I get hands on and review the Tokina 17-35mm F/4 FX lens. Is this really a hidden secret and one of the sharpest wide angle lenses? This is a gem that should be known! At a quarter of the prices of must full frame lenses, this is pretty much distortion free at 17mm and is tack sharp! Have you heard about this lens before, let me know down in the comments?

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Mark Stephan says:

Bought this lens in Like New condition used on eBay for $300. I use it with a Canon 6D. I also have the 16-28 f2.8 that I use with my D800 and optically the 16-28 is superior at every focal length and aperture. Once the 17-35 is stopped down to f8 – f16 it’s comparable to the 16-28. The thing I like most is the ability to use filters which is something I can’t do with the 16-28 which I refer to as the “Beast” because of its size and weight.

Franz Steinberger says:

Rocking a Tokina 16-28mm 2.8 on my FX. Cost me 599,- NEW. Amazing value and quite sharp open. Tokina makes some great glass, their main “problem” seems to be bad to no marketing/advertising.

Rambles with my camera says:

Thank you Eric will be great to see more results when you give it a good outing ib the coming wels but at that price you can not go too far wrong ::-) Sending Love from Ireland – Sean

Sydney Fields says:

If I were to purchase this lens it would mainly be for videography as I mostly do wedding videography. I shoot with a Canon t6i and I have been looking for an affordable wide angle lens. How is it in low light?

chad dolan says:

Good for the Nikon D750 and mostly portrait work? I’m just trying to get more of that wide feel and different angles and my prime 35mm I’m just moving all around too much.

Timur Dzhambinov says:

Hey should release Pentax k versions of their awesome affordable line up, for the k-1. There only two options that I know of for k mount so far, the amazing but expensive 15-30, and the Samoans 14mm.

Timothy Smith says:

I love my copy that I use on my D750, damn good lens for under 400 bucks!

Maximo Medrano says:

Looks like I found my full frame lens. Nikon lenses are a little too expensive for my taste.

Marshall Walker says:

You can definitely get close with this lens.

Donald Joseph Wood says:

For the consumer I would consider Tokina. I’ve had this lens for about 2 months now and I love it. I’ve used it on my D700 and the landscape and building shots at 17mm are amazing, like no others. On sunny days at F18 and above the detail is terrific. For the price it has the ability to compete with anything I have in my camera bag. I also have the Tokina 100mm f/2.8 macro which is also a great lens.

GyppZ says:

Hey Eric, Thanks a lot for the video!
I’m looking for a wide lens, my 3 finalists are the Tokina 17-35 f4 / Tokina 16-28 f2.8 / Tamron 15-30 F2.8.
For the price difference almost discarded the Tamron. I want the lens just for my trips, I don’t print my work and I like to shoot “scenes” like movie scenes. Call it indoors, street photography, landscapes or urban outdoor takes.

Do you have a recommendation for me? What’s the difference between the 17-35 and the 16-28 from Tokina?

Hiro Taniguchi says:

I own a copy of Tokina but do you know how that stacks up with Canon ef16-35mm f4?

Nicholas Erwin says:

Hmm, I might decide to get this instead.

floex831 says:

DOn’t know if you know but the Tokina 100mm f/2.8 macro is freaking amazing!

C SingSing says:

I would go for Tamron 15-30. It seems to be another class better than Tokina

marnienorris says:

Thank you, just bought this lens! Can’t wait to use it. I do real estate and commercial photography and didn’t wanna spend a fortune


i am thinking to get a 35mm prime lens until i saw this! i think i will go for this one instead of a prime 35mm lens. same price range but you will get a wide angle zoom lens.

Ivan Nuño says:

this may be my next lens. Cool video….under $500 lens is reasonable for the average Joe. #nomoney

jalend venn says:

whats the difference between this nd a kit lens? better distortion nd sharpness maybe?

Sammy Diaz says:

if i ask u …canon 17-40 f4 or tokina 17-35 f4? im planning to get a wide lens….

Joe Jackson says:

I been wanting something wider then my Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 UMC Lens for my 70D and 80D. I have the Canon 10-22mm USM. But the 10-22 is not sharp enough in the corners on the latest APS-C cameras. Not fond of Tokina though.. Just hoping someone comes out with something amazing and f/2.8 at the same time.. **cough** Sigma Art **cough**.. Well I can dream.. LOL

Nick Tropiano says:

Solid recommendation. I think we have the same kit. (D600, Yongnuo 685, and this Tokina) So we appear to have similar taste in gear. Just a solid FXWA all the way around. Not a world beater in any particular category (not the fastest, widest, or the absolute sharpest in MTF charts, no VR) but more than good enough. The three areas it does well in are very good control of barrel distortion, surprisingly solid pro-level (imo) build quality, and price. Was gonna go the eBay route but caught a sale $399 new at B&H (pulled the trigger for warranty, no hassle returns, and new is new). Main lens is 50mm 1.4 AF-D, the elder nifty fifty (rates same as new G series on DXO and just love how it renders and its small size/weight), that can be had for under $200 used, a bargain. Also have the 85 1.8 G — a must have imo, brilliant portrait lens. I even use that one as a walking around/general purpose lens sometimes.

George Barnick says:

I use this lens a lot as an automotive photographer and also in real estate and land scapes. For the price I haven’t seen a better lens for wide angle. Even at 50 megapixels on my Canon 5DS R it’s very sharp.

doug davies says:

Would you rate this as good as the nikon 18 35mm g Eric

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