible lighting…I mean..if you wanna review a photographic item…please learn about photography 1st. You can do it better!

Jim Brown says:

this guy is too self absorbed and has lost his audience who can’t see what he’s doing this is No Exit video

cappee1966 says:

Cheers mate. Haters gonna hate but you saved me from spending money on a piss poor product that I would have just sent back for a refund.

Google User says:

Thanks for the review. I was seriously thinking of buying one…..not anymore…. Thanks again…

Petrine Bronson says:

I just received mine and I have to return it. It is a hassle and the quality sucks. Wish I waited.

James Leon says:

The only way you can get that rubbish to work is by using a tripod but the quality of the photo ? I don’t think so. The lack of ability to control your shutter speed on your phone plus no image stabilization on the lens will only magnify your camera shake handheld.

Iwan Junifanto says:

wow. really?

dm51964 says:

LMAO….people buy such trash and then think it will do what a dedicated expensive prime lens will do on a dslr….you pay for what you get

ZENA says:

i received mine as a gift and i have a samsung phone it works great! although it looks like this is better suited for the iphones. as the lense is right at the time and the samsung phones are lower down on the phone.

anand rao says:

paid review..good one…thanks not buying it….thank u for saving money

Alice Eisenhauer says:

Thanks! I was interested, but sceptical.

Marcin M. says:

You call it a review? Seriously?

andingle says:

I ordered the one on amazon.com, same thing, except it came with a screw on adapter/eye piece to use the lens as a monocular.

Frankie Tan says:

What a review!!! Worst review ever made!!!!

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