🤔 REVIEW: New TAMRON 18-400mm Ultra-zoom lens!

🤔 REVIEW: New TAMRON 18-400mm Ultra-zoom lens!


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David France says:

Is a Nikon D5600 & Tamron 18-400mm fast enough to capture whales from a boat. Thanks

Aventurismo says:

can it be used for birds in flight?

Mug Perez says:

I own the Tamron 18-400. It is a very good travel lens to shoot under any situation. It is a very sharp lens, great bokeh, great color and contrast. It just hates low light.

Trpimir Jankoski says:

12 min and couple words all over and over again … they don’t give me nothing, I like this lens …

zemekiel says:

I own 3 of these lenses.
I also own 2 24-70mm G2’s, 3 15-30mm and 4 70-200mm G2.
They are all great,
Just thought it was important to underline how many of these I own (probably).
I also own 5 D500’s to put them on.

Cosmin-Teodor Branzas says:

What to chose betwi this tamron 18-400 and nikon 18-140 for quality??

Sobano S says:

I guess all is relative. I can shoot wide to super telephoto with ever having to expose the sensor to dust. I put this on a G7 with an adapter and now get 36-800mm reach. Why I love Nikon lenses, Sigma and Canon lenses – this is a fantastic lens. Very good quality of construction.

qthenz says:

Can this work with a Sony a6500 Mirrorless? If so, what adapter to use? Hoping for your response?

dante dev says:

This or nikkor 70-300mm VRG on D500?

Paul Brogden Photography says:

where is the squarespace endorsement ?

Kevin Bascle says:

I’ve had this on a d7000 since the lens came out, not impressed due to focus problems. and my inexperienced self. I have a d500 on the way and excited to see what it can do.

ClixofNature says:

Hey Kenn. YOU HAVE NOT FAILED ME YET!! L O L. I tested the lens and it is in fact SHARP!!. I deliberately tested it on my D300 a good but older 12 megapixel camera and I tested it in a dark overground conservation park. I will say this lens is best used at F8 or higher in my opinion. And of course since its widest aperture is F6.3 we already know we need good light at 400mm. I will also say this lens is a VERY GOOD walk around lens it could also be used as a beginner BIRDING LENS! (yes I said that)… if money is really an issue. It does focus breath like most other ultra zoom lens I have learnt about. so you don’t really tend to get your full 400mm at some points even though it records that the shot was taken at 400mm. I posted some images at this link for those who want to check it out. https://www.flickr.com/photos/166123535@N05/with/30152610718/

Jacques Kleynhans says:

I am flying over to Chile in December, from where I will be cruising along the ports down and over to Antarctic for a 5 day stint, backup through Falklands to Montevideo. I want to pair this lens to my D300s as a all in one lens for my 3 week trip. I an not a pro and cant justify heavy glass, other than my Sigma 24 – 70mm 2.8 HSM I bought a few years back – yea it was a quick buy, but hey it serves my pocket well, anyway. I loved the review and I am finally ready to drop the dime on this lens. Hope this lens will do the trick for the city vibes of Santiago, the ice caps of the Antarctic and the penguin colonies of South Georgia. Keep up the good work !

kelsi6273 says:

Will this lens work on a Nikon D850 if I were to switch the camera into the DX mode?

Roland Rick says:

Ken, it is a Di II lens, that means APS-C, in terms of Nikon: DX. Don’t you have any issues on your D850? What I mean is: if you stick e.g. the Nikkor 17-55 to the D850, it crops down automatically the sensor of the D850 to DX, and your 46 megapixel sensor suddenly is reduced to the size and count like on D500 – except you disable this auto function of D850, but images below 24 mm focal length will become horrible and you better use the 24-70 FX lens directly. What are your experiences, sticking the Tamron 18-400 to a D850?

Blazer blazer says:

Hey, which one do you prefer (or better) and why? Nikon 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 or this Tamron 18-400 f35.-6.3? Thx

Antoine Shemayel says:

Thank you for your review, but i need your advice as i have Nikon D810 with nikkor 70-300. is tamron compatible with my Cam and is it worth to have the new Tamron . Thanks

D-VinzCode says:

what about against the Nikon 70-300vr??

Din Eugenio says:

Thank you for the review Ken, thinking to get one and partner it with D500.

Cody Myhre says:

Filter Size? That the one thing I missed

MoJo Studio says:

I’m looking for full frame Nikon travel lens with maximum reach; wide-narrow. Do you recommend any?

dr mahendra singh chouhan says:

Hello thanks for the review..whats your recommendations for new Tammy 17-35 f 2.8-4 compared to nikon 16-35 f4 ??

uthman alaseeri says:

Which lens Do you recomand 18-400mm or 100-400mm

Got the tamron 10-24mm the tokina 100mm the nikkor 80-200mm And going for one of those tow

Rodrigo Ahumada Zeidan says:

Would you recommend this lens over the Nikon 18-300mm 3.5-6.3 VR??

Dom Caligan says:

this 18-400mm or nikkor 18-200mm? IQ, color, contrast, etc. Thanks!

John Leftwich says:

When you tested the Tamron 18-400mm did you notice if the lens had a sweet spot?

Bokushingu's Kendo TV says:

Just bought it for my D500. Love it!!

Sobano S says:

Caution about this lens. It will NOT focus past about 100 feet from
200-400mm The lens does focus fine at all ranges from 18-400 as long as
you keep the subject withing 100 feet of the camera. You might want to
point this out.

Massimo Cavalieri d'Oro says:

How does this lens compare to the nikkor 18-140mm in terms of sharpness please?

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