Tokina 11-16mm vs Sigma 10-20mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens UWA. Which One Do I Recommend? – Tokina 11-16mm vs Sigma 10-20mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens UWA. Which One Do I Recommend?

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fghhjuuuy says:


Sam M. Atherton says:

The Rokinon ultra wide angle lenses are pretty freakin sweet, thats my two cents… their 10mm,12mm & 14mm ultra wides are all super fast, bright and have amazing image quality – and because they’re manual they’re pretty cheap while at the same time super high quality. What I’m currently trying to figure out is what will be the most functional one for me: should I spend a little more for a film variation? Save a little getting a m43 12mm? Or by getting a Canon or Nikon version which one will give me the two best field of views between using an adapter and a focal reducer? For instance the 14mm would give me 76° and 93.9°(a 20° difference), the 12mm would give me 83° and 118°(a 35° difference) and finally the 10mm would give me 93.4° and 105.9/110°(this is actually confusing to me cause I’d think this is the widest one but its only wider for m43 – the 12mm is wider with the aps-c sensors). The 14mm is really nice at 76° on m43, really nice images and I have no idea what its like at 93.9° – would I maybe prefer the 12mm’s 118° and find its 83° to be really similar as the 14mm’s 76°?

Noto Adie Nugroho says:

ngomong opo ae le?? ngomong tok ga onok buktine

dale ettridge says:

i got sigma 10-20mm on nikon d5300 excellent lens i must admit.i havnt tried others but i do love this lens

Mahmud Farooque says:

how about tamrom ?

Pass the Hat says:

I have Tokina 11-16mm f2.8. I use it for nightime landscape shots, I used it alot in South Beach to capture night time neon on the buildings. I found the older DX, was not the best for sunset shots, lots of flares. I bought the Canon 10-18mm because its lighter, so its a good one for travel. I diagree with a few points, firstly UWA does need a tripod, and yes Tokina f2.8 is useful for night-time shooting. If I were buying today I’d get the 11-16mm IDX II, just beacuse I dont like to go beyond 77mm filters, but if I were a FF shooter than I would spring for the 11-20mm f2.8, as its quite useful from 16mm-20mm.

The Velo In The Vale says:

Just bought the Tok 11-20mm f2.8 …

Mark Harris says:

What is it wanted for? If it is for true landscape where you want to shoot wide vista’s, with sunrises, sunsets and rivers, you do need the filters no matter what people say, at the very least a polariser, a ND of about 5 stops either individually or stacked and a 2 or 3 stop reverse grad. For this sort of photography go Sigma 10-20. If it’s to take an “arty” photograph, of something like a rock with the landscape used to put the rock in context you may be able to get away with no filters if there isn’t the large variance of light sunsets etc have. I have the Tokina 10-17, which I don’t think they make anymore and is a diagonal fisheye, it can be fun for this sort of thing on a crop sensor, but far better can I suggest a prime lens? The Samyang or Rokinon 14mm is brilliant on a ff camera and I think they make a 10mm non fisheye, however I have never used this lens personally and these lenses only have manual focusing and aperture.

Sully Cortez says:

i just purchased the sigma 10-20 3.5 (will be speedboosted so will act like a 2.8). Couldn’t justify 1mm for the tokina for $200. I’ll have to try the sigma 8-16 as I wanted something that overlapped my sigma 18-35 but we’ll see. Any input matt now that some time has passed since this video. I’ll be using it mostly for gimbal work.

Muhammad Yasir says:

I have same body D3200 i use Sigma 10-20 f 4-5.6 One of friends she is having Tokina 11-16 _F2.8 so same as it. But i think 10-20 is not so sharp with sigma more some time we go to shoot out star so F2.8 give you more out of it in Low light situation. My Recommendation is go for Tokina its so nice my all friends are using it on Nikon or Canon Crop Sensor bodies its work well.
I think price is quite bit a same for both. so go for Tokina.

Victorkapz says:

what about the Tokina 11-20mm? I would like to know more about this lens

Ina Chung says:

Which one is the best?
Sigma 10-20mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens UWA
Canon 10-18mm IS STM Lens
Canon 10-22 mm?

Guy Julien says:

Sigma 10-20 is not sharp, I would go with the Tokina

Ted P says:

I have the tokina it’s soft wide open and the af sucks, ugly bokeh, ok sharpness.

Bill Howie says:

For me the only reason I wouldn’t go with the Sigma 8-16mm is that it can’t take filters or more specifically a UV filter which I like to have on my camera lens for protection.

Anusheel Verma says:

I owned Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 in the past. It was a very good lens years ago now the glass is outdated considering today’s high resolution sensors.

ricardo sh says:

i have nikon16 35 f4 but if you need for dx and fx one lens i think sigma 12 24 is very good option. ..sigma 8 16 and nikon 14 24 and sigma 12 24 and sigma 8mm and samyang 14mm and nikon 10.5 and tokina 16 28 and tamron 15 30 will not take filters (easily) ..

Satya Yaya says:

does the sigma 8-16mm have good sharpness and have slow af?if i use this lens for wedding is this the best choice for ergonomics ultrawide lens i can get?compare to nikon 10-24 and tokina 11-16 ?do you have any other recommendations?

Pietro Servida says:

If you want to use filters don’t buy the Sigma 8-16mm. I’ve recently read that it can’t accomodate them…

Anusheel Verma says:

TeamXCaliber – Take a look at Samyang 14mm f2.8 UWA Lens. I own it, it’s super short and f2.8 helps a lot in astro photography as well.

Naser Hashemi says:

can you tell me which one is better ?tokina or sigma?

Tirthankar Maiti says:

I want to buy a Tokina 11-16mm and checking your review.
I love night photography and astrophotography, star trail and milkyway. Do you think for night photography this few step lower F number could make a big difference? I am using a Nikon APS-C Camera D7200.

TeamXCaliber says:

Hi Matt, just to add on to the question.. what if we need a ultra wide angle for fullframe and apsc sensor.. I have both the D7100 and a D610 and currently looking into pur hasing a wideangle but personally would prefer a constant f2.8 instead of a 3 to 5 simply becoz it can be used indoors and outdoors.

ivan2fast4u says:

Again compare without lens… and samples! It’s stupid!

AGH331 says:

The problem with the 8-16 is that it doesn’t take any filters, which is a big no-no for landscape photography.

Mohammad Ramis says:

Definitely Tokina! The IQ is way better than
the Canon and Sigma. I’ve used it and still using it and I owns it!

Dennis Kussener says:

I have a sigma 10-20 f4-5.6. but I want to upgrade to te tokina 11-20 f2.8 because all my other zooms are f2.8 and I really miss it in my wide angle work (I do a lot of video too)

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