Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 USM & Powerzoom PZ-E1 lens review with samples

Here is Canon’s latest 18-135mm lens, featuring their newest autofocus system, ‘Nano’ USM. It costs a lot more than its STM predecessor, but it is compatible with Canon’s new powerzoom module (PZ-E1 – sold separately). What other differences are there, and are they worth it?

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All photography and video footage taken by me on Canon 6D, 70D and EOS M3 cameras.

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Akshay Kalkeri says:

Hey friend you shoot first photo of hotel that place is quay parades

Daniel Han - 協咒曲 says:

Ewww, lens hood not supplied…

Fredarich Tumbapo says:

Does this fit with the Lumix GH4 ?

iliden strmrege says:

I have the feeling one would be better off with a used 24-105mm f/4L lens, which may be even cheaper (around $400 to 600). While it might not give the same reach, it is sharper and gives way more contrast to your pictures, it also has IS and a constant F4 aperture which is better for video. For wider angles a 10-18mm would suffice, it’s also very cheap, light, and most importantly sharp.

I still wish Canon would make more EF-S zooms with a constant aperture like f/4 or even another f/2.8 lens, albeit with a higher price tag. A wider angle 14 or 15mm EF-S lens as a 24mm FF equivalent would also be nice; my 10-18 spends most of its time either on 10mm or on 15mm.

Lino Almojuela says:

Chris. How is the image quality compare to canon 55-250 IS Stm?

Traumglanz says:

It is a great kit lense for the 80d imho. And reasonable cheap in the kit as well.

Saurabh Tiwari says:

Sir can u tell me how to set focus at infinity in this lens while on manual focus mode? It has no marking on focus ring and u can rotate it many times in any direction.

Robert LeBlanc says:

Thanks for the great video reviews.
Will you be getting a 6D Mark II?
I’d love to see your review of it.

Muhammad Amer says:

Is the auto focus as good as the stm version on the canon 80D for video ?

Jake Dogterom says:

Hey chris! If you’re able to, Id love to see a review of the new sigma 100-400! Looks like it could be a good buy.

Johan Eriksson says:

Got the USM version used for about 165 pounds and since I´m only going to use it for when I´m traveling I am very happy with it.

Agapito, Juliano says:

Hi Frost! U think that this lens is optically good as the EFs 15-85? Which one u choose for a stay-in lens? Thank you so much!

MrVinjayz says:

I have observed that the lenses you had reviewed were most of the times attached to M3. May I ask why? Does the M3 operates well with regular Canon lenses and as well as third party lenses?

Wright Neville says:

Thanks Chris, always enjoy your reviews.  Just wonder whether using EOS-M with adaptor could affect the image quality.

Rohit R says:

What a pleasant voice

jareena munnu says:


Giacomo C. says:

Hi i’m Giacomo, (sorry for my english), i follow your channel from my years and i think that your review are amazing. I have a eos 60D by 4 years and i’m looking on the 80D, have you ever tried this model? What do you think about it?
Thank a lot and compliment for your channel!

autobotguy says:

Nano-USM seems like such a tiny and practically useless update. The extra cost of this lens over the STM version is just so you can spend even MORE money and “upgrade” with the powerzoom module. I’m sorry, but this is just fiddly crap. They should have at LEAST had a 2 or 3 speed switch on the powerzoom module so you can get consistant zoom speeds instead of its current jerky functionality. Easy pass for me.

rich Mck says:

Big error on canon’s part not allowing this lens to be used on a full frame camera…I am after the canon 6d mark ii in the future!

Lau Bjerno says:

I’m looking forward to your review of the Tamron 18-400, and I hope you will compare it to this Canon 18-135.

Shah Faisal says:

Beautifully described. Thanks for such a great video.

Mike Santis says:

Very nice review thank you. Thinking of buying the Canon 80D and also this lens. My question is, can I use the lenses I use on my Canon 5D mark ii, on the Canon 80D?

Feryiee Veryiee says:

what is the best lens for aps -c ( canon 18-135 nano usm or sigma 18-300 hsm c) ?

Drake Leroy says:

Thanks for the review. I’ll pass on buying this one

Edmund Dragojlović says:

Can it fit on my 6D mark ii?

john caulfield says:

Are you planning to give a full review of the new Tamron 18 – 400 mm ?

JW Studios says:

I got this lens with my 80D and its the all around lens hahaha. Tbh you don’t really need another lens!!! Pair this lens with the 80D and its lightning fast. The lens feels great. A nice strong plastic, definitely doesn’t feel cheap

ruslan surawijaya says:

did you used an adaptor on your eos M3?

Lennman Zeppelin says:

I love the the British accent, but yours is simply too much for me

Apex Visuals says:

Moved from Canon 6D, to it’s next best body. Internal 4K, great autofocus with face tracking, higher usable ISO, 100 fps at 1080p, everything for a reasonable price of just 1200 $. It’s called Canon A6300.

Oh, wait. It’s Sony.

Nicolas Lewis says:

I have the 18-135 is usm. Despite all the hate against it I actually really like it!!

ar Choi says:

Very good review

van Kerken says:

need your advice Mate!
Should I buy a canon 10-22 mm or a 70-300 mm usm ?
I have the 18-135 mm usm already :/

Kevin Centeio says:

God, canon really doesnt use much logic in their products and overall future plan anymore

UpUplifted says:

iv got this lens and it’s sharp was surprised from the grading scale shown here, I use it for a all round lens, good for outdoor use, good for video

Seb says:

I see a lot of fuji users hating on this lens and I don’t see the point of that. Just use your damn camera and lenses to shoot photos instead of spewing hatred at other brands.

angelisone says:

Many beginners, amateurs and claimed pros have switched to Sony, Olympus & Fuji.
Canon you are six years too late, like Nikon.

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