I take three of the most reasonable and popular options of wide angle lenses for the Sony E Mount system and put them head to head to see which one comes out on top.
16mm 2.8:
Wide angle adapter:
Rokinon 12mm:
Sony 18-105mm:
Joby Gorillapod:


John Adams says:

The Sony 16mm is a poor performer. Look elsewhere for better choice.

LoveOneAnother says:

Thanks for the comparison! I have been looking for this for some time..

Nick Jones says:

Do your neighbors wondering what you are doing walking in circles talking to your camera? Lol

Video Upskill says:

That wide angle adapter sounds like such a cool lens combo idea!

Unknown Jones says:

hey man great videos, always look forward to your work! great breakdown keep it up

Matthew Mizachi says:

Thanks for making this video! Very helpful! 🙂

SincerelyMichelle says:

what lens are you using at the end of the video?

Nazım Can Işık says:

christopher i like your videos but it would be better if you correct the title for aps-c

powerlurker says:

about to buy first wide angle very useful

Steve smith says:

Zeiss 12MM 2.8 Touit. That is all you need to know. It may not be inexpensive but it is reasonable for the quality of the images and the sharpness.

HBFilms says:

I want that 10-18! Already have the Samyang/Rokinon. Great video, really in depth review

dongle seon says:

I think that wobble on wide angle adapter is caused by sensor stabilizer which couldn’t recognized the changed focal length .

Mike Spivey says:

Thanks for the comparison. I have an a6300 and all three of the lenses. My findings are similar to yours. Couple of criticisms. You jump around so much it gives me a headache. And for the astro shots, you should have adjusted the ISO to make the exposures match.
I use the Roki for astro and it is almost as sharp as the Canon 5D3 / Sigma 20mm f1.4 Art. Of course, not quite but very usable and much easier for timelapses etc. Thanks again for the comparison.

Programmer Qn says:

Very thorough and interesting video. Thank you for making and sharing it. Someday I’ll pick up a Rokinon for landscape photography.

Constantine Hvan says:

Strange test. Such a wide lenses are used mainly for landscape photography, with aperture between 5.6-11 and focusing close to infinity. You have done none of such landscape test images…

Hubert Haciski says:

Thank you so much, I was looking for this.
Watched all the videos about the A6500 you are testing.
All the best and keep going!!

The G Man says:

10-18mm is just….incredibly fast…wow

Christopher Burress says:

Check out these lenses and some of my other gear here.
16mm 2.8:
Wide angle adapter:
Rokinon 12mm:
Sony 18-105mm:
Joby Gorillapod:

Gus Sanz says:

I have a Sony NEX-6 with a stock lens SELP 1650, I am guessing it’s a 16-50mm, will this the wide converter work on this camera?

GilbertTV says:

just a thought .. while waiting for my Sony 10-18 lens to arrive from Europe based Pixmania (Warning do not buy anything from them )
 I had a wedding to shoot & needed a wide lens for group shots etc .
I purhased a used Sigma 19mm F2.8 lens for £110 & wow what a great lens .. so worth considering if you need a wide lens

add says:

Nice comparison!

Alex Mueller says:

What Camera and Lens did you use to shoot this video?

Mike Whitehouse says:

Thank you – really appreciated all your work! Audio is good but good be improved as I found it a little distracting at times 🙂

kofuzi says:

Just broke my kit lens. This is exactly the video I needed. Thank you!

MutoreoCookie says:

hmm I think I want the 10/18mm *looks at price and sees $750 price tag* nope nope nope

Matthew Huizing says:

The 16/2.8 doesn’t support phase-detect AF.

Aliaksei Karaliou says:

Thanks, great comparison, but I think that still at least one thing is missing – how do these lens perform when shooting buildings and so.
Especially I was interested to see how Rokinon is performing. I have a Samyang (I believe original Korean brand of these lenses, but not sure), and my copy shows huge color fringing on the corners sometimes (yeah, when the building is bright, reflecting the sunlight, but still), so personally I wanted to hear the other’s opinion.


yes,,Great Video..I am Getting a Sony 10-18..SOLD!!!

Ian Wilkinson says:

Your ‘goofy’ auto-focus at 3:18 might be because you changed to AF-C. Also, for your video auto-focus ‘tests’, you say nothing about what setting was selected for AF Drive Speed. I stopped watching after that…

Walter Vaughn says:

thanks a lot that answered just about every question I had about those lenses.


need help here, i will be buying a6500 with 35mm f1.8 for video purpose, so as i will be in a ultra budget after spending a ton on that, i am looking for a wide angle lens i found sony 16mm f2.8 (120$ in my country) & also a guy selling used 16-50 kit lens at 90$ us price. So which one should i get? plz help

John Adams says:

Buy a far better prime lens and learn how to zoom with your feet.

Saravanan Sankar says:

Nice comparison video. SEL16F28 or Rokinon 12mm F2? Your choice?

Kaka Photography says:

I want buy a canon 10-18mm stm lens in α6300 ,but video auto focus…..

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