SIGMA 20mm 1.4 ART | super wide angle lens | hands on | unboxing and review

Hello YouTube, hello girls and boys, and welcome photographers to another review about SIGMA`S 20mm F1.4 ART super wide angle lens.
I was in Frankfurt am Main to test this great performing lens, in terms of bookeh, autofocus speed and sharpness. All charateristics are fulfilled by this 950g monster lens.
Unfortunately is not splash and waterproofed. This lens is great for: filmer, wedding, architecture, event or available light photographer.
1000€ / 1080 USD is the starting price for this lens in Germany.

Enjoy watching this video in English.

More information on:

the guy behind the camera:

SIGMA lenses I used in that video:

The camera I used:

RODE Microfons:

Song in this video:

Downloadlink for sample footage:,15990515/SIMGA_2…,14197576/


Tianle Mu says:

Thanks for your nice review! Can I ask what’s the lens you use to shoot this video?

Guilherme Adelino says:

Very nice!

fishtailnepal 555 says:

hahaha I don’t know brother so I asking with you ..thanks my bro you help me a lot

Yin Bunhay says:

Which is best for Landscape if we compare with 16-35 ?

Adrian Stierl says:

what device you use Sigma 20mm lens?

Joshua says:

you’re a cool german dude.

Mecherle says:

Great review, thanks. The pictures and slow manual zoom on several of the video shots were helpful. I need to get this lens. I’ve got the 35mm ART and this is just as amazing.

fishtailnepal 555 says:

this lens can help canon 650d???

Eric Downs says:

Great simple and informative review. Keep them coming!

Tyagadipta Biswal says:

Hey i really like your content!
just noticed the cool camera strap!
What company makes those?

anthony tan says:

you dont need a fast aperture in wide angle lens

itrpower says:

damnnn daniel

David C says:

does this lens fit crop sensor cameras?

dnbmind says:

Why your photos are overexposed?

Kevin Smith says:

Who gives a fuck about unboxing just tell us what you think of it??.?

Andrew Rose says:

I’m sold, thanks for the review!

Henrik von Martens says:

Nice review, subscribed!

BubblesPothowari says:

Daniel, I am on the verge of buying this 20 mm. Concerned how to protect the convex front element, hence tilting to Sigma 24 mm.
Seek your thoughts for 20 mm front CONVEX element protection…….. Helpppppppppppppppppppp

Frans van Terwisga says:

Great informative video bruder! Danke shon!

Sam Zhang says:

Why do people use a battery grip for street shooting, to work on wrist strength? I only use my 1DX for sports where I can use a monopod. I specifically bought other lighter cameras for landscape and street…

fishtailnepal 555 says:

if I use in canon 650d focallenth work 32mm and how much aperture work 1.4*1.6=2.2 ???

Metallsau says:

ich find den sprung von 24 auf 20 nicht so wild, aber das f1.4 dagegen is natürlich richtig geilim Viele liebe Grüße!. zur 3,5mm kit lens meiner 6d

beavertown2006 says:

I love Frankfurt. Cool place and people.

Joel Fuller says:

fantastic review!

Fahad Bin Sakhawat says:

I have 24-205 L for canon mount. What do you think ! Is this a must have lens ???????

Snehaa Shakya says:

Great Review.
Which camera and lens was used to shoot your part of video?

ImIoOImI says:

no offense,but as a fellow german it took me just a few seconds to get your accent,which is more than usual 😛

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