🤓REVIEW: FUJIFILM 100-400mm Telephoto Zoom Lens

🤓REVIEW: FUJIFILM 100-400mm Telephoto Zoom Lens


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sc grom says:

OK, full disclosure. i was on a 12mi hike in Patagonia in Oct. carrying my 5D MK III thinking it is time for a change. I ran across one of your videos on Fuji (i had a Fuji MF years ago that produced beautiful negatives). To make this already too long post brief i bought a used XT-20 kit with three Fuji lenses, then the xt-2, the fuji 16mm and 100-400. This week i bought the voightlander 58mm and zeiss 85mm, and nikkormat 200mm. All this gear has been fabulous and re-energized my photography. Love the Acros and shoot mostly in BW.

Your videos are entertaining and filled with pearls of wisdom.

Thank you so much. (sending more substantial thanks via PayPal)

PS stop recommending lenses for Fuji
PPS should i sell my only remaining Canon lens 500 f4?

jdebultra says:

waiting on my 100-400 to come back from repair. cutting in and off, smelled a faint burnt plastic smell in the zoom collar area. good tip on IS 2, that explains a lot of my missed shots besides being a noob to birding.

adam cain says:

would I be better with the 50-14mm with the 2x teleconverter. If i don’t need up to 400mm but still want further then 140mm?

Daniel says:

I really enjoy this lens. it is a good pack lens when I head up the mountain also. Didn’t know about the is2 trick and I will have to try that out. excited to see how it does with the xt2 because I have been using the xt1 for the last year and a half. Instagram dbrad1992 to see some example shots with this lens.

Loopsrainforest says:

Hey Ken would you recommend using IS mode 2 on the 50-140mm lens as well & is the only time you would use IS mode 1 for under an 1/80 sec. What about in continuous mode?

Mercury says:

You can get the 50-150 2.8 AND the 2x telconverter for the same price as this lens so it’s a no for me

Daven One says:

Where did you get the yellow Nikon sun shade decal?

carmas54 says:

when is Fuji coming out with a new version of the 100-400? has there been anything out on the new version?

Longrider says:

bout time! lol

Grahamm5790 says:

bought this lens and the xt2 for wildlife after watching this and reading that it is great….its NOT! trust me i had about 10 keepers from over 2000 photos taken on it. it cant follow birds in flight, it just cant keep up with them. the focus on a still bird is ok but always misses the eyes. save your money and buy a canon 7d mk2 with a 400mm .6 canon lens and you will be amazing at your keeper rate for less money

David Oastler says:


Jp Mcpinning says:

So what was the noise that startled you?I we hit rewind over and over trying to figure it out. Lol

daikuone says:

Is there an IS setting in the XT-3? Can’t seem to find it in the menus. Did it change with the XT-3? I am using the 50-140 and want to set Image Stablilization correctly.

Nicolaas Strik says:

Did you read the X-T2 w/100-400mm review by bird photographer Arthur Morris? He said image quality is better than the Canon 1DX II. Here’s the link…http://www.birdsasart-blog.com/2017/01/08/quite-impressive-first-fujifilm-xt-2-image/

RufusLeakin says:

Just bought this lens for my X-Pro2 but the viewfinder does not appear through the lens but is only visible on the outside of the lens. How do I fix this?

Peggy Stevinson Bair says:

Regarding IS modes: I actually think that the camera body should detect what your shutter speed is and compensate by automatically putting the lens in the appropriate IS mode – so, behave like a smart system that it could be. Who wants to be shooting and have to stop and consider what IS mode they’re in?

classysmiff says:

What was the noise? Another Mouse trap?

PS: My first copy of the XF 100-400mm was a bad sample, zoom ring wasn’t smooth at all … now the second one is way better.

Steven Stocking says:

Ken can you tell the difference in is mode 1 or 2 with smaller fuji zooms. I don’t seem to have a problem in mode 1 all the time. Would it help battery drain to a noticeable amount??? Thanks steve

Thomas Mcsweeney says:

Thinking about this lens now that the price has dropped $500. Its about $1,400 now. Also what do you think about this lens on the XH-1 with the IBIS?

Jacques Gaines says:

Damn you! You convinced me to NOT buy something.

driline says:

Would it be better then to purchase a fotodiox adapter and the Nikkor lens instead of the Fuji 100-400?

Denzer Brabus says:

Hey,Theoria Apophasis! I love your video! I know this comment is marked as spam,that’s because it contains a link. But please check out this video and approve the comment! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG1dF_XAXuQ

Stan Obert says:

This would make a fun birding lens without the bulk and weight of the Nikon beast. A good light weight travel option. I wonder how this lens would fare in good light with the 1.4x teleconverter? Thanks for the review. I was looking forward to hear your assessment.

ahmad vlogs says:

$1399 now, good value I believe

george gough says:

this lens or the sony rx 1v ????

george gough says:

sorry this lens or the sony rx10 1v

Janis Shetley says:

Hey Ken. In the xt-3 the IS mode choices are Continuous or Shooting Mode. So what mode should we choose on that camera?

Jesse H says:

Probably wont get answered but you only said VR and Image rendition. How is sharpness, which is very important to wildlife of action photographers. How is weather sealing of the lens compared to the 200-500? How does the auto-focus acquisition compare? Tracking on the 200-500 is superb, is the 100-400 superb as well? I have rented the 200-500 a few times and recently sold my Nikon kit for XT3 kit. the 100-400 is on my short list, but curious if you could touch on these points? So far, I have never been disappointed with your recommendations, but I am wondering how sharpness and acquisition are compared to the 200-500. It might be a bummer to have to buy a used D750 and use the 200-500 for wildlife vs having the 100-400 for wildlife. (I shoot mammal wildlife so mostly static subjects. Acquisition accuracy matters more to me than speed.)

Albert Cabello says:

Minnesota or Montana ??

Richard Stollar says:

I love my D500 with 200-500mm for bird photography but here’s my question…
Given the D500 with it’s 20.1MP sensor, would I get more cropability with the 26MP X-T3 and the 100-400mm?
I mean given a small bird, will the X-T3 @ 400mm give me more pixels covering the bird that the D500 @ 500mm? (Let’s not worry about the D500’s better dynamic range for now). I’m only keeping the D500 and the 200-500mm for bird photography but if I can get ‘as close’ with the X-T3 and the 100-400mm I may consider selling my Nikon.

Stephen Schmid says:

Hi. I appreciate the video and the good info. One suggestion – I thought there was a little too much repetition of several points. Maybe tighten it up a little? Thanks!

Slowhand Medina says:

what about the sigma 100 400, its made in japan too, and is smaller and a lot cheaper

Roman Canas says:

I love my fuji xf100.400 that I have over a year. Quality is decent and I can take it everywhere, even for traveling!

Francisco Silva says:

Should I select ISO MODE 2 with the 50-140mm?

Dwain Kitchel says:

was that more mouse money i heard 🙂

ted tedsen says:

is the 100-400mm better optically than my 55-200mm perhaps i’m gonna sell my 55-200mm and buy  this 100-400 the BIG problem is my FUJI XT20 doesn’t like big lenses when sooming a big lens like this im gone twist the xt20 in my hands people is saying its to big for the xt2 also is Fuji making a lens that they have no camera to suport its wight and size ?

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