Samyang AF 24mm f/2.8 FE lens review with samples (Full-frame & APS-C)

Price information: $400 in the US, and £280 in the UK.

Here we have another slimline wide angle lens from Samyang, for Sony’s full-frame (or APS-C) mirrorless E-mount cameras. It’s for lenses like this that I bought my Sony a7R II in the first place, really – let’s see how well it performs.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
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Akash Pradeep says:

hey Chris could u suggest a upgrade to 18-55 and 50 1.8 . camera is a d5300.everyone is welcome to suggest

Richard S says:

I always have to resist giving Chris’ videos the thumbs up before I’ve even watched them!

Vishnu Ramesh Maroli says:


Anton V. says:

This lens I want to have!!

JeffreyStock says:

I don’t think it’s really enough to say whether this lens is good, pretty good, or very good. The real questions are how does it compare to the native Sony version of this lens, and is the Sony worth the extra money or not?

Argentarii Homini says:

“At f16, the image begins to get a bit softer due to the effects of diffraction”
“When I put the cap, the image gets dark due to the effects of opacity of plastic”
“When I turn off the camera, the image gets dark due to the effect of no electricity”

허림 says:

As there is few information about samyang 24mm in Korea, I had wondered this lens. After watching this review, my curiosity is solved!!! Take my money, Samyang!!!

A Shawes says:

Shoot with Sony really???? Of coarse unsubscribe immediately.

Azenturi says:

Samyang are really stepping up their game, aren’t they?

Faded.Visuals says:

I have the Samyang 35mm 1.4 AF and the 50mm 1.4 AF for my sony A7iii, now personally I don’t think I will be purchasing this particular lens since I do own the Sony/Zeiss 24-70f4, however, do you know when they will be releasing an 85mm lens? I do have the sony 85 1.8, but if Samyang releases an 85mm with a 1.4 aperture then I’m trading that Sony lens in a heartbeat 🙂
Also, I wonder why Samyang is only designing f2.8 lenses instead of f2 or faster? I mean, Fuji is able to achieve faster aperture lenses but still maintain a smaller/lighter body.

DIYowl says:

Nice review, Chris! Subscribed. Keep it up

Socrates Vela says:

How did it do with eye AF?

Nave Art says:

Hi if you would need to choose betzeen canon and sony wich brand would you choose ?

Dominate Humbly says:

Which one better for video samyang 24mm or sony 28mm? Thx

Mr Hist says:

Hey Chris, good review, but when will you be posting the video of the Tamron 100-400mm?

Pieter de Wit says:

I’d love to see a review on the Tamron 100-400 (on aps-c) by you !
Or the 7Artisans 7.5mm f2.8 😉

Buying On a Budget says:

Nice video as usual! Hope to see more regular contents from you.

Giomarco Quiros says:

Hey Chris, is there any chance you’d review the sony 28mm f2?

Babar Asghar says:

1:33 … bird 🙂

victor pereira says:

Best reviews on YouTube.

Boe Lee says:

Nicely done review. Thanks for your effort!

Socrates Vela says:

This is one is going in my bag! Great review. I have been looking at the 18 batis 25batis, 21tokina. All at $1000 usd or greater and not 24. Great price, finally! I wonder if Rokinon, would it be identical? I’ve heard they are the same, but why two names?

Emil says:

Uhh, sweet. So compact.

Maciej Loboda says:

Great review! Another hint while testing – maybe sunstars test? Especially for wide angle lenses it’s quite good test to know their performance!

Yaron Taub says:

Forget the tiny glass, we want the big guns! Bring on the sony-70-300 (and the rest of them)
Kidding, thanks for the review 🙂
(but seriously, can’t wait for the zoom lenses)

Richard S says:

I’m surprised by the corner performance on the crop sensor. We’re talking about roughly the same pixel density as the 42mp full frame sensor, but in an area of the image circle that should offer better performance.

Daniel Menefrego says:

Yeah, I’ve got their 35mm f2.8 on a6000, I’m very satisfied. Can’t go wrong with Samyang, really

Benjamin Jehne says:

At landscapes, the corners doesn’t look that good at F8. In your test, you’re to close to your subjekt. There must be a bit of focusbreathing, so the lens has no problems at close distances but at far distances.

lazerman121 says:

Nice lens w as hoping to get this for my APS-C camera but its a bit to soft for me there. Oh well I still plan to get the 35mm Soon. I need a good 50mm for APS-C.

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