The Best Wide Angle Lens: Canon 10-18 vs. Tamron 10-24 Lens

Okay, I’m working on a story for a magazine about camera gear and I’m trying to test out the difference between the Canon 10-18 and the Tamron 10-24mm lens.

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thejohnchen says:

Whats with all those dislikes ? Creative guy and keep it up !!

The Weekend Photographer says:

ahahahah is the qulaity the same though?

The Weekend Photographer says:

what’s up with the Tamron Focus???

Charlie Wilson says:

Please burn that Tee. Everything else was pretty good about the lens.

Daniel Astello says:

I’ve seen girls carry 70-200 f2.8 lenses without complaining about its weight

cfx3 says:

dude your whole video is out of focus…

Paul Elisarov says:

Wow what a dumb review… Dislike x100

SuperstarBill Plan B BULENT AYDIN says:

you talk like casey. you act like casey . where you in nyc? greetings from london uk

Jeffrey A Espino says:

Is that your Boobs?

Steven Xu says:

Idk what camera your using, but it doesn’t focus a majority of the time

tean tan says:

This comparison is incomplete without an assessment of image quality coming from each lens…..can you improve of your reviews on lenses in future.
In terms of image quality I think Tamron is superior.

hard truth around says:

Sorry man….not a review that has some usefull info…

Freedom In Christ says:

Haha I watch you and feels like I’m Casey niestat, good review!

A View to the World says:

How is the focusing in Liveview? Is it ok? Thanks

Coast to Coast Drones' says:

still very very very early for me to think beyond point and shoot …but …someday someday …thanks again for sharing …unique and informative as always

zl says:

what about sharpness on 24mp sensor?

Kevin Clements says:

I passed on this after seeing a couple of videos showing the terrible grinding noise on video. I could use it for stills but not video…..and I can’t afford to just buy a video that only can be used for one part, my lenses need to be versitile. My 10-18 Canon works awesome with ZERO noise.

Potato Jet says:

Nice! What camera do you have it attached to?

DeeDogg says:

Hmm I have the 10-18 and I love it because it’s light and it’s good on the go. With the weight from the camera and the gorilla pod and that lens would be very tiring seeing if your vlogging with it. Seems like to me that camera would be perfect for a stationary purpose

Vlad Costin says:

90% of the video is out of focus …. Hard to judge the quality of the lenses ….

Adil ADARZANE says:

Colors, looks better with the Canon 10-18. Thank you for the video!

TheJoejoez says:

Much rather have the 10-24 range. The 10-18 would create too many lens swaps in practice. the 6mm on crop is huge at the wide end it’s like shooting with a 28mm vs a 40mm pancake on ff. If you don’t know numbers basically a UWA only or a UWA that u can leave on and still take normal shots with. This is from a photography standpoint. For video or blogging it doesn’t matter really. Just get the canon for small size and stm motor.

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