Sony 12-24mm f/4 – Ultimate Ultra Wide Lens?

Sony mirrorless users have got it good with this new bit of glass.

Sony 12-24mm f/4:

Sony a9:

Clueless Kit:

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Tech4 Networkers says:

Kai W Can you do a video about camera or lenses that doesn’t have a Bokeh affect

M7CVZ says:

The color grading here sux, the audio clipping is annoying.

ΝΟΜΛ says:

a fair bit of blue/green CA with the lettering on the lens at 7:18 though

Kozlov Ivan says:

Look at – Irix 15mm f/2.4

Romelo's Life says:

that cabin looked creepy haha

Michael Espeland says:

You cant zoom with your feet. Can photographers stop saying that?

Darren Martin says:

can’t help but laugh every time i watch a Kai review! excellent and detailed review!!

khel zacarias says:

I support kai not DR 😛 keep it going kai 🙂

Juho Kinnunen says:


Tinkerwith says:

Love it mate!!

M T says:

Nice watch, looks like a IWC pilot chrono

Eeef fert says:

but my manual samyang 12mm 2.8 is sharper, cost $400 and has fixable distortion in LR. Also weighs way less.

Youssef KH says:

hey Kai sum tin Wong with your sound dude just add a low pass in after effects or premier

Elijah Tay says:

lmao made me laugh XD

NETVO TV says:

16-35mm or 12-24mm?

Yizchal Levi says:

Get in CLOSER!

Harry Peckover says:

Do you think the extra versatility makes this lens a better deal than the Zeiss 18mm FE?

Fabeaux says:

Theres some stuff on your sensor

Alghazali Taha says:

kai , can you talk about UV or ND lense filters ?

simons700 says:

Maaan my a7 was only 500€ i want something like the 28-70 kit lens but in 14-28… For 3XX€ and not 1.7k!!!

AtomicSummer says:

Just got me the 10-18mm f4 love it! Always using it in crop so it isn´t too ultra wide.

coolbuddydude1 says:

Condom on Kai’s desk. lol

Jenny McPenny says:

ever heard of a deadcat?

Deception detective says:

hi Kai
What type of watch is that your wearing?and is it expensive?If you dont mind me asking

spencer2294112 says:

Hey Kai,
I have a Panasonic g7 and am looking for a good wide angle lens. Would you recommend the 8-18 Leica 2.8-4 or the Olympus pro 7-14 2.8? I’m not sure if dfd makes that big of a difference with a Panasonic body. All I have is the kit lens and the 25 1.7. and can you do more m43 videos? It is a great camera platform with a growing lens selection.

Joe Giannetti, Jr says:

What’s your opinion on the Zeiss 16-35 f4?

Michael Mystro Pierce says:

I bought this lens after owning the Canon 11-24 L for about 8 months, with the canon i felt like i was always carrying a very large brick, loved the IQ, vignetting was a bit more then i wanted to deal with and the distortion was a bit much as well all for  $3000 USA  but the IQ on the Canon was worth it to me it was just to heavy. After carrying the bag of bricks around, I tried out the Sigma 12-24, again very heavy i would say it was a bit less distortion and the IQ was great, vignetting was not to bad but i didn’t want to use adaptors because the AF on the Sigma with the MedabonesVI was sluggish on a A7R2 compared to the Canon with the Medabones. After having the Sigma for a week I moved on to the Rokinon 14mm AF f2.8 $850 USA, It was a good lens IQ was good, distortion good, vignetting ok, not bad at all really much better that the old manual Rokinon 14mm. I had this lens for about two weeks and liked it, not to heavy but it just felt limited at such an ultra wide focal length, a one trick pony, and normally i like primes but i wasn’t feeling it I just needed more flexibility in my lens at that length. Next was the Sony 12-24 G, $1700 USA, first thought was this lens is super light weight and feels like its still made good, after using it for about three weeks now, the IQ might be with the Sigma and the Canon maybe better, distortion is very low much better than all of the other lens i’ve talked about here and the Vignetting is none from what i see. Bottom line I sold the canon and the Rokinon, didn’t buy the Sigma and I’m keeping the Sony 12-24. The end. Hope this helped someone lol have a good day.

U R NOT ME says:

f/4?? WTF???  big deal….

DannoHung says:

Did you have the a9 firmware update installed? You didn’t mention.

14RubixcubeWorld57 says:

I’m shooting the Laowa 12mm f2.8 on the Sony A7R and it’s phenomenal

crandor6 says:

Or join Linus Media Group

Lou Diamond says:

6:32 who else moved their phone away from the computer?

Samuel Yi says:

Or you could get the Irix wide lense.

David Osipov says:

Same budget as Canon 5d Mark4 + Canon 11-24 f4. Sony bundle has less weight, that’s good for travel photography, may be for weddings and shooting parties. I use Canon 6d + Canon 11-24 f4 bundle for real estate and interior photography, so weight is not such an issue using a tripod. Weight is an advantage as I shoot handheld, less shaking.

Migi says:

I am your viewer no 100,000! Cheers

rambo a says:

Dead dog faced china boy, looks like he constantly smells farts with that permanent expression. Built like mr bean.

RKG Austin says:

If I had $1500 burning a hole in my pocket it sure as heck wouldn’t be for this lens. You can get a 5D Mk3 and a Canon 10-22 for less than that.

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