The Angry Photographer: The BEST DAMN FX WIDE ZOOM TO GET!! Nikon Lens Secrets to save you $$

The Angry Photographer: The BEST DAMN FX WIDE ZOOM TO GET!! Nikon Lens Secrets to save you $$


TheCurls1 says:

Going to get this lens instead of the 16. Angry keeping it real cheers legend.

azizul zulzaha says:

is it better than the Tokina 16-28 2.8? if aperture size not important.

Thomas Reid says:

What do you recommend to replace this lens in DX? Love the 18-35 on my D750. Looking for an equivalent for my D500 when it arrives. I notice you had a Tokina 11-20 – could this be the one??

KaVin K says:

I just love you….YOU are awesome

Manpreet Sawhney says:

I bought 18-35G based on your recommendation. Got it for $550 grey market.
Only issue is my D750 has now become a fixed lens camera. 🙂

Thank you.

S Chattin says:

Ok…hoping you can help me decide.  I need some help.  I love taking landscape shots and love going up to canyons like Antelope in AZ.  I have the 20mm, the 24mm, and love them both but sometimes not wide enough.   I am absolutely torn between the Tamron 15-30 and the Nikon 16-35…only reservation on 15-30 are the lack of good filter options and also a little concerned that here in the desert dust might get into that lens the way the lens moves in and out of there.  You are the only person I “know” and trust to help me out on an honest opinion if you have the time.  Love your page as always….and yes Einstein’s greatest “invention” could be the death of a ultra rare planet.  🙂  Did he not say the power of the stars was too great to be contained on the earth…but hell lets build the nuke anyway.   Ok seriously if you can assist would greatly appreciate it or anyone else for that matter.

michael marchigano says:

Oh shit I fucked up. I got the 18 to 35 Nikon Ed. However I did not realize it was not the g. How much worse is this lens damn

Nino liberatore says:

thanks but how does this 18-35 –3.5–4.5 g compare to the Tamron 15–30 -F 2.8

Greg says:

thanks… what about the (Nikkor 17-35mm 1,2,8D IF-ED ) its expensive. ..that for sure

Daniel Shortt says:

VR is really handy for a travel lens on the 16-35 f4, all through Paris I used it for building interiors, at an 8th of a second and got sharp shots.

Nino liberatore says:

Ken thanks for the reply but because of you recommendation i did buy the Tamron and you are correct I LOVE THAT LENSE
but this review says the 18-35 mm fits d750 perfectly , i have the 15-30 now do you still think i should purchase the 18-35 mm

Haider Abbas says:

Hi Ken, I am thinking between nikkor 18-35mm f3.5-4.5 G vs tamron 15-30mm f2.8 for landscapes? I love using filters. Do you think Tamron 15-30 worth the extra $350 + extra lens weight + separate bigger filter holder and filters ($500 & more weight)?
How much would I loose in terms of image quality if I go with nikkor 18-35mm instead of tamron 15-30?

Murat Öztürk says:

I own both 18-35g and 16-35. What suprises me is that everybody keep talking about sharpness alone. Color rendering is the main advantage of 16-35. Besides if you are an indoor photographer, you will realise the advantage of 2mm at the end of focal length and VR. If you are a landscape photographer you will be happy when you see how vivid and contrasty 16-35 renders facing towards sun. I understand these are not issues for enthusiasts but professionals do care. There are so many people spending money after watching to your reviews. (I am one of them by the way). I believe you better talk for everybody and give not one sided but more informative reviews. Please test lenses side by side and tell me if I am wrong;)

Richard Callis says:

So you prefer this to the 20-35mm f/2.8?

NinjaWorldProd says:

My company asked me to do a group photo of about 130 people I told them I don’t have a wide enough lens and they just bought this lens for me, Glad you like it.

Neal A. Gray says:

I love saying “FUCKING” bro!! And calling people idiot’s.

Greg says:

just got the nikkor 18 -35 G . very pleased. ..thanks

MRBraveheartscot says:

I just got this lens and Angry man is spot on – it’s very sharp , nearly as sharp as my Tokina 100mm.!

James R says:

Between this and the 20-35mm 2.8 D that you recommended;  which one is sharpest at 35mm and which would you recommend for street photography for use on the D700?

Osvaldo Gutierrez says:

I got my lens for $180 a month ago here in pristine conditions some people out there don’t
know what they have.

Wesley Simpson says:

I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that the Star Wars theme song is copyrighted.

Wietske Elzinga says:

How bad is de D series? I really need a good wide angle zoom but lacking money! Have a tamron 17-35 now and it’s not good enough.

Adam says:

You said on your website that the 16-35mm is the sharpest lens out there.

Mike Fabricius says:

Which wide has the best micro-contrast? AF-S 20mm 1.8g? 18-35mm G? Tamron 15-30mm? Other?

Augusto Bressan Trevisol says:

Ken compared to the Nikkor 20mm f1.8 (disconsidering the “zoom” factor, what is the best for portrait (yes, some people in a scenario that wants a wide) and landscapes?

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