Canon’s Best Lens – 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Review

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Dan Chung for filming:
CVP for loaning the 1Dx II and GH5:

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Alisha says:

can someone compare and contrast the sigma and canon lense?

William Pichardo says:

6:49 those nipples are gonna haunt me in nightmares

G C says:

im the 10k liker…should kai source me a dslr for beimg the 10k liker of this video 😉 thanks kai

Shubham Bhatnagar says:

Which place did you shoot this video in ?

Good Free Photos says:

1DX Mark II isn’t an all-purpose body

Garrett Sutherland says:

I don’t know why I watch these videos… I will never be able to afford any of the equipment shown in these videos :/

MrKdr500 says:

“one of Canon’s best lenses”??? it’s the shittiest “L” lens Canon have made.

David Wang says:

at 4:48, how do you escape from that?

Danish Ara says:

14fps Selfie

Bipin Dattani Photography says:

Make this lens a constant f2.8 and would be the Best camera lens.

ToffeeFruit says:

What camera are you using to film the video? xD

ali baqi says:

which one is better for family use: 17-55 or 24-105 ?

Talitha Barbosa Cicon says:

Omg, you are everywhere! Every review I search, you are in it lol Awesome job! Thank you!

Blaine Mansell says:



Please what Filter would you recommend for the EF 24-105mm.

Air Espenilla says:

Kai what lens did you use to film this?doesnt look like mft footage

Aumsama Foto says:

กวนตีนดีครับ กล้องแดง แต่สายคล้องเหลืองครับ อิอิ

Jon Angelo Gjetting says:

24-70 f2.8 mII ftw

Mario Manlupig Jr says:


musicmachineplayer31 says:

Please share what mic you used in this video thanks?


when you have a better camera for vlogging than normal professional

jarryjayo says:

Kai W, maybe forward that one on to the police, there is a guy who can get you money drugs what ever you want.LOL…

SuperDave says: ‘s evil twin spotted! 2:03

Bitch Boi says:


Sigma Octantis says:

Haha funny you should say that the 24-105 f4L was a boring lens, that was the exact reason I sold mine.

Amlan Mohapatra says:

I was just checking out the sharpness of the new canon 24-105 f/4 Mark 2 lens on Dxo Mark, it seems it performs worse than its Mark 1 version, is it true ?? shud i just buy ita Mark 1 version rather than its Mark 2 version??

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