Best Zoom Lens For Sony

Best zoom lens for Sony. When it comes to Sony A7III or hybrid cameras we’re always looking for the best telephoto lens. This video compares two popular lens options that work best for videography and photography. When looking for the right telephoto lens, professionals often choose Canon L Series lenses for their quality color and sharpness.

By using the existing Canon lenses on your Sony A7III it impacts the performance. This is because you can use all of the Sony features when using a Canon lens.

n this lens review we compare the Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 and the Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 to see what’s the best telephoto or zoom lens for your digital camera. Most importantly seeing if it’s worth using your Canon Lenses on your Sony cameras.

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Inspired by Analog says:

Still waiting on mine since your last video convinced me. This and sigma 135 is all I need.

Marlon King says:

Firstly, stunning model and well filmed from video perspective also, nice to see the camera and lens being used in the bottom, really like that.
I wanted the a7iii but bought the a6500 as it’s more portable so I think I would end up going for the lighter lens.
How have you found auto focus with the adapters?

Omar Deez says:

Love the direction youre going with channel. Keep it up!!!!

Mario Becerra says:

Hi whay filter (DN) do you use …. ???

Ricky Luo says:

Very stunning portrait photos and the model woawwww~~.

felipe olvera says:

can you share what you did to make those colors look so good in the a7iii if anything? Additionally could you put the model/subject’s social media info in the description in future videos? Always looking for posing and outfit inspirations! Thanks

LA Love Creative says:

Had a blast shooting with the Canon 1Dx and the Sony A7III for this lens comparison. What’s your favorite zoom lens? Let us know!

summonedfist says:

Loved the formatting and design of the video overall despite feeling the comparison wasn’t the fairest. But again you nailed the editing and the narration was easy to listen to!

J Febrillet says:

great video. the sony a7iii seems to do very well. i myself got the 7riii and im learning how to use it.

Originated By Emily says:

Sooo helpful!! Thank you so much.

Tim Kim says:

Sooo, which one do you recommend man?

mp3311 says:

I have a 35 mm on a sony a6000. How can I zoom by rotating the lens and how can I zoom in in raw? For now, it only lets me zoom by the c2 button and in jpeg…

Allen Freeman says:

Save your money up and bite the bullet. Sony 24-70 GM. Don’t look back.

june bunchucherd says:

She is the best model for any zoom lens 🙂

Gladwin Abrio says:

How the focusing for photos on the a7iii with the canon glass

Percise Windom says:

Killed it. Went to the blog didn’t see these images.

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