Canon EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens review with samples

One of the most diminutive telephoto zoom lenses Canon have ever made…is it diminutive in quality, though?

All pictures taken by me on a Canon EOS M3 camera.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…


D Desai says:

Please review Canon’s new 70-200 F4 L Mark II version and compare against 70-200 F4L Mark I and 55-250 STM lens.

Simon M. Hansen says:

I like your review, but how can this be a good build quality if it is entirely made out of plastic?

jack january says:

Hello Christopher! Is this compatible to Canon M10 mirrorless camera without an adapter? Thanks!

Pieter de Wit says:

Hi Christopher, thanks for your review 🙂
I own a M3 myself and a couple of EF-M lenses, including the 18-150. It’s perfect for traveling, but I missed the wider angels I had with my 15-45, so got a 11-20 as well. But some times I like to go on hikes and take pictures of birds (and other wildlife, if there is any :P), but the 150 doesn’t give me that much reach. I guess the 200 isn’t that much more ?
I would love to get something like 300 or 400 with the adapter, but would rather not get something over 1 kg… Do you have any recommendations ?

Paul Safford says:

Glad to see your review on this since I just picked one up through canon as a refurb on sale for $200 (US). Got it for video but it’s so light I might try and take it on vacation… wonder how it compares to the 55-250 stm with an adapter…?

fractal_force says:

Good morning

Dark Chikin says:

Does it work with Micro four thirds?

UnratedAwesomeness says:

How come my 55-250 is 4-5.6?

Itmam Hasan says:

Please do a review on tamron 18-200mm lens


55-200mm Or 70-200mn Which on is the best?

kmáté says:

I wouldn’t say ‘smooth’ to the bokeh, the shape of the bokeh-balls and those onion rings in them are pretty ugly…

mrcoolwebuk says:

I found the 55-250 a lot better and stm f4-5.6 on my m5 light and small enough to fit in a pocket.

Carmen Aguilar says:

I bought canon m 10 that includes ef m15-45 is stm. I feel that lense is being not so good enough. I would like to buy ef m 55-200 is stm, but I m not sure if it’s much more better.. what can u recommend?does it worth to buy?

mactopia says:

As the great Dustin Abbott put it (if I remember correctly): “Real world useful” 😀
I have this since my M3 era and now I’m on the M5 with DPAF. Yes it’s slow and dark on the tele end but can’t argue with the compactness, low profile and utmost portability. Always keep it with me for inconspicuous street snapshots. As with any mirrorless system, what’s more important than “a lens which you’d always bring along”? 😉

canturgan says:

Expensive for a slow lens.

iliketeas says:

Will you do reviews on popular vintage lenses like canon fd, minoltas, and zeiss??

Modestas Endriuska says:

Nice review! Waiting for Tamron 24-70mm f.2.8 G2!

Seb says:

The EF-S version is pretty much better in every way except size and weight and it’ll still work well on an EOS M. Canon is really neglecting the lenses despite releasing decent bodies which is the opposite of what they did when they released the original EOS M which came out with the excellent 11-22mm and 22mm f2 which feel more premium than some of their plastic L lenses…

Tomek1Oko says:

Hi. I really like your reviews, r u going to test the new 6d ii ???

Gordon Freeman says:

Thx man, you really helped me deciding if i go fo this or the 18-150mm. I guess I’ll pick this one now.

Letstestit says:

Is this Good for Dslr canon 600d? please answer

Petrolhead says:

Watched this and you 15-150 review and so long as you happy with 2 lenses in your bag, the kit lens and this one the 55-200 just looks to be a much better buy. Indeed you can but better and use an adaptop but I would assume the penalty will be weight

Paul Safford says:

Canon is offering a “cyber week” deal on a refurb for about $150

Joodh Ahmed Naseer says:

I would suggest buying the adaptor and getting the EF-S 55-250mm

kavan82 says:

Is there a chance to see your next videos in 4k?

lugnutrs says:

Can you review the 28-105mm 3.5-4.5? (version II preferably)

André Lousada, Conductor says:

Have you done this to the sony 55-210 e-mount?

ErikTyson says:

Please Test the Samyang 10mm f2.8! I would really like to know if its good value for money!

Munhong Ng says:

waiting for the new Tamron 18-400 f/3.5-6.3

sammy Fan says:

hello,what is your email?

Evan Paglinawan says:

Hi Chris, hows things? Been watching your reviews since, i wonder if you can make a review on tokina 16-28 f2.8 please. Many thanks. Evan

Chris Summers says:

Hi Christopher, as usual a good review! I’m always amused by how much gear you review that I either own or am thinking about buying. We Christophers must think a like! I do own this lens and only for one reason, it’s built for the Canon M series and is fairly small and light. Yes, the aperture is on the dark side but if I want to travel light with my mirrorless system I take it along. And right now Canon has refurbished ones at a very good price. I own the EF-M adapter and sometimes use my Tamron 70-200mm G2 when weight isn’t an issue and I really want to have better image quality but I’ve had pretty good success with this lens. Planning to get the new Tamron 18-400mm and that could be a game changer to make me sell this lens but for now I sill use it.

Nick Tiamaros says:

i dont know about you but i can get nice photos in dark places, so i think this will be handy since i dont have telephoto lens.

Dr Dimento says:

Awesome Review.  I’ll be picking up one of these and dump my EF lens.  Thanks.

MissKimLu says:

which one is better for my eos m3?

Ef-m 55-200m or Ef-s 55-200m (+ adapter)?

Zaber Ansary says:

Waiting for Tamron 100-400

TheBobes says:

f4.5 at 55mm is pretty bad by modern standart imho. :/

SpaceOrbison says:

Why is it that regular camera have insane zoom but these type of cameras don’t?

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