1200mm lens – Surf Photography with ULTRA Telephoto zoom lens

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Surf tutorial starts at 08:47

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William Barclay says:

What was the song called in the beginning?  I liked it! 😛

ikan kecil says:

To much talk

Skate Surf Jiu Jitsu says:

14:40 What are those on your tshirt? Flies, bugs??


Can this be used for indoor or studio macro photography ?

Michi Lo says:

Great! Now I don’t have to leave my house to take photos.

Samuel Wong says:

How do teleconverters work, physically? I thought that the focal length was a measurement from the optical center of the lens to the sensor. Doesn’t looks like the lens is 1.2 m long.


Bro can you gift me this lens

Tapware says:

Matt you have an in shape head with an overweight body. How is that possible.

Felix Draws says:

“So a plane just passed by liberty tower”
Me: not again

Psai Prakash says:

good explanation

ijen says:

freedome tower?… its called world trade centre but ok

Nizar Noor says:

How about a picture of the moon!?

Elivio Camora says:

You speak a lot !

J M says:

14:00 seems like Messi gave up football.

Michael Miller says:

2nd Request…Would you say that the 1.4 or 2X extenders provide sharp pictures…, below.

David Cowdell says:

Wish I’d seen this video before I went to Hawaii, there was a Pipeline Competition on North Shore while I was there.

seth alton says:

I gotta say Matt… like like a lot of the wipeout pictures… especially the ones where you can see their face going “Oh SH** Oh SH**”

Dominick Santora says:

Glad you clarified that was a dust spot. I thought the sun was going super nova. LOL.

ya mate mikey says:

Shooting random locals at Maroubra and still leaving with your camera tells me you must be local. Im also in maroubra, Gods country. Great vid mate.

shaon hasan says:

How much

Michael Miller says:

Matt, I also have the G2 …600 and I noticed you had the stabilization on while you tested high shutter speeds. Does that mean we can just keep it on? Also, reminder of whether you think the 1.4X has good enough sharpness to be worthwhile buying and using.

Williams Chesternut says:

How can i get this lens if i can’t afford it 🙁

Avisek Dutta says:


TAMRON 70-300mm sample pictures

Tinderbox says:

I thought the eclipse had started early but it was just Matt’s dust spot.

gixxerboy555 says:

Picture the Moon?

ali dhafer says:

See your lenses with Nikon D850; it can take magnificent photos !

graham hedrick says:

I would use this lens to photograph either squirrels or
cats in my backyard

Michael Miller says:

4th Request…Matt, I also have the G2 …600 and I noticed you had the stabilization on while you tested high shutter speeds. Does that mean we can just keep it on? Also, reminder of whether you think the 1.4X has good enough sharpness to be a worthwhile cost $419 buying and using.

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