Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS USM Lens Review

Hunting fox ain’t easy, can this lens cut it?

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“In this video we did some fox hunting with the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L lens(

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mazen ezou says:

holy fox

davidjewels says:

At 1:55 I almost cried laughing as the girl in blue passed by

Luigi Gambino says:

your fox is amazingly beautiful!

Shariq khan says:

Send me as a gift please its a beauty

Brown Iverson says:

id like to shoot the fox with a full load of cum

A S says:

Does it fit cannon 7d

Alec Moyer says:

Ur gay

Ehsan Mostafa says:

Will it fit with a canon 700d?

Mike Hermes says:


t.fin2004 says:

i live in England

Iyoy Ceplok says:


Melvyn Tang says:

thanks and nice video , I am thinking of to get this lens this year .I just found out that , 70-200 f2.8 is not enough to shoot in the concert ( hk coliseum )

Fabiana P says:

I came for the review. I stayed for the weirdness. I love it.

Hollis Greene says:

Will this Bad Boy pair well with a Canon 6D?

Denmar Arradaza says:


185transformer says:

i have Canon 750D. is this lens compatible and how would rate it if i used it with 750d.
Plz answer, i have to make a decision

Didier Infante says:

Bonjour bel objectif

Jan Edmarc Balallo says:

I miss Kai on DigitalRev TV

henryssurfshowcase says:

I have the 35-350mm and it is a tank in weight!
Have you ever dropped your cam, I will for sure use at least a wrist leash, you look cool with out one, but i know that lens will fall hard!!
Also I do not like the sticky sliding zoom, it would be cool to have a ring..

Remco F. Gerritsen says:

Really nice looking woman damn 😛

Loudy says:

This should be enough for street photography. Henri would be proud.

Jeremy says:

no neck strap even with all that weight? I know you have a vendetta against “looking like a tourist,” but you must be mad to swing that lens around one-handed

v2prod says:

he is a cheap comedyan not a reviewer

REDSTONE267 says:

“Fresh from the arse”
-Kai, 2011

laszu says:

2:58 That’s Lok on the wall!!!

Remco F. Gerritsen says:

It’s like your jerking off with that lens, I really don’t like that way of getting a lens to it’s maximum or minimum lenght. So, will get the one with normal turning…

Christopher Soule says:

Dude! I love watching your reviews. They are fast-paced and jam-packed with info and fun, BUT man, you gotta lose the cursing! This should be a professional show and you are cutting down the quality with your potty mouth.

DIAM&G says:

What did I just watch

Sven Peter says:

Am I able to put it on my Canon Eos 70D and do you think it’s a good combination?

Manoj Kumar Behera says:

I appreciate the way you present the subject. If i can ask you to tell from what farthest distance a parrot or a sparrow can be focused to its detail using this lens with canon camera 70d.

astcell says:

This lens makes you cuss a lot.

hemidesign says:

This review sucks and Kai sucks as a photographer.. funny guy btw.. LOL

Matthew Timm says:

Just watch 1:15 – 2:05.

Michael Bauers says:

Someone covered her face, must have had something to hide.

Remco F. Gerritsen says:

These is HILLARIOUS 😛 Way better then real fox hunting.

Jonathan Careless says:

Do I need to spend money on a hood?

swetuna says:

What does the fox say?

Ken Blanchard says:

I love your reviews buddy Kudos Keep up the great work, I particularly got a laugh out of the KY comment and then to observe how you handled that lens on the down low. slight smirk out of the corner of your eye LOL, Brilliant! 😉

Gunnar Jensen says:

f/4.5-5.6 is it usable ?

STeve Obama says:

@6:15: He pretended to eat fox poop.

The fox is a female.

SO BASICALLY he’s telling the viewers of YouTube…. “Yeah I’d eat her ass out”.

Erik Benz says:

my friend i am an Amateur and i will keep it like that no time to go to school to learn this beautiful hobie of taking pictures, anyway my granddaughter is a surfer and i have a canon 3ti with a canon lens 70-300 , but still cant get a nice pictures , i was thinking to upgrade to a canon 6ti and a sigma 150 -600 to get closer and better quality on the pictures , any suggestions any advice or what do you think , i need some help . thank you my friend and thank you for posting your videos it is helping me 110 % ,. cheers

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