Canon RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS Lens Review: BEST Standard Zoom Lens?

Canon RF 24-105mm f/4 L USM IS Lens Review
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►Canon 80D-
►MacBook Pro 15inch Retina-
►Rode VideoMic Pro
► Sigma 18-35mm F1.8-
►Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L-
►Manfrotto Fluid Video Tripod-


charan cherry says:

Will it works with canon77d?

Paul says:

Nice review !! you confirm my findings.
I am stoked with my new R and Rf 24-105.

pedro gabriel Teixeira Bontempo says:


Jackie Tan says:

To check again IS and continues focusing is silence?

Maan Rai says:

Thanks for the awesome video really appreciate it

Mido Asmaa says:

Can you please give it to me i swear i want it to start youtube channel but i cant buy camera u swear i will put your name and link and i will thank you so much in my channel and congrats for the new studio if you took step please contact my gmail

العربي الالكترون says:

Canon EOS R

Eli's Channel says:


TrijuliAndy says:

Canon Eos R.
Hopefully, I would win this because I have no camera to take photos or make videos.

Pedro Brito says:

If i win this Canon EOS R i will start doing landscape photography, it will help me a lot in getting good results! Great Channel and videos!

Nicholas Noritz says:

I would love to win the cano eos r, i want to be a content creator and profesional photographer and videographer!! thank you for this oportunity!

Reign Gaming says:

Hope i win the canon eos r it would be the best gift ever you know what you should make more helpful and informational videos.

Felix B says:

I would love to win the camera I still have my old canon 700d and love it put why not a full-frame upgrade! I would youse it for some more starlight photography! also, you have some great videos! thanks for the work and a great day from Germany! #canoneosr

NO New Friends says:


Christopher Hope says:

Nice to see Canon make a good lens for the EOS R that doesn’t lose light when you zoom.

Wildan Tamvan says:

i dont have dslr to make film, my dream is become a filmmaker,, stunning and giving people my best effort to serve people good video,, i hope if i win this camera i can start my dream to become a filmmaker,, btw allmost all of ur contest is brilliant,, keep it up

The Daily Digest says:

I am looking to get into video, and EOS R would be a great camera for that!

Dannicharis says:


Edwin says:

Great quality! Hope I get a chance to hold it one day!

Eric Forbes says:

If I win the Canon EOS R I will have so much fun with my first full frame and mirrorless camera! I would shoot so much video and stills with it!

Nano Mukong says:

Dream lens

Reign Gaming says:

Love the information great video

Verrett Productions says:

Give me this camera son

ganesh kadu says:


Edward Batchelor says:

It’s a $1,000 lens

Dhawal Joshi says:

Very informative video bro!!!!Awesome✌

pedro gabriel Teixeira Bontempo says:

This is an amazing lens but the price in my country is so expensive…. but realy amazing lens!

Offstar1029 says:


Adam M says:

beautiful 🙂 nice to see Canon release some great lenses right out of the gate with the R

ThatPaytonGirl says:

I really hope I win the giveaway so I can actually do something with my life. Tysm for this opportunity

Rodolfo Armendariz says:

I want this camera!

Exige Nene says:

What is rf? And what’s the difference between that and ef?

insomniac Guy says:

Cannon Eos R ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mason Nelson says:


Pat Davey says:

Is the brick wall test at 24mm? Looks very sharp and the lack of vignette is welcome. It would be good to have looked at some other focal lengths.

Houda Souiba says:

I hope I can win the Canon EOS R ! I am a new foreigner student in art, and I’m bored here all alone. I would really like to start filming short movies and videos. Thank you for this chance !

Jason DeRulo says:

Wow great lens man wish i had money

Amna Qureshi says:

Please send me one Lens

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