Tokina 11-16mm Review – Test Shots – Wide Angle

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I’m going to get my first look at the Tokina 11-16mm DX II wide angle lens. I’ll do a quick overview of the lens and then at the end I’ll show you some test shots with photos and video so be sure to stick around for that.

This was shipped from B&H Photo and I got free expedited shipping on this so it arrived pretty quick. The DX indicates that this lens is for use on crop sensor cameras. The model I have here is for Canon APS-C cameras and later I’ll mount this on my EOS M using a Fotodiox EF to EOS-M adapter. I can tell that the Tokina has some good weight to it. The body feels good in my hand and actually feels better than my Canon 28-135mm kit lens. The zoom ring has a nice tactile rubber ring on it. This Tokina comes with a lens hood which most lenses don’t.

One thing that is different about the Tokina is the switch for auto and manual focus. The Tokina uses a plunger type action to switch between the modes on the focus ring. When it’s switched to manual focus, the ring turns very smoothly. I’ve been wanting to add a wide angle lens to my collection and the Tokina 11-16mm has always been at the top of my list. The combination of price and the constant f2.8 aperture were the top selling points for me.


buzzikea says:

hello Seattle =)

AEllis says:

nice video btw thinking of getting this lens

فلسفة البكالوريا says:

Great video and nice lens bro

Fotodiox Inc says:

Nice demo.

prins mehta says:

Lovely presentation…. Nice sharpe and short video..

K. D. says:

Awesome lens, especially on my D750 in crop mode. Very light too compared to my Tamron 15-30.

Exploration Florida says:

Worth every penny!!!!!

gigi gigiotto says:

You have a burned pixel on the recording camera

Yamma Thamma says:

This video shouldn’t have any dislike! See the straightforward review we all want to see. I love the close up shots of the lens, looks like you must have used a 50mm for that, very nice. Thanks, I just got mine for $280 on eBay yesterday, has not arrived. Great review!

Andrew Partington says:

LOL those were your pics at the end? hahaThey were videos! No credibility whatsoever.

ahmed tanveer says:

for nikon d7200 wich is best lens

Hector Freytes says:

I’m going to pick this up tomorrow from bh lol. Hello from Nya. Great vid

Julian Boffa says:

Love this lens. Got it for 300 brand new and couldn’t be happier.

Fîre Špiting kîd says:

What did you use to get the steady footage?

Drake Drake says:

is this lens mainly for crop sensor? or full frame?

Septimus says:

Great video, thanks! How did you shoot such smooth video?

lost7spirit says:

Do you still own the lens and is this lens still your primary ultra wide angle lens you choose to shoot with? Great video and I find it intuitive and educational. Thank you

valde ganov says:

Nice review, btw can u tell me what song :))

Thierry Butler says:

This video was very helpful in making my decision to purchase this lens.  Thanks a lot

Real Edit Line says:

when vid3o shooting set to infinitely is the video quality still good and sharp?

s m says:

Is it compatible with the nikon d3200?

AEllis says:

whats the name of the song at the end

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