Ultra Wide Angle Lens Review: Tamron 15-30 f/2.8, Canon 16-35 & Sigma

Hands-on review and feature comparison of Full frame wide angle lenses including the new Tamron 15-30 f/2.8 VC, the Canon 16-35 f/4 IS, the Canon 17-40 L and compared to Canon 11-24, Rokinon 14mm f2.8 and more. Which wide angle lens is best for you?

Table of Contents
About Wide Angle Lenses
1:20 Wide Angle vs Fisheye
1:35 Wide Angle Uses
3:20 Wide Angle Lenses Review
5:25 What is in a mm? 15mm vs 16mm vs 17mm
6:40 Depth of Field with Wide Angles and Examples
8:12 Wide Angles for Video
9:13 Lens Reviews
15:55 Final thoughts on Wide Angle Lenses

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danieljckson says:

Great vid

Samuel Hung says:

i went for the Tamron 15-30 after watching all the review, because i do a lot of milky way shooting, and sometimes i feel that my Tamron 28-75 is not wide enough. All i all, I absolutely LOOOOVEE the image quality, but yes, it is one heavy lens.

Helge Larsen says:

I love my SP Tamron 15-30mm. Why? Because this lense is superb. Give me pictures with extra quality. If you will act as a pro you must buy SP Tamron 15-30mm. I recomend to visite my facebook site. Helge Larsen (the one  with the red rose). Have a look on my picture album then you understand why I recomend SP Tamron 15-30mm. Landscape and night pictures. Forget the weight. You can buy yourself a carry bag. And then no problem with the weight. I use 3 lenses today. This lense and a Sigma Fullformat lence, and Tamron SP 150-600mm zoom lense mostly, and are satisfied. I own a Nikon D610. Fullformat.

ted tedsen says:

i had the rokinon/samyang 14 and now i have the tamron 15-30mm on my d810 acording to dxomarck the rokinon/samyang is the sharpest wide angel on the marked it resolves more megapixels on my 36.3 sensor than zaiss 15MMzaiss 14mm canon and the tamron also

goldrace10 says:

Very interesting, great review !

Tjällmans Visuella says:

What is your thoughts on Sigmas 24-35?

Ezri Dax says:

This is your reason for not choosing the Tamron???? Because of it’s weight???? HahahahahahahahahahHHHahahahahHHahahaha

floex831 says:

Love the show Toby but to put a lens down because it’s auto focus. That’s not a photographer-like thing to do! Now it may not be practical for some applications and hence some photographers may not want it but the lack of AF does not make it a bad lens.

davepottage says:

This is quite decidedly the best and most comprehensive review/analysis I’ve ever seen. Wonderful work. Thanks!

Mile High & On Two Wheels says:

I’m looking into upgrading from my 7D to a 5D Mark III some time and I’ve been looking into a good ultra wide lens for it. How do you feel about the Irix 15mm? I don’t mind the manual focus because I make a lot of astrophotography shots so it’ll most likely sit at infinity for a while.

Serhiy 123 says:

I’m not often comment something, but this is a very Useful video. I love position of storyteller and highlighted points. It’s rare when you watch BLA-BLA video with interest.
BUT!! having all these in front of you and not providing us MTF 50realworld(better) sharpness test with different focusing distance field curvate test +CA test + some IS efficency test is …hmm… BAD.
Why not neccessary most important points it is quite essential for choosing UW lens.

sniperv says:

@PhotoRec TV: Sony A7II user here looking for a wide angle zoom with great detail and low light performance and thinking between Canon 16-35mm F4 vs F2.8. I know the F4 is the favorite, sharper overall, and has IS but it’s not as important as I have IS available in the A7II body. Wondering if the F2.8 will just be much better for lower light. Any thoughts?

tean tan says:

I agree with MNaviator,
You could have include in this review the crop lens Sigma 18-35mm f1.8. It is an outstanding lens at about $900 and light compared to the FF lenses here.

DML Channel says:

Canon…cAnon…caNon… CANON… CAnon…canoN… I was busy typing this when PhotoRec Toby said his favorite lens would be… oddly enough, take a guess, maybe, a Canon.

PhotoRec Toby… there is this company called NIKON. This company (NIKON) makes a 14-24mm f/2.8 lens which seems to be the benchmark ALL ultra wide angle lenses are measured against.

