Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G Lens Review – Ultra Wide Angle Lens

In this Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G Lens ( Review I’ll be using the Sony A7r II, so I can show you what this lens can do in the real world. Thanks for checking out my Review and all relevant Links below:

Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G Lens:
More FE Wide Angle Lens options:
Sony A7r II:

NiSi 150mm Filter Holder for Sony 12-24mm Lens:

Sample Photo Gallery:

My Sony E-Mount Lens Guide:

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Chryseas S. says:

I am impressed by that sharpness! Like the others have said- a great review!

Daniel R. says:

The fact that it makes the ball look like an egg, really puts me off. Is there a way to correct that so it looks like it should?

Kevin G says:

Really great review, thanks for the level of detail esp the vignette examples. Just moved from Canon to Sony A7R2 and looking to change over lenses. Currently trading off between the 12-24mm and 16-35mm. Advice?

Cars and Cameras says:

In the 17th century the French created a torture device called the heavy vignette T/F ? >hehe

Programmer Qn says:

That’s one kick-ass lens reviewed by a bad-ass youtuber.

Studio96 Vienna says:

Great review!

Timo W. says:

Great review! Appreciate your work! Thx!

Mats L says:

Nice review!
Not to mark words in a great break up of this excellent lens, but “beefy” when it is about half the weight compared to the Nikon and Canon counterparts? I’ve found it to be exactly the opposite, this is VERY light (only 565 grams!) for a 12 – 24 high quality zoom and balances beautiful on a A7R III. Did I missunderstod you there? It rather sounded to me like “however pay attention that it should be heavy and big” when it actually is not.

Furthermore, yes it is vignetting! But only if you for some reason look deep somewhere in the menu system and shut off the enabled lens corrections. But who would actually do that, just to enable the same function in LR? Seems to be counter creative to shut of a great function handled by the camera with no degrading of picture quality… But then you summarize it beautifully, “So when I enable it (the lens correction), it (the vignetting) goes away”. Maybe a bit to much fuzz about something that in the end actually doesn’t exist with the (mandatory) corrections enabled?

About the filter thread, well I have to disagree that it sucks as it not a certainly uncommon thing with so wide lenses having a bulb front element. You’re right, there are a many unsuckable solutions for this lack of a “standard filter thread” as the Nisi line or the WonderPana systems. It is a lens partly for special situations and occasions and you cannot place a blue football at the edges of the picture area, as one need to know how to handle such a lens. Thank you for bringing out those reviews! Looking forward to next one.

mavfan1 says:

I rented one of these for a trip to Zion Nat’l Park and it performed really well.

Carl Ryan says:

The starburst looks fantastic on that lens, and the sharpness is sublime.

Silentwisher says:

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t there a function in lightroom or photoshop that would fix the fisheye/wide angle distortions?

mgportraits says:

has the price of a G Master! too expensive!

Michael Ta says:

Nice way for the review. I really like all videos you posted. Thank you!

Omer Salom says:

As usual, great review! Thanks. May I ask which would you prefer between SAL1635Z II and FE 12-24 @ 16mm?

Gerald Williams says:

Thanks for this review. Did you know you can use the Sony APS-C 10-18mm f4 lens on the Full-frame Sony cameras. If you use it between 12mm and 16mm (without the lens hood on) there is NO vignetting on the full frame image, really. It costs less than half the price of the 12-24mm f4. And you can use 62mm filters on it. It also has OSS. I and many other pros know this “secret” and make good use of it. I use it with both my A7RIII and my A6500, and I will use it with my ordered A7III. Cheers

Achilleas Labrou says:

@camerawalker The only thing that prevents me from buying this lens is that its front lens cap can be bought as extra. Sony doesn’t sell the front cap as accessory neither third party manufacturers. I have checked it. Also the front element of the lens doesn’t accept protective filters. So I will live with the fear of loosing the front lens cap. I hope Sony listens.

Tornado says:

When will you review the FE 24-105 f4 G?

Dionamuh says:

Vignette, not vingette.

septormusic says:

Hello Jay, another great review, waiting on you doing one on the new 24-105 f4 , you are my first stop when wanting to know about lenses, been considering buying the 24-105 but not till I hear what you and others have to say about it .

lalotong says:

I was going to buy it but as it doesnt have anything to place a ND filter I pass. Thank you for the review!

Roberto Gardella says:

Again a great review!

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