Canon 75-300mm f/4-5.6 USM III lens review (with samples)

This cheap telephoto lens is often sold with cheaper Canon DSLR cameras, and now I’m testing it on my trusty Canon 60D. Is it a secret masterpiece lens? It may not be completely useless but does it stack up against the competition?

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Daniel Jones says:

Taming this lens requires so much patience. I can’t imagine trying to use it for professional work.

Marina Lucena says:

damn, was about to buy this.

MidoTV Adventure says:

Hmm any recommendation for a cheap lenses for close and wide shots for Films?? thanks:)

Dr Zoe says:

i just bought one in the zooming is kinda stiff is that normal??

Samuel Granger says:

The sharpest and most usable ranges on here are 75 (f/5.6-8) or 135 (f/4-8).

Broy Productions says:

I got the canon t6i with this lens and 18-55 lens for only $100 Black Friday deal

Emilys Edits says:

I do a lot of portraiture photography and I use the camera ‘canon 700d’ but I want a new lens other than the default one. I was wondering do you have any recommendations for a good, cheap, portraiture lens. Would be great if under £200.

Anish Rathod says:

you can’t put efs landed on the full frame cameras!!!! they damage the mirrors inside

Mayur Pawar says:

tamron 70-300vc vs canon 75-300???

Gia Allana Soriano says:

I use this lens because I can’t afford the others, I honestly don’t have any problem with it at the moment. Been using it for 2 years, I do concert photography. 🙂 I know that it’s not the best, but it’s really okay if you’re on a tight budget. 🙂

The Best says:

why this lens is cheaper than the 18 55 mm!

Swimming in the Dark says:

thank you for the concise and honest review! I’m trying to pull the trigger on a camera with some of these Black Friday specials today: the Canon t6 has a modestly priced bundle with this lens that i hoped would allow me to get into some wildlife photography… unfortunately it looks like it doesn’t make the cut :/ I’ll be checking out the Sony a5000 and Nikon d3400 for general comparison (I’ll give the telefoto dream a rest for now til i can buy something premium, just bought an hd drone today too)… I’ve made a channel to start practicing videography and have mostly been shooting with a gopro… hoping to level up with one of these entry level dslr or mirrorless options. Appreciate the generous offering of information you have. I’ll be subscribing :). I’ll be scoping out your videos for a better telefoto option, feel free to point me in the right direction!

3J02N says:

Very honest review. I have this lens for about a year now and I still find it awful to use in most scenes. Yet not really that bad for its fair price.

Saffy TV says:

and would you recommend this to buy?

Kai Tendo says:

Guys what lens is good for Canon EOS 1300D, that is below 500$ and has good zoom capabilities?

will2114 says:

I see it on Craigslist for $80 all the time around me. Is it worth it for that price, or just to mess with cause why not?

Ginah Biete says:

Is this compatible with canon rebel T6?


you can get used ones for almost 30-40$ with af working

Buck Sellers says:

this lens may be a bit wobbly and cheap feeling…but not nearly as irritating as your superficial attitude….I have seen my last Christopher frost video …thanks but no thanks….Idios!

arlo4823 says:

The market is flooded with a variety of these lenses and pricing. This video really helps me understand what I’m purchasing, or not.

The Owl says:

Sorry I am a newbie is this good for zoom?

amerhuzairy100 says:

Nice lens but no image stabilizer?

Kamron Grant says:

Thank you I was about to buy this until I heard your advice. I might go for the recommended 55-250 instead for starters.

John L Rice says:

Thanks for the nice review, you talked me out of it! 😉 There is one (or more?) on Canon’s refurbished site right now for $90 which seems like an awesome price but I have a similar quality Nikon 70-300 mm lens (and an adapter ring coming soon) so I don’t think I would gain much by buying this lens. Here’s the link for other’s though that might want it:

salome tabatadze says:

hello i have canon eos 1100d ,will this lens good,for my camera? or whic lens is the best for this?

Donny Kurniawan says:

Hi, i wanna compare this lens with sigma 70-300 or Tamron 70-300. which one the best?
i use rebel T6

Valia R says:

Thanks so much!

Alfie Forrest says:

i didn’t find any of this with my lens, i think its because your using af, its brilliant for mf

Attila Nemes says:

is it better than the sigma and tamaron budget lenses?

Jason Brandt says:

does this fit on a canon 500d

Oscar Oscar says:

This is a usable lens, but always use manual focus, do not use auto focus, it is slow on this lens. and I highly recommend using a tripod and remote shutter switch with this lens, it is really hard to focus since it does not have image stabilisation feature. It is a decent lens if you do not have money.

Hajer Bassem says:

Hello ! I love all of your videos. what lens do you recommend for wedding/ portrait photography for someone on a budget ? I’m still getting started, so I don’t have that much money to spend on a lens.

Chuana says:

Which one is better? This lens or Sigma / APO / 70-300mm / F4-5.6 / DG / MACRO

poketerp20 says:

Does this fit on a Canon Rebel T5?

Saffy TV says:

hey will this be fine for eos dslr 700D?

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