This company…Nikon… also makes a two other ultra wide angle lenses, one lens is an f2.8 and the other is an f4. Both accept Nikon or aftermarket 77mm filters.

However, they are not Canon lenses.

thisaccountisfake says:

Using a Ultrawide in APS-C is ….. hilarious

Lorsey Jones says:

I like the Laowa 15mm f/4 lens better for that purpose because I get great visuals on my D500.

Dominique Flack says:

Hi, I am a novice. I will be going to photograph the Northern Lights in Iceland with my new Canon 70D. I believe that I will need a 16-35mm. I have a 16-300mm Tamron, will this do the job or do I need to buy a 16-35mm? Or what do you recommend? Thanks.

SSS - TV says:

Where is Tokina 11-16mm 😮 ??? This is best Man !

Fahad B. Sakhawat says:

Thank you man…………………., I will go for 16-35 f4 , canon.

Korey Rowe says:

Great review and really appreciate the good info concerning video.

Harpreet Singh Saggu says:

Hey Toby, really appreciate all the effort you put in making these videos and I have been really following your advice. I have a 70d wanted to know if there is a wide angle lens you can suggest

Sean Bean says:

hi..can u make more review comparing these lenses with samyang 14mm and sigma 20mm Art?

Josh Hobl says:

Just came across your video, extremely good examples and well put together!!!

Erik Nyberg says:

Kind of an odd choice of Sigma prime when the 12-24 II is both full frame, wider than the rest (except the 11-24) and less than a third of the price of the new Canon.

Nicolaas Strik says:

I absolutely love my Tamron 15-30mm on my D800! I now have the Tamron Trinity (w/24-70 + 70-200). It is all I need for my landscape photography.

Lindsay Harris says:

Should have added Nikon 16-35mm. . . to your test.

S Z says:

Awesome Information! How about the Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM lens? I currently own a Canon 5D Mark iii

Nikolay London Professional photographer says:

I found this photography lens review very competent!!!

CanadaAnchor says:

Thanks for doing this video. I have a simple question. How sharp is the Canon 16-35 f2.8 wide angle list vs the typical kit 18-55 lens? Sharpness is always my concern and I feel kit lenses aren’t sharp enough!

Kryn Sporry says:

Honestly, I mostly see a spec comparison with basic pro’s and con’s for generic wide angle lenses, and all lenses seem “excellent”, with vignetting being mentioned casually for some lenses. If I were to have to choose based on this review, I would not be able to.

UnknownHandle UnknownHandle says:

re Tamron: If the image quality out of is excellent, why down grade it as “quite good”? You imply that there are noticeably significant advantages of image quality with the others. Pleas elaborate on that. Thanks!

DoomedRace999 says:

+PhotoRec Toby:

I am a huge fan of your reviews and videos. 

Now I am really looking forward to buy a Ultra Wide Angle Lens.
Currently there is a new player in the market.

tamron 15-30mm f2.8 

Its been a while it came in the market, but surprisingly nobody has reviewed it for its picture quality.
Because I am in a dilemma, that whether I should buy this tamron or should I go for the Nikon 16-35mm f4. Because both of them belong to the same price range.

I will be really thankful to you. I need you to advise me as soon as possible.
Because right now I am in California. and will be here for the next 30 days. 

If I find your review helpful then I shall buy this lens for my landscape. before I go back to New Zealand.
Weight of the lens is not an issue for me. What matters to me is the image quality.

So Please Please Please tell me which one should I go for.

Thank you.

MV Shaw says:

Wide angle lenses have “some landscape uses” …”make seemingly gigantic impressive mountains look not so impressive”…this guy is on drugs. The very fact that a wide angle lens does exaggerate the far from the near is what gives mountains a sense of scale.

rich Mck says:

Hi there!
Have you done an ultra wide- angle lens review of the best lens for crop sensor cameras such as the new 80d and the 70d etc.

shaolin95 says:

What about the Tamron 15-30mm IQ across the frame vs the FE 16-35mm F4 on my A7ii?

Dogan Sahiner says:

I can not make sense out of that a lens is not preferred because it is only heavy. Just because of that silly reason, Tamron is not a Winner(!!!)

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