Sigma 16mm f/1.4 User Experience Review – Best Wide Angle Lens for Sony a6000 a6300 a6500 a5100

Sigma 16mm f/1.4 For Sony E

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Aayush Shrestha says:

3:17 a squirrel or a giant mouse spotted on the back ground

Jason Levine says:

Just watched the 135 review and now this. Keep up the comedic reviews. Reminds me of the Batis 18 vs Batis 25 review.

Chitoh Yung says:

This is some great humor lmao!

Tomas S says:

I have used this lens on a6500 for a while now. A very sharp and versatile lens!

THIS vs THAT says:

Yup! We love this lens! Shot an entire Chinese New year on this lens.

RJM Pictures says:

What’s your lighting set up @7:35 please?

Kingsley says:

Aw yiss been waiting for a Jason Vlog review on the 16mm Sigma!


Lol the scene of you taking a picture of the script while pretending to take a photo lol Genius!!

houseofintent says:

Hey Jason, I have the a6500 and looking to upgrade to the a7III. I have 4 apsc lens and the fe 85mm lens. I shoot portraits and video. I want to upgrade mostly because of the battery. For the time being, I’d have to shoot with the lens I have and in time will get more full frame lens. How are apsc lens with the a7iii in terms of video? I haven’t seen any videos of full frame cameras using apcs lens which I think needs to be done for people who are about to switch over to full frame but dont have the funds to switch over their lens to full frame. Need help thanks 🙂

Justin Buice says:

love this lens!!

MrTechGamer2000 says:

I have this lens for my a6300 it’s incredible my favourite lens I’ve ever used for the camera!

Vidualise Films says:

Yep. A fantastic lens

daengpei says:

waiting for miiine to arrive!

Mark Shirley says:

Can you punch easilyin to get 48mm with this lens.

Cruz n the World says:

Do you have any shots or footage of this lens on the a7lll

dydy fajar says:

I bought this on the first day it was released in Indonesia. I made some amateur soccer videos with this lens, please visit my channel. Thanks for the great review, Jason.

Aayush Shrestha says:

Dont worry man those bee sting has some health benefits… unless its more than 5 i guess lol

G-Phi Productions says:

Nice review! Thanks for sharing!

Simon Bauer says:

This will work on a full frame sony right?

Andy Shin says:

Awesome lens. Fantastic Review. Subscribed !
I currently own an a6000 camera with 35mm f1.8 prime, 10-18 f4 oss, and this lens.
Would you recommend selling either one of the two other lenses and keep this one? I shoot still and I enjoy taking pictures of streets, landscapes, and events.

Nathan Figueroa says:

I’m terrified of bees too lol

Dazfast says:

Eye Autofocus Jason????

Foto4Max says:

Great video, the phonecall idea was hilarious!

Dexter Lee says:


djxsim says:

I got this during eBay’s 25% off coupon and it was a GREAT purchase to use w/my a6500 (through Adorama’s eBay page)

Matt Evans says:

Thanks for showing my photo Jason!

David Sornberger Photography says:

For some reason, Sigma has never really been on my radar. This great video is making me think twice!

André Macêdo Filho says:

I’m in SERIOUS doubt about getting 16mm 1.4 or 30mm 1.4. It’s for video, The 30mm is cheaper and I’m getting other stuff together, so I’m on a budget. Is the 30mm focus noise hearable with a shotgun mic?

Joel Vega says:

does it work well with focus on a7riii? I tried my 18-35 sigma art with mc11 adapter on sony a7r3 and focus was all over the place, not reliable

SerenityPhotos says:

450 dollars? thats cheap.. thought it was like 800 or more lol… i may get it for my a7r3

陈一峰 says:

what lens and camera you use in this video?

Hanad Ismail says:

awesome video!! and thanks for the feature. If you’re an APS-C shooter, this is a must have lens.

Gerson Madrid says:

I bought this lens for astrophotography and I realized that it was good for everyday use also . I have the a6000 but still good even without oss. I also sold the kit lens 16-50. Awesome humor and videos

Wayne and Celeste Sanford - Royal LePage Atlantic says:

Looking for a strong low light wide angle lens for interior real estate with no flash. What do you think, if on thee A6500.

Gerald Williams says:

I have this 16mm lens for my A6500 and love it ! Thanks

Sami Mustonen says:

Just wondering,
Is there any difference between this setup vs fullframe for ex a7iii with 24mm f2?

Rodrick HD says:

My favorite is the 16-35mm

Ben Gregoire Design says:

Happy Birthday Caden!

Bishops says:

i love this lens <3

iiSterling says:

This was very well put together. Now I feel as if I need to buy this lens. Crap

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