Wide Angle Lens Recommendation for Nikon DX APS-C DSLR – D3300 D5300 D5500 D7100 D7200

http://www.artoftheimage.com – Wide Angle Lens ecommendation for Nikon DX APS-C DSLR – D3300 D5300 D5500 D7100 D7200

Sigma 8-16mm f/4.5-5.6 DC HSM Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens. Check out the BEST PRICE, User Reviews, and Q&A on Amazon at http://amzn.to/1SVO788

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED Zoom Lens with Auto Focus for Nikon DSLR Cameras http://amzn.to/1P0V1b7

Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Lens http://amzn.to/1SVOeAt

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Alsaeed Sulaiman says:

i have tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 i try it on nikon d5200

Morgan Peterson says:

What would be a good and inexpensive auto focus wide angle lens for my Nikon d610?

Krishna Kushwaha says:

“We can find all types of lens (Ultra wide lens to more then 400mm zoom lens) for any particular DSLR Camera ?”

Flyboy Montana says:

after watching this video now i understand why you said something bad about 1DX on your latest video..LMAO!

Ido Scharf says:

One caveat with the Sigma 8-16 worth mentioning is that it doesn’t have a standard filter thread. That may not be a big deal for most — I think it really only matters if you need to use an ND filter for long exposure, or in the odd case a polarizer might be useful on such a wide lens.
Tokens has some f/2.8 ultra wide-angle zoom lenses. They are definitely the best option for someone who’s looking to shoot a night-sky landscape.

dwebster says:

Does it Work for d3200 ?

Shahrood says:

hi, how does wide angle sigma 8-16 on D7200 compare to wide angle canon 16-40 on mark ii ? I do real estate photography and need a good quality wide angle, please advise

Buddy Cox says:

For the Sigma 10-20, I assume you mean the f/3.5 and not the f/4.0-5.6. I had the 4-5.6 and sold it to buy the Tokina 11-20.

mm1rza says:

how about this lens Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro DX II ? its good for nikon d5300?

Freddie Slaughter says:

What about the Nikon DX 12-24 f4 g?

EnnesX says:

We have a fairly large camera gear market in Shanghai China I went down there to look at the Sigma 8-16mm and the Nikkor DX 10-24mm. I found two examples of each lens and the Sigma was clearly sharper than the Nikkor, and by a very noticable amount. However, both Sigma 8-16mm’s refused to autofocus with my D5500 so I ended up buying nothing at the market today. Very weird and a downer on my day. They worked with the D7200’s both stores used to test their DX lenses though. Thought I’d just throw that out there.

j4lyphe1 says:

Hi I’m thinking of getting the D7200 as a much needed upgrade to my dinosaur D80 which is basically dead to me now as the focusing is now rubbish. I sent it to get fixed last year at a camera shop because I think the motor finally gave out but when it came back the focusing was rubbish. I took it out to Africa last summer (thanks to bf’s dad for the trip) but only a handful of pics were usable, most were blurry even though I had taken like ~3500 pics or so:( So what I would like to know is should I get a wide angle zoom like the nikon/sigma or a dedicated prime like the Nikon 20mm or the Rokinon 14mm? I would like to get the 35mm DX lens which would work as a “normal” 52mm on the D7200. Another question is in order to get an actual 35mm on a DX camera would I have to get the 24mm lens? I’m sorry for the questions but would like to know which lenses to get…

Hookers says:

I think I am going to die of old age waiting for Nikon to update the 14 year old 12-24mm/f4 lens and put VR on it.

jcbplaster4 says:

My favorite one is the Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 12-24mm f/4 G IF-ED. Actually this is the prdedecessor of Nikon 10-24mm, although I think it is much better.

Don Lappin says:

I am currently using the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 and it is an amazing lens. It’s very sharp from corner to corner and has excellent color rendition. I am using it on my D7100 for shooting Interiors, as well as landscapes. It also has a 77mm filter thread for ND filters, polarizers, etc….

The major downside to this lens is that it has pretty serious chromatic aberration. However even it’s worst CA can be quickly taken care of in Lightroom. For night sky photography, I prefer the Rokinon 14mm. It’s a manual focus lens with very little CA and Coma. It’s perfect corner to corner as well. It is also super sharp.

Kano in the Philippines says:

question. i would like to shoot video with my Nikon D3300. what would you use for a wide angle video lens?

studio cortez booth, photographer, Photo Booth rental, photography, wedding photographer, boudoir says:

thank you for your vid. I’m looking for a nice wide angle lense and thank to you ill get the sigma 8-16 I just will like to have more f-stop like 2.8.
also can you make a video about what do you think about the nihon 50mm 1.8 g . also me and my kids love your tshirt..

ayadi abdou says:

i have a d5300 and i bought a sigma 10-20mm 3.5 but the autofocus does not work on it

Adam Omasta-Milsom says:

This is the one thing which keeps on telling me I should get a canon instead of a Nikon. Canon have a great value 10-18mm lens.

George O'Rourke says:

I use the Tokina 16-50 mm lens. It is generally good but has quite a bit od distortion at the 16 mm end

Adn Gtn says:

Hey ! what the angle of view of the Sigma 8-16mm with a Nikon d3300 ?

34thncrenshaw says:

I’ve had the first version of the tokina 12-24mm f/4 on my nikon d7000 for a few years now and it is a great wide angle lens, nice and sharp and very wide, great for landscapes and I use it a lot for milky way photography and it doesn’t disappoint.

kalef1234 says:

What about for astrophotography? like a f1.4-f2 wide that’s affordable (if that exists)?

nikvuk says:

Hi @ArtoftheImage,
I have a question.
I’m planning on going into amateur films.
I’ve just bought the Nikon d5300, and now I’m looking for a wide/ultrawide lens.
I’ve been looking through a million videos and reviews, but just can’t get the answer I’m looking for.

Can you guys suggest a wide lens
1. of around 500$ (used);
2. That’s compatible to my Nikon d5300;
3. Will autofocus

I’d appreciate any suggestions.


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