Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 EX DC HSM lens review with samples

This is one of Sigma’s ‘flagship’ lenses – an ultra wide-angle lens for APS-C cameras, with a snappy maximum aperture of f/3.5 throughout its entire zoom range. That means it could be quite flexible for low-light shooting and video work. But does it have the optics to match up to its ambitious design?

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All pictures and footage shot by me on a Canon 70D camera.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Haggis Eater says:

I bought this lens Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 EX DC HSM Lens – Nikon AF, unlike your sort of negative view on its performance I find the lens to be great. I looked at other reviews and all support the excellent performance, perhaps you dropped yours and it was faulty.I don’t think I will pay any attention to your other reviews, very different results from you, using a Nikon D5200 and D3200.

GdeVseSvobodnyeNiki says:

Autofocus on this lens will not work with Nikon D5300.

jared robinson says:

Can i do Astrophotography with this lens?

User Name says:

Does this lens fit canon 700d

Elias Ali says:

I found it for 300$ with 3 hoya filters should I get it?

Karlos Pérez García says:

Have got optical stabilizer?? Its necesary?

Tyler Mason says:

Between this and the Tokina 11-20, which lens do you personally prefer? You see, I’m on the hunt for a good ultra wide angle zoom lens. But all the affordable options out there seem to present quite a wealth of tradeoffs. So far, this lens and the Tokina 11-20 come the closest to what I’m looking for. Though their optical issues, which I’ve observed in my own tests as well, are still troubling.

James Chisholm says:

Do you think there will be an Art version of this lens?

Kenan Convey says:

I can find the sigma 10-20 for $400 or the 8-16 f/4.5 for $525. Is it worth the extra $125 for the 8-16? I will be doing a lot of video with either lens.

Mani says:

what wide angle lenses you would recommend for d7200 dx body

marlies timmerman says:

Wich is a better wide angle? the samyang 14mm or this?

Evgeniy (aka Rageman) says:

that corners softness looks like lens defect, not regular i guess

Rhione Bravo says:

can the autofocus noise be fixed with a shotgun mic or no??? recommend for vlogging?

Chris Li says:

So this or Tokina11-20?

Kyle_Seet says:

Will the noise be picked up by a shotgun microphone (e.g rode video mic) mounted on a DSLR?

As i am thinking of using this for videography, but the vibration feels pretty strong/loud which might be captured.

rich Mck says:

Interesting video once again.
I am actually after a wide angle lens, and until you mentioned that this is not exactly ideal for stills work, I was keen.
So then, what would you suggest?
I need to work indoors in tight spaces with something that gives me f/2.8 . I too use canon 70d . Although looking at your images, this sigma f/3.5 was very decent except at the edges…Something which is only noticable when zooming…
As always, eager to see your response!

hassan love says:

Christopher I’m a long time subscriber plz help should I get this or Tokina 11-16 I need WI Angle lens

Catherine Hollinsworth says:

hi Christopher, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and reviews on lenses. I have recently bought the canon eos 70d with one kit lense, now looking to buy a zoom lense or a wide angle not sure though which one would be best to buy first to starting building my kit, your reviews are very helpful in helping me decide, you have such a clear, calm voice and excellent training skills, . Thank you and please continue to share your expertise. 🙂 Catherine

GainedAccess says:

Would this be good for photos and videos at night on a 700d?

Cody Lewis says:

Would this be a good vlogging lens???

Jimmy Au says:


marcelo pisani says:

Hi Chris! how you compare this Sigma with the new Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 Di II VC HLD…?.Thanks.

yhakult says:

This or the Tokina 11-20? What other option can you suggest for Nikon?

Tomáš Hrma says:

Is this lens compatible with Nikon D7100? Thanks..

Matthew Jelly says:

Will this work on a nikon d810?

Carly says:

I am debating whether getting this version or getting Canon’s 10-18mm STM lens. Which do you prefer?

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