Crazy 24-3000mm Zoom Lens!

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Nikon P1000:

Video Shot with:

Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4:
Laowa 7.5mm f/2:

Blue Wednesday:

#Nikon #3000mm #Zooooooooooooooom


Shreyas Pai says:

That’s African broh!….

RSpudieD says:

lol this is awesome. #ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

Simon Nalepka says:

I’m just gonna leave this GIF here:

The Art of Photons says:

That lens extension reminds me of the film Alien for some reason?

Ultimartinum says:

Bridge camera because fully enlarged you can use it as one.

shadyninja1 says:

This is the best wedding photography camera

sam kid16 says:

I dont know what i dont like more…. lens erection or kai’s small crispy crusty nose….

Andrew Robertson says:

Please just buy a stabilizer, fixing it in post looks so janky

Kram Sniggah says:

The most interesting and funniest man on Youtube. Period.

CodHumors says:

I talked with a Nikon sales rep about this exact product a few months ago. They said it was mostly used for and bought by the FBI for reconnaissance.

emma williams says:

w t f this guys voice is he acting or wht ?????????

Anindya Mitra says:

Designed by Johnny Sins, manufactured by Nikon..

Theo S says:

Nikon, bring out the DL series you teased us with.

Ryan McEntire says:

Flat earthers new favorite camera

Tony Tiger says:

If I worked as a PR for a camera manufacturing, I would pay Kai to NOT review my cameras. Whatever it would cost me, it would be money well spent.


bla bla bla bad joke fact , bla bla bla bad joke fact yeaaaaa!

Alexander Knight says:

You can try to polish that turd but at the end of the day it is still a piece of crap.

Bodyboarding Chronicles says:

Is this platform a good action photography camera?
Can it be used for 4k video?
Can it take stills from video?

OchoTV says:

At a soccer (football) match, you may find it pretty useful.

Gleb Podorozhnyy says:

Any plan to review the DJI Osmo pocket?

Chloride12 says:

That voice is heavenly.

anwar alomaisi says:

It’s f4 or 5.6?

Kameleon Kump says:

It almost looks like a medium format camera

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