Giant iPhone Zoom Lens – Does It Suck?

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cyvidal10 says:

Does It Suck? The item, No, the guy setting it up? Yes

You’re just too dumb to use it..

Mighty Ashur says:

Doesn’t go outside to take pictures.
Doesn’t show pictures.
Useless review.

The Greek Hacker says:

i bought only the tripod from a shop called jumbo for 99 cents
i bought 2 but in the first 3 secconds the first one break

ebenezer simons says:

its ok just u suck

Plako says:

The only thing that sucks here is that dumbass.

Epoch Xenomania says:

Ur a Moron.

It’s an optical zoom lense.

For long range.

Not for a photo in a room

This is the first and last time I will watch one of your reviews.

zombie heart says:

could you teach ur fingers to be more dexterous?

CRANEthang123 says:

looked on Amazon and saw a microscope lens for iphone. I think you should try it.

Mies Heerma says:

Should have watched this before buying this crap. It really does suck …. I hate myself for having purchased it 😉

hector castañeda says:

He is clumsy with his hands

nGon- says:

The least you could have done was show some comparative shots to see how much it zooms and how good or bad the light is, for those who are capable of using it

Jamie O says:

Hahaha! That was funny. So, what is a good universal telephoto, that takes good pictures? I saw one on another video but it was in French, I think, and had no brand name on it. arg…

Andrew Bogert says:

I just love everything you do with your hands! It keeps me so engaged!

spookendeklopgeesten says:

Yes this review sucks! But how’s the lens? We still don’t know.

sbache says:

maybe read instructions then realise u fix the mount to phone before u fix the lens to the mount. u actually made yourself look stupid

Илья Буров says:

Just show the photos, what the fuck

Myk Cantu says:

searched for android, and of course found bullcrap iphone

Lilian Ninnette says:

Asshole you are useless

H20 DRAGON GG says:


yodude902 says:

I’m watching on may 16 2017 this vid came out on may 16 2016


Ramprasad Ramprasad says:

sleepless ahh ahh

TOP- VOICE says:

You made me laugh so much !

Jojo Pe says:


Gun Km3 says:


MarkToast says:

sooo a tiny telescope?

kcs cover Kaustubh Cover Songs says:


MA Hussain says:


John Mohammadi says:

fuck you fuck your mother

WhenItCounts says:

Looks lke a mini light saber

Olnu JuTaSRi says:


Mani raj says:

No problem dude, You can send it to me

Bardia Yasari says:

Hahahahaha it was so funny

Andre Markiz says:

Ахаха ну конечно говно-продукт, что был создан для наивных людей, с которых можно вытрусить по 30$ без напряга)) А негативные комменты скорее всего от людей, что связаны с реализацией этого “чуда инженерных разработок”, невероятной гемморной приблуды 😀

Legend 76 says:

unbox my brain… does it suck?

Michigan Gaming says:

Im so freaking annoyed about the “Hooked” commercials. I dont care if the circus lights went out

Syed Fahad says:

Yes this thing is terrible…..suck

Raul says:

how i mount the clip to the scope? with glue of how?

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