Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens review (with samples)

I’m still using APS-C lenses because my new Canon 70D is so good for video work. After using this new lens for a while I decided to go ahead and keep it – it really is surprisingly great, and pretty fantastic value for money. Take a look at how it performs, in one of the longest reviews I’ve ever put together!

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All pictures and footage taken by me on a Canon 70D camera.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


ChrisNYPilot says:

So this is going to be a strange question. Is the 55-250mm STM lens sharper than the 300mm f/4 on an a 1.6x APC? It looked as such comparing your two videos. What do you think?

P Sblad says:

Excellent review! Very helpful and covered the most aspects! Well done!


What about canon 80D with this lens ?

ian stainer says:

how would this fair with aviation photography and flying birds, as i have an option this lens or the Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 VC USD lens.

iliden strmrege says:

I put a red ring on my 55-250 STM and it suddenly had a maximum apersture of f1.4

Planet-Blue Explorer says:

hey which lens would you recommend canon 55-250 is stm or tamron 70-300 vc usd for my canon 700D?

martin brimble says:

If you where to pair this with a 1.4x teleconverter, which ones might you suggest. Maybe three. 1. Cheap – 2. Medium – 3. Expensive options…?

Will Zone says:

going to buy this for my 700d

Daisy 데이지 says:

I was considering buying this lens and I have canon 70D. After watching this, I go for this lens. Thank you for super helpful review! Keep up the good work!

William Lingfield says:

I’d like to see this compared to the canon 70-200 L lens f4 as the the zooms are similar. Considering the price difference I wonder where the L lends makes it up especially as it’s not IS.

Bahari CS says:

at the price 60 usd for canon 55 250 is and 70 usd for canon 55 250 is ii , what i should choose? is the first gen 55 250 is better than is ii ? i am confused cause in here first gen is reccomended by Mr Christopher, but the is ii doesn’t
thank you

Chris says:

Thanks for the in depth review, was wondering if this lens could work in my trusty old 40D? I have read that some functions may not be available but would it be possible to use it at all?
Thanks and cheers, Chris

Juan Rodriguez says:

Man this is such an informative and downright pleasant review. Thank you sir! A sub for you!

Kenny Vo says:

I bought this about two weeks ago because of the review. I can attest, it is surprisingly sharp!! The stm is very nice as well as the snappy and quick autofocus. It’s my favourite lens in terms of budget value so far!!

Κατακουζινός Κωνσταντίνος says:

Hello Christopher! I have this lens on my 1200D Canon. Can I focus on this lens at 250mm as easy with 55mm?
Is this lens same sharp on 55mm and 250mm ?

Bence Szabó says:

Absolutely killer price/value ratio. I wanted to buy a used Tamron 70-300. But this deliveres same if not better image quality. Definately buy one in next month. 🙂

Angel Colon says:

Does these lens work with the rebel t6

PraveenKumar T says:

Really really fantastic review. After watching your review I would like to buy these lens. Your explained minute details. I’m very much happy for your review.

RKG Austin says:

How to make your lens a red ringed instrument of optical perfection!

zeus guinoo says:

I’ll have this one soon.then i’ll go for sigma 17-50mm

Keith Spillett says:

I have just ordered one from Amazon on the strength of this review, but its price is currently£135 with free postage. Amazing…..

martin brimble says:

Can this lens be used in conjunction with a teleconverter, maybe a 1.4x or 2x…? Thanks Martin

pitmaster05 says:

I just purchased this lens for my Canon 80D after watching this review – great lens, love it. Thank you Chris for this great review (and other vids), without you we will all be lost in this huge uncharted land of glass

ロボット失恋 says:

Thanks! I’m hoping this works well with t5i for music videos!

JMMartin351 says:

Is this a good lens for my Canon EOS 750D?

TheGichnni says:

Hi, I want to buy a Canon EOS 80D but I’m not sure about which lenses to buy. I’m a professional pilot and want to take photos and videos at my job as well as when I do sightseeing at my destinations. One single lense would be nice, but I have no problems with having two different lenses if they are better. I was first looking at Sigma 18-35/1.8 Art, but it doesn’t have any image stabilization which I want for videos. Now I am looking at the Canon 18-135/3.5-5.6, but I’m not sure. Please help me!

Reionu says:

Can I use EF 12 II or EF-25 II with this lens? And would it increase the bokehehe?

Micah Angela says:

would you say that this lens is good for my Canon Rebel T6??

Prak SreyLeak says:

good detail. thx u

Geomixa Productions says:

If I use a crop frame Lens on a crop-frame camera, does it give me the zoom of the lens multiplied by 1.5? Or do I need to use a full frame lens on my crop frame camera to do that?

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