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Canon RF 28-70 F2 at Adorama

This is a Lens Review of the Canon RF 28-70mm F2. This was an unexpected lens but now that it’s here, I love it. It’s big, heavy and expensive which means it’s not for everyone. But for the full time pros out there who demand the best of the best, this will fit nicely in your bag. Or you might need a new bag to make it fit.

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E.J. King says:

RF to E Mount!

Mario Kühni says:

I own a 24-70mm f/2.8 shown in your video but using it on a 5D Mk IV, wondering if i should change the camera body to EOS R

High Ground Productions says:

this would pair well with the 16-35

Rikcy Valle Pérez says:

RF lens is the true future

Cubing With A Twist says:

Much love for the Philly Ren fair and especially the mud act, hilarious!

Xristos Symeonides says:

If this lens could be a bit smaller and lighter it would be a perfect lens for wedding photographers. Quite wide at 28mm and also at f2 and 70mm good enough for portraits. Could give you the option to shoot weddings using a single camera and a single lens. Overpriced though

tharun VENKAT says:

If you get the ef lens you could leave the adapter on the body and not fumble around when changing to wider or longer lenses

Tyler Atwood says:

No stabilization for $3000, come on Canon… an instant crutch on this lens/camera for any professional wedding shooter.

Martin Turner says:

Fro, not ONLY can your pros afford the glass BUT YOU get to take YOURS off on your taxes (as opposed to us “enthusiasts”)! Not many of you ever mention. this fact … Fair enough as it’s a business expense (like I used to claim my bass guitars when I played music).

Aroshan Rai says:


Anthony Hershko says:

Great video as usual!! Can you do a review on the new Sigma 60-600mm? Thanks!

Chris Hall says:

“Never had a lens like this before”?…I know it’s wider but what about the sigma 24-35 f2 art??

PixelVogue says:

ever ever ever ever

4IN14094 says:

No IS on a non IBIS body, no, just no.

MadnessMobile says:

The ‘paint can’. Over $4000 in Canada (with taxes). Camera is close to $3000. I loved my 2 weeks with the EOS R but I can’t justify $7000 as an enthusiast (not pro) for a mid level spec mirrorless camera with high end glass. Can’t afford it.

Allan Madsen says:

i already ordered the 24-70 f2.8 version ll after i had rent it for a weekend to try it out , and i love it already and cant wait till i got my own in my hands , its gonna be a perfect setup for my canon 6d mk ll to do portraits ..

Curtis Liddell says:

Smells like glass…. hmmm

dorosG9 says:

It’s 3mm you’re missing. 25, 26, 27…

Ewan Lim says:

“I don’t do drugs” followed by him smelling glass like he is doing a line of cocaine. hahahahaha

TonyC0101 says:

Ugh…why such a goofy zoom range? It’s like the guy who shows up late to the party bringing sparkling water.

nature albums says:

I would rather have 4 or 5 cheaper 1.8 prime lenses with a body that has IS rather than 3 zoom lenses that cost more than a new car. Considering there is no IS on that lens or the body what a big mistake that was. Using that lens is like holding your camera kit in your hands and it’s only a 28-70 ! There’s probably a good reason why up to now nobody has bothered to make one and it has nothing to do with the new mount making it now magically possible.

jay ward says:

the lens is amazing it seems but the body is sub pro. i would never buy this body when there are better around at present imho. plus 28mm is rubbish.

shadyninja1 says:

I would consider switching to canon Eos R just for the sake of this lens

Paul Kretz says:

Huuge piece, huuuge price! And no IS sucks forever! Still can’t wait to see *future generation RF bodies and lenses* . Hopefully, consumer level cost range as well.

Benjamin Urbina says:

I already have the 24-70L ii but I usually use the 35L ii and 85L1.4 IS…. the 28-70 is nice to HAVE but going for the 35L and 85L route is more practical especially when you have two camera bodies where both lenses are attached.

Rina Miele says:

People will always complain. Too big! Too Wide! Oh, man. Babies. Try handholding a 600mm f/4 II… Canon gives us this brilliant piece of glass at f/2.0 – setting precedents for zooms and everyone moans and groans? I’ve used this and peeped the samples. It’s sheer perfection and I can’t wait until Dec 20th for mine to ship. The RF 50mm f/1.2 is impeccable and the RF 35mm f/1.8 Macro is no slouch either – in fact I am excited at it’s STM motor for video. These are fantastic lenses people. And the EOS R is great. Stop your belly-aching.

Rafael Ivan Hattge says:

“I don’t do drugs and I don’t plan on doing them.” Proceeds to snort on a glass table.

jinx0192 says:

Not a lens for the average Joe photographer for sure unless you make a crap ton of money. Also 3lbs. That’s crazy!

Photo-Me-Ike says:

Yeah it’s big and heavy and would fill the bag up. But then again this would be the only lens in my bag.

samir jadeja says:

imagine if canon makes 85 – 135 f2 for portraits 😀 … 28 – 70 is really an awesome zoom lens never seen such sharp zoom lens at its widest Fstop , i must say canon is really innovative !

